ZUK Z2-a Compact OnePlus Challenger?

Lenovo subbrand, ZUK, is reportedly on the way with a compact flagship as the successor to OnePlus-Challenger OnePlus 3.

Lenovo’s counterpart to OnePlus and Huaweis Honor-brand, called ZUK, and is still far from being known at our latitudes.

Anyway, it will be worth following the company, when it the 31. may launches what most likely will be the successor to the ZUK Z1.

In a teaser post on news blog Gizmochina it appears that the company will introduce a Z2 and Z2 Pro at an event in Beijing.

On the spread seen Qualcomm’s logo, suggesting that it will probably be either a Snapdragon 820 or 652 that must drive the aspiring topmobil. A square field at the bottom also suggests that a fingerprint reader will be available on the phone front.

Much confusion before the launch

What the two Z-phones accurately will bid on, has been marked by conflicting information. The latest, last week, was the company’s ceo, Chang Cheng, and lauded the performance from the built-in Samsung Exynos 8890 processor.

Rumors go, however, that two models will let loose, a 5.2 “Pro model with a full HD display, as well as a smaller model with a display about the 4.7” – like the Apple iPhone 6S. This allows Lenovo ZUK Z2 together with Sony Xperia Z5 Compact be the only Android-topmobil with a screen less than 5 inches.

Both phones will have 32 GB of storage, 3 GB of RAM and will get respectively a 8 and a 13 megapixel camera front and back. It is reported that the battery had to be huge, with even up to 4,100 mAh, and the charging will take place through the USB C.

Below you can see the first leaked photos of what is believed to be the Lenovo ZUK Z2.



Take a Netflix-Check and See If Your Network Keeps [TIP]

Streaming-giant Netflix drop the test tool loose, so you can check whether your broadband provider delivers the item.

Do you think that the quality on your Netflix videos lags, there can be two causes: either it means that you should be up in a more expensive Netflix subscription or it is a sign that your broadband connection is too weak.

To upgrade Netflix from SD to HD or Ultra HD-quality, are up to. It costs respectively 10 and 40 dollars more a month, while also providing the ability to connect 1, 2 or 4 users at the same time.

However, it requires that your connection can keep up with, and therefore launches Netflix service is our site, where you can test your connection with Netflix’s own servers. The site is extremely simple, click into the page-and the test is in progress. A few seconds later shows the website how many mbit/sec, your connection can deliver.
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Overview: Nokia Sold Again, Google I/O News and iPhone 7 on Its Way

Here you get an overview of the most important news from the week that was

It is now a long time ago that Nokia could steal the headlines, but it is nevertheless the company did this week when Microsoft chose to sell mobile business to a group of Chinese investors.

Nokia’s first Android smartphone will be soon a reality
Nokia-smartphones with Android as the operating system may soon be a reality, after Microsoft, Nokia and two other companies have entered into a new agreement.

Google came this week with a series of news during the annual I/O developer fair where two new apps, new Android features as well as new units were introduced.

Google I/O 2016-keynote: here are all the news
Google’s annual event in/O has just kicked off. Get here the overview over all the news that is presented at the opening keynote.

Allo is Google’s new and intelligent beskedapp
At Google I/O 2016, Google has launched a new and high-tech beskedapp for Android and iOS called Allo built around advanced artificial intelligence.

Google Home, a speaker that make your home smarter
Google Home is a vase-like speaker who listens to you while it organizes and manages your home

Rumored stock market delivered as usual, news about upcoming devices with nys on three new iPhone models in the autumn as well as photos of the upcoming OnePlus 3.

The production of iPhone 7 is begun: Three models on the way
If it was up to the latest rumors, Apple started the production of the next iPhone 7, where there are not only two, but three different models along the way.

First press photo of OnePlus 3 leaked: Get metal back cover
The first, official press photo of OnePlus 3 has been leaked, where there can be seen the significant different backside in a metal construction rather than plastic.

The week’s testing and reviews

Homealarm HomeSecure Pro-testing of home alarm
You can secure his home without expensive alert subscriptions and associated security firms? We have looked more closely at HomeSecure Pro alarm from Homealarm.


Google’s Build-Yourself-Smartphone Becomes a Reality This Year

Google’s modular smartphone known as Project Ara is one step closer to becoming a reality, but it will be with the ambitions screwed a tooth down.

Back in 2013 launched Google the so-called Project Ara, which is Google’s attempt to develop a modular smartphone where you easy replaceable modules on the back and eventually upgrade the phone’s components to this year’s latest specifications.

The project, however, has the last year been in stasis, and there have been doubts as to whether Google will continue working on the realisation of the ambitious project. Continue reading

Guide: Spring’s Best High-End Smartphones

Here are the mobile phones you need to buy if you want the best the market has to offer.

After seeing the best in budget and mid-range smartphones, the mobile site has saved the best for last.

In this game you get the editors’ idea of what smartphones today conspicuous in the top of the high-end segment. The price is subordinate to, here, it is about being the best.


