When is the iPhone 6 Coming Out?

Burning, all Apple – and iPhone fans interested in the answer to this question. A release date of the new iPhone 6 is not yet known, but many insiders expect that presented the new iPhone 6 in the fall of 2014. IPhone to the new 6 circulate different rumors. Here you read the latest rumours about the iPhone 6: first, you could read on the Internet that the new iPhone 6 will probably be equipped with a screen made of Sapphire Crystal. Multiple test units of the new iPhone 6 should be fitted even with this scratch-resistant glass. Now you can read that Apple iPhone 6 now probably but not a scratch resistant Sapphire Crystal will use his new but at various points in the network – Insider from the delivery report that a sapphire crystal display when the new iPhone 6 is simply still too expensive. The scratch-resistant glass to come for this but probably at the still secret iWatch, the Smartwatch by Apple, used – at least it will be believed. Recent rumours about the iPhone 6 report that the display of the iPhone 6 will be probably totally rimless. Also, it is rumored that Apple will probably also no longer produce the iPhone 5 C.

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When Comes Out the Sony Xperia Z2? Next Week!

New Features of the Xperia Z2

The currently circulating on the Internet reports about the new Sony Xperia Z2 are always accurate. Will be presented the Xperia Z2, the Japanese group’s new flagship Smartphone will come next week at the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Next week, Sony will present at an extra event at the beginning of the exhibition the new Xperia Z2. But not only that: probably Sony in addition to the Xperia Z2 presents also the middle-class mobile Xperia G and a new Sony tablet, the Xperia Tablet Z2, which will have a waterproof housing as its predecessor. The full HD display of tablets should be 10 inches tall. Equipped the tablet will be processor probably with a powerful Snapdragon 800.

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Sony Xperia Z2 with Slow Motion and 4K-Ultra-HD-Auflösung?

End of February 2014 will take place in Barcelona of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) on which also the new Sony Xperia Z2 will be presented. To your new smartphone of the Xperia series successful, there are now new rumors regarding the facilities: especially the camera functions and the display are in focus.

TIMESHIFT and 5.2-Inch Display

For images published in the XDA-developers Forum, the camera of Sony Xperia Z2 should have a Slowmotion function, with the slow motion shots can be customized. In addition the camera can record videos in 4 K – that would be an absolute record for a Smartphone! For comparison, the iPhone 5s bans only a quarter as large video image on the chip with 720 p.

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The Watch is Ticking Microsoft

The software giant will in a few weeks presenting its first smartwatch with a battery life of two days.

Within the next weeks, the US software giant Microsoft to be ready to showcase its first smartwatch that can measure the owner’s heart rhythm and function across various mobile platforms like Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems. Thus overtakes Microsoft rival Apple inside track on the new IT market.


The battery will be able to clear two days of normal use before it needs recharging, writes American Forbes. If it fits, Microsoft will have an advantage over Samsung’s Galaxy Gear watch, Sony, LG and Motorola smart watches, all of which last only a day. The same apparently applies to Apple has not yet released Watch, which, according to several reports have been sent to the workshop, after Apple CEO Tim Cook presented it in September along with the new iPhone phones. He avoided deftly talking about battery life but later said that Apple Watch must be recharged every night. Apple’s clock will be first marketed in 2015, i.e. after the big Christmas sales.

Away from pure Windows

Microsoft will not even comment on the reports about the new watch. It will, where appropriate, Microsoft’s first technology to take on. Microsoft produces a bit of hardware, including its own tablet PC series called Surface, and last year bought Finnish Nokia’s mobile business, which now runs on the Microsoft Lumia brand as the most important.

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Valentine’s Day Action: Google + Can Be Raining Hearts

Google has let something sweet come up to Valentine’s day for his social network as AndroidCentral reported. Who uploads an image in Google +, can hope that’s provided by the integrated photo tool car awesome funny way with a romantic animated hearts effect.

Algorithm Detects Kissing Scenes

Anyone wishing to make such a joy on Google + his sweetheart or the beloved, should if possible upload a photo for the select, just a kiss is exchanged on the. Now it depends whether the Google algorithm detects the romantic scenery as such. The whole thing works out a message should appear after uploading, pointing to a new car awesome photo effect. The uploaded image is now equipped with around floating small hearts.

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Tormentor Requires Greater Grip in Apple’s Coffers

IT giant to buy its own shares for $ 100 billion back, believe one of the outspoken investors who are looking forward to Apple’s clock and future television.


Apple CEO Tim Cook’s tormentor has done it again. Billionaire and activist investor Carl Icahn requires iPhone and iPad manufacturer buying yet more of its own shares back, so investors get more for their money.

“We believe that Apple is dramatically undervalued at today’s market, and the more shares are bought back, the more each of the remaining shareholders benefit from it,” writes the 78-year-old Carl Icahn in a letter to Apple’s board.

He believes that Apple’s shares should be at $ 203, which is almost the double of today’s price level.

Icahn: Use $ 100 billion

In an interview Thursday with the TV station CNBC called Carl Icahn, who owns 53 million shares and do not want them bought back by Apple, that Apple buys for 100 billion dollars back and thus use of its legendary 133 billion big money box.

In June, Apple management is authorized to purchase for $ 90 billion of shares back to the 60 billion that the previous year succeeded Carl Icahn to force IT giant to say yes to.

Apple is known to have a gigantic coffers with cash, and the company has for some time been the world’s most valuable. Apple’s shares have risen by 25 percent since January.

Carl Icahn is notorious for his outspoken façon. He is reputed to fall out with leadership in virtually all the companies he chooses to invest in. Among other struggling mobile manufacturer Motorola for many years with Icahn. It was also under pressure from him that he has also repeatedly chosen to bow despite a steep position.

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