10 Things You Should Be Careful When You Shop Online [TIP]

There are many pitfalls when you shop online. But follow these tips, you are well secured.

Trading on the Internet is becoming more and more common. Most can probably recognize the scenario, in which a pressure everyday, just to have secured the gift for this coming weekend’s birthday. It can be hard to reach out and look on the store shelf and find the right gift. And here is the net often, your friend, you can quite easily and quickly find most things online, and with a few clicks you can order the desired item.

There is, however, a bit of general advice, as to good to have it behind your ear when you are trading on the Web.

Use your common sense

Please be aware if you URf.eks. all of a sudden can buy branded markedly cheaper than everywhere else. Is anything too good to be true, then sticking that typically anything below.

Language errors and mysterious prices

How is the language of the website, it’s usually fluent Danish, or is there some strange linguistic formulations. Prices are a little weird, URf.eks. 263.49 kr, so suggests that it is an automatic currency converter from foreign prices.

Pay with cards

Low never a bank transfer to an unknown Web store, you will not get your item, you’re pretty badly off compared to get your money back.

There are several advantages to pay by card when you shop on the Web. If the Web shop owes you money you can as a starting point, get money back through your bank in the following cases

If you are utilizing your right of withdrawal by refusing to receive the item.
If the item has not been delivered to you.
Your bank can pay back your payment to you, if you do not receive your item. However, just remember to first check with the store that it is shipped and complain to them, before contacting your bank.
You pay with Dankort, VISA-Dankort or Mastercard, has more often than not, an agreement with PBS webshop. This means that the webshop first must withdraw funds on your card when your item has been shipped.


Most online stores have a profile on trustpilot, where traders can write a review of their trade with the company. You can use Trust pilot as a guideline for other merchant’s experiences, is the General score on trustpilot entirely in bottomed, and is exclusively negative reviews on the page, so it is perhaps not the best place to make your trade. However, like the sea in the back of the head that sure customers are more likely to want to sit down to the keys and write a review.

Check out the company’s address and VAT number

On the vast majority of Danish websites, you can find the corporate address and VAT number, this is required by law to disclose to the company. You cannot find this information, it can be a sign of fraud. There is a VAT number, you can check the company here

Find the total price

Check out the total price before you pay for the purchase on the webshop. Are there more cost on the price which has not been disclosed. It can be freight, special delivery costs or card fees for payment.

E-commerce across borders

It is important to be aware of which country the item is being sent from, when you have shopped abroad.It has implications for how much customs duty and sales tax, you must pay. Acting within the EU, you pay VAT in the EU country you do business in. Always check what it costs, to act-in addition to the item price.

Check Out Facebook

Take possibly a trip on Facebook and hit the Web shop up. There are some problems with it, people are usually pretty good and quick to write it on that Facebook page. Also check out their Facebook page is, how old is the 14 days old and have only 2 lookup, it can, of course, either due to the fact that they are a start-up shop (so it should probably be left in one of their 2 page spread) or it may be due to fraud.

You can get in touch with them

If you are in doubt about a something sinister about a store, you can always try to contact them either by telephone or by mail. Again, correspond by email, so pay attention to the language, is it liquid Danish, or it seems to have been a trip through google translate.


e-mark is a labelling system, which helps to make it transparent which webshops that are good places to shop. Check if the Web shop is e-marked. Shop at an online store that are e-marked and have a dispute, you can always contact the e-mark and resolve the dispute by their lawyers, without calculation.


Have you any advice for Commerce on the Internet, please add them in comments below.