Apple iPhone 6S-Winnie

Apple’s iPhone 6S resembles its 2014-predecessor to confusion, but is still at the forefront in 2016 – for the stores on a far stronger external and technology which is not released yet. Continue reading

Telmore Launches the Smart Voicemail

Telmore-customers can now get a much smarter voicemail, based on Danish technology.

Although messenger and video chat WINS still greater ground is the answering machine, and its often heavy-handed interface ever diligently used.

In order to facilitate the operation of one’s voicemail, Telmore today introduces unique features that makes it possible to listen, rewind, delete or forward messages-without having to go through menus and robot voices trykknapsaktiverede.

Telephone about something administered instead through an app where messages downloaded over WiFi or mobile data, while contact information as contact picture stapled to the individual messages.  Continue reading

In These Countries You Must Pay the Most for an iPhone

There is a big difference between the prices of consumer electronics worldwide. This also applies to Apple’s iPhone, which is the most expensive to acquire 6 in Denmark, among other things.

It hardly comes as any surprise that consumer electronics are more expensive in Europe, and especially in Scandinavia, but how big is the difference, in fact, if one compares with the United States?

It has one of the world’s largest banks, Deutsche Bank, taken a closer look at in the annual study “Mapping the world’s Prices”, as Business Insider has published the result of.

The Bank look every year prices through 20 widely used products from all over the world, where the iPhone 6 is included in this year’s price comparison. Not surprisingly, Denmark is located at the top of the list below with the 6. the highest price on the iPhone 6, which is 126% over the lowest price in the United States. Continue reading

Android Apps and Play Great Coming to Chrome Device

Google invites developers to bring their Android apps in Chrome OS universe.

Google’s latest operating system, Chrome OS, is currently reserved for affordable laptops. The operating system is not as well established as Windows and OS X, but that may change soon, for it will soon have some new selling points: over a million new apps from the Android world.

It has been rumored many times before, that Google will bring the Android store app directory to chrome’s rescue, but until now, there has been nothing from official sources.  Continue reading

Mobile Sales Exploding for Huawei

Things are going swimmingly for Huawei, in spite of a mobile market shows signs of slowdown.

The world’s third largest mobile phone producer, is experiencing tremendous progress through the past year, in spite of a global market for smartphones, which has stagnated through the period.

Global market figures from the first quarter of 2016 shows that Huawei has grown by 64 percent in the number of units sold compared to same quarter of 2015. All the while, the studies suggest that worldwide is sold 3 percent fewer smartphones through the same period.

Thus is swept up in a place as global Huawei 3rd overall with 8.5 percent of the market, behind Samsung with 24.8 percent and Apple with 17.5 percent. Continue reading

Google Home, a Speaker That Make Your Home Smarter

Google Home is a vase-like speaker who listens to you while it organizes and manages your home

Google will make your home smarter with the Intelligent Home-speaker-an intelligent speaker who will organize and assitere to control your home.

It is controlled mainly by plain speech in which Google’s voice recognition technology to understand, when you ask to get switched off the light, find a movie and display it on your tv or turn down the music in the nursery. Assuming you have smart bulbs, smart TVs and smart-speakers that supports the necessary Google Cast technology.

Thus Google Home an embodiment of the digital personal assistant, which today can be found in your smartphone in the form of Apple’s Siri, Google Now or Windows Cortana. Continue reading

Google Instant Apps: Release to Have Apps on Your Phone

Google I/O 2016: the search giant introduces an option to use a myriad of apps-without having them installed first.

You’ve probably experienced it when you surf the Web on your phone. You land on with an e-shop or a news sites website and get the choice to continue to the website, or download the app.

Many dropper here to download the app, even though it typically possess more features and options. For it takes time to both download and install it.

It makes Google Instant App up with, by providing an intermediate solution that provides all the capabilities from the app, but is now just a click away. Continue reading

Allo Is Google’s New and Intelligent Beskedapp

At Google I/O 2016, Google has launched a new and high-tech beskedapp for Android and iOS called Allo built around advanced artificial intelligence.

Google two hour long keynote is successful and welcomed as expected on a wealth of news, as you can get a full view of in this live history. One of the major news, which got much airtime on stage, is the new app, Allo, there is a new beskedapp on its way to Android and iOS.

Google has a reputation for launching one half-baked beskedapp after another, and now even a so come to the collection. However, try not to be entirely Allo as most others. It stands for out on three specific areas.

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Google I/O 2016-Keynote: Here Are All the News [LIVE]

Google’s annual event in/O has just kicked off. Get here the overview over all the news that is presented at the opening keynote.

Every year keep Google a great Developer Conference called Google i/o, which stretches over several days-and this year is certainly no exception. Tonight at 20:00 was the event officially been kicked off with a two-hour long keynote, where Google’s Pichai, Director, Sundai has unveiled the greatest news.

Our site follows the Google I/O close the next day and brings including a review of all the most important news from the huge event. While several of the news were not immediately to guess, keynoten, of course, also welcomed on more news that was predicted two days ago. Continue reading