Nokia’s First Android Smartphone Will Be Soon a Reality

Nokia-smartphones with Android as the operating system may soon be a reality, after Microsoft, Nokia and two other companies have entered into a new agreement.

Since Microsoft bought Nokia’s mobile unit in 2014, it has been a matter of fact, that there is no need to produce Nokia-smartphones from the remains of the Finnish producer before 4. quarter of 2016 as part of the contract with Microsoft.

This particular contract was also the reason why the tablet Nokia n1 was the company’s debut product on Android platform rather than a smartphone.
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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for Sale in Exclusive Silver Color with 3

Phone company 3 sells the first in Denmark Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in the exclusive color ‘Silver’, in the new color lands from other resellers.

Since Samsung launched Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge top models, it has “only” been possible to get the two phones in the colors black, gold and white, while many other countries have had a fourth color to choose from: silver.

There has at no time been views that the last  ‘Silver’-variant would land in the Danish shops, but now the phone company 3 light in a press release that it has received the exclusive right to sell Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in this silver color as the sole distributor in Denmark until Friday 3. June, when many other retailers in all likelihood will follow suit. Continue reading

Consumer Council: Return of Defective Goods Can Be Fee Trap

11 out of 28 links will take a charge of up to a thousand dollars to investigate a defective item.

Should your smartphone or laptop strikes, it is natural to take advantage of the two-year guarantee which provides for the sale of goods Act and get this error corrected.

However, it can run up to hundreds of dollars in fees, to send an item return, if the business or the workshop itself does not believe that the error of covered by the warranty.

It shows a survey, conducted by the Consumer Council Think, where 11 out of 28 of those chain stores charge a so-called investigation fee for items they believe fall outside the guarantee. Continue reading

Connect with Motorola’s Moto X-Series: Replaced by Moto Z

Motorola’s popular Moto X-series belongs to the past and soon replaced by Moto Z. In any case, if it was up to the well informed Twitter tipster evleaks.

Motorola-now owned by Lenovo-has already unveiled the Moto G4, G4 Plus as well as G4 Play, but the most interesting news yet lets wait for it: the sequel to last year’s Moto X-smartphone.

After Lenovo’s acquisition of Motorola ‘s has long been sown doubt about whether Motorola’s Moto-fire consisting of series X, G and E will continue along the same lines as before.

It would hardly seem to be the case – partly because the leaked picture reveals the next top models with a significantly different design, and partly because the new Moto G smartphones already have received little other names than in the past: Moto G4, which is actually quite the same model name as last year’s LG G4-top model. Continue reading

Motorola Launches an Even Cheaper Moto G4 Play

It was not just Moto Moto G4 and G4 Plus that was launched yesterday. Lenovo has also quietly launched a third Moto G4 Play, there are even cheaper.

Yesterday launched the Lenovo what first looked to be two phones: Moto G4 and G4 Plus. A few hours after the announcement, where the two phones came up on Motorola’s website, it was clear, however, that there was a third Moto G4-phone in games.

Quietly after the launch of the two Moto G4 smartphones have Lenovo also launched a Moto G4 Play, there’s an even cheaper and more stripped down version of the new Moto G4. The specifications actually rather reminiscent of 3. generation Moto G with the new design, which features a relatively small changes. Continue reading

First Press Photo of OnePlus 3 Leaked: Get Metal back Cover

The first, official press photo of OnePlus 3 has been leaked, where there can be seen the significant different backside in a metal construction rather than plastic.

Pictures from toppling forward of the next OnePlus 3 from the still relatively new Chinese manufacturer, but so far it has only been in the form of spy photos in extremely poor quality. Now is the well-known Twitter tipster, evleaks, on the field with the first official press photo of OnePlus 3, which really shows the new design.

Indeed, as the first photos gave rise to believe, is the well-known Sands tone-back with the very rough texture scrapped in favor of a unibodykonstruktion made of metal. OnePlus follows thus the latest trend, where the focus is on the design, as rather than plastic like is done in metal or glass. Continue reading

Sony Unveils Xperia XA Ultra with Wild Selfiekamera

Sony launches its fourth smartphone in the new X-series: a 6 “large Xperia XA Ultra with 16 megapixel selfiekamera, who soon will land in the Danish shop shelves.

Sony published three months ago three smartphones in the all-new X-series, which replaces the well-known Z-series. Before the new models at all, the country is in store shelves, follows Sony now up with a fourth model, the Xperia XA Ultra, which also finds its way to the Danish shops.

Xperia X-series three existing smartphones range from mid-range to top models, where the new Xperia XA Ultra will be a minor upgrade of certain components and not least the screen size in relation to the 2,500 dollars animal Xperia XA.

