Stereo Speaker Gear4 House Party PG541

The best features of Gear4 HousetParty stereo speaker is the amazing sound and elegant design. And what’s more, it has built-in FM/AM radio. There are 2 speakers built into the House Party that provides crystal clear sound, great bass and powerful sound. The low resonant sound is enhanced thanks to the acoustic designed bass channels. Gear4 has seven preset EQ settings, so you can set your own bass and treble level. This amazing equipment has a nice black design, brushed metal finish, illuminated buttons and a hidden LED display. All this is combined so you get a stunning and luxurious set of speakers for your home. There is also a remote control in the package.

Gear4 PG541 Speaker

Gear4 PG541 Speaker

Thanks to the amazing sound quality is house party the perfect iPod accessories for laptop use as well as in your home. Stereo Kit uses AC adapter (incl. in the package) to provide power to the speakers on and your iPod battery, when you listen to music from it. House Party has a very sleek design and a folding dock for iPod which makes it easy to transport. You can also use AA batteries (it requires 4 AA batteries) to provide power to the speakers and enjoy music while you’re on the go.

FM Radio
7 EQ Settings
Charging iPhone/iPod
Remote control
Smart Link compatible

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