Most eye-catching is the 6” big screen with a Full HD resolution that goes all the way out to the edges and contributes to a design that looks extremely appealing. Continue reading

Lenovo Launches Moto G4 and G4 Plus with Improved Hardware

It is now Lenovo-owned Motorola today unveiled the 4. generation Moto G4 and a larger Moto G with renewed hardware and design.

As planned have Motorola-now owned by Lenovo launched the brand new Moto G4-smartphone with a new, larger Moto G4 Plus at a event in New Delhi in India.

Moto G4 is the fourth generation in the series of Moto G smartphones, you want to follow up on the great success of the affordable smartphones in no time was given.

This means that the new Moto G4 has been better in many areas and not least greater. The screen is screwed up from 5 “to 5.5”, which has given room for a higher screen resolution. The now some do HD resolution in last year’s Moto G has therefore been to a more sensible Full HD resolution at 1,080 x 1,920 pixels in Moto G4.

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Homealarm HomeSecure Pro-testing of Home Alarm [TEST]

You can secure his home without expensive alert subscriptions and associated security firms? We have looked more closely at HomeSecure Pro alarm from Homealarm

Although in recent years, has actually been a trend with fewer domestic burglary
(e)r it’s probably most like want to risk coming home to a messy house or apartment.

There are many companies that offer alarm for private housing. Almost common to them all is that there is a monthly abonnemt, as on the long course, costs a great deal of money.

We have therefore examined on an alarm, which costs roughly the same purchase price as with most companies, but with no ongoing subscription. The price for the alarm is DKK 4,795 Continue reading

Bankappen Lunar Way Can Now Be Downloaded for Android

Android app for the new Danish bank solution, Lunar Way, can now be downloaded in Play-shop, but it remains only for those who have secured a one space.

The new banking solution, which takes the competition up Lunar Way with the big, established banks, now gives all users access to the Android app in the store. This one happened about three weeks, after the company first made it possible for iPhone users to download the app for iOS.

Lunar Way for Android is still at a fairly early stage, where the app is still in version 1.0, and yet more of the cool features that appear on the website.Therefore, for good reason, the app has also been running as a fully closed beta release in Play-shop, where a small crowd of users were allowed to test Lunar Way for Android – but no longer. Continue reading

3 Expands So You Now Have Danish Mobile Prices Throughout the EU

3 expands the popular 3LikeHome concept with 12 new European countries. The EU as a whole will be thereby roamingfri zone for customers of 3 with a 3LikeHome subscription.

Now there’s good news for those who are going on a summer holiday in Sunny Beach in Bulgaria or the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. From the 23. may include 3 namely Bulgaria, Iceland and ten other European countries in 3LikeHome. This allows private and business customers of 3 with 3LikeHome included in their subscription use their mobile for the same prices as in Denmark throughout the EU and will continue also overseas destinations as the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. 3LikeHome rounds on the background of the 40 countries and provides enough once the customers less to worry about.

“The essence of 3LikeHome is that customers can use the cell phone, as they usually do when they are abroad. With this expansion, we make it easier for customers to once again orient themselves towards overseas and go without worrying about roaminggebyrer and unpleasant surprises on your phone bill when they come home. Now the whole of the EU with the package, and customers can safely run on a overnight to the Mediterranean with the cell phone as a signpost, “says Morten Christiansen, who is Executive Director of 3. Continue reading

Rumor: Oppo Find 9 Gets World’s Fastest Charging

Oppo unveiled the world’s fastest charging from 0-100% in only 15 minutes back to February. Now is expected to be first with Oppo Find 9 technology.

As smart phones are used for more and more things, increases battery consumption, of course, also. Therefore get smartphones also constantly larger and larger batteries, which, however, do ladetiden anymore.

There is, therefore, also has been a huge development in technologies to let smartphones quickly up, where the Chinese producer, Oppo, has been particularly prominent with the so-called VOOC technology in, among other things, Oppo Find 7, Oppo N3, Oppo R7 and Oppo F1 Plus.

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Google Launches Spaces: New App for Group Sharing of Content

Prior to the Google i/o event tomorrow launches Google will make a new Web service with associated apps, Spaces, where you can easily share content in closed groups.

Google’s annual big event, Google i/o, stands for the door in the morning up to on Friday, where all news will be revealed and demonstrated giant remains undisturbed. Before then, however, revealed one of Google News, which is the new service called Spaces.

Spaces is a new platform with associated iOS and Android app that makes it easy for closed groups with invited people to share content with each other. The purpose of the Spaces is that it among small communities should be even easier to share everything conceivable content within any topic. Continue reading