Root Nexus Toolkit is Updated to Version 2.1.5 Introducing Partial Support to Android N

After a period of silence back to talk about itself Wug Fresh, creator of Nexus Root Toolkit which perform modding how to unlock, root and unroot Android Nexus devices quickly and easily.

The developer has updated the tool to version 2.1.5, introducing a number of important changes including all stressed the support – albeit still partial – to Android N.

The program is able to automatically download all the files you need for unlocking the boot loader, to obtain root permissions, or to reset the device to the stock version, and includes an interface for conducting task automatically TWRP. Continue reading

Xiaomi Max Will Be Officially Presented Next May 10

Awaiting the official launch, appeared in a network render your smartphone from which emerge some interesting details: the fingerprint sensor is not placed inside the Home key capacitive, but on the back case, while the presence of a plastic clamp on the frame suggests that the device is made of metal.

The Next phablet Haier, which we told you about a few days ago showing an image that extolled the size, will be officially presented on May 10. This was revealed is the Chinese company on site Weibo by a post leaving away all doubts. Continue reading

Android Marshmallow Lands on Oppo R7s Through Project Spectrum

It seems that Android Marshmallow is already available for Oppo R7s through Project Spectrum, while the next May 13 new ROM will be released for R7 Plus.

Owners of smartphones Oppo R7s will soon try the user experience offered by Android Marshmallows on their devices. Despite ColorOS has not yet received the official update, in fact, the interface is fully renovated beginning next May 13 through Project Spectrum, an initiative implemented to bring the “user experience” almost-stock Android inside smartphones Oppo. Continue reading

BlackBerry ‘ Hamburg ‘ and ‘ Rome ‘, First Render and Photos of the Two Midrange Android

We update to clarify that the render were made by an outside source to BlackBerry, and therefore cannot be treated as “leak” but as “concept” based on official plans, sketches and prototypes that the author has been able to consult on an exclusive basis.

Rome (the one with physical keyboard) seems to be the more practical device: will have some commonality with the existing Priv, like the curved screen on the sides “Edge”. The keyboard could have a fingerprint scanner built into space, while the front camera should be from 8 MP. There is also talk of a mysterious physical button-on with special features, both for the Government and for consumers-more details are not currently known. The price could be around $ 450. Continue reading

Clash Royale Updates on iOS and Android

Here comes the awaited update of may for Clash Royale, that on Android and iOS brings the version number 1.3.2, introducing several new unofficially announced in recent days.

The most interesting aspect concerns the introduction of 6 new cards, i.e. spirits of fire, furnace, guards, Mastiff lava, Miner and sparkling. Also revised the balance of rewards, with the trunk of the Crown strengthened, and the introduction of the gold award even if our four slots trunks are fully booked. To follow the full changelog:




  • -New Town: fire spirits
  • -New rare: furnace
  • -Epic new: guards
  • -New legendary: mastino lava, Miner, sparkling


  • -Gold: get gold for a win, even if your slot trunk are full
  • -Crown Trunk: contains twice as much!
  • -Super magic Trunk: possibility of finding doubled!
  • -Giant Trunk and magical: you can find increased!
  • -Donations/inquiries: increases with higher level arenas
  • -Store cards: the legendary cards may appear after you’ve achieved the legendary arena


  • -TV Royale: Watch the best battles from any arena
  • -Friendly Battles: catch live fights and throws confetti!

Along with the news, there’s also some changes to the card balance, with some that are powerless and other improved, one on all the giant Royale, which until now was found among the papers less loved. Here is the complete list of changes:

  • Mortar: deployment time increased to 5 seconds (3 seconds), damage reduced by 10%
  • Effect duration reduced to 40 Tower bomber: seconds (60 seconds)
  • Extractor of Elixir: hit points reduced by 20%
  • Cannon: hit points reduced by 11%
  • Giant Royale: range increased to 1 (see below)
  • Mirror: common and uncommon cards copied with more level 1
  • Valkyrie: rejected when hit by fiery Sphere
  • Mini p.e.k.k.a: rejected when hit by fiery Sphere
  • Flow control (all drives): fixed

Addressed an issue that caused inconsistent shooting flow management for different sized units. Therefore, in the next update the values of flows of certain units are less than before, though in effect unchanged. For example, when two units with the same scope clashed, not always attacked at the same time. Now they do. In addition, the scope of the Tower of the King in this picture seems to be diminished, but it is not so! The same goes for the giant Royale: we are increasing its reach to 1, but in the next update its information screen will still show a range of up to 6, Although it will increase!

The CEO of Huawei Believes That Resolution 2 k of the Display Is “Waste”

The CEO of Huawei Richard Yu has used the popular social network Weibo to express his opinion on the use of 2 k resolution panels in the design of smartphones, deeming such a choice “a waste“.

According to Yu, the reduced size of the display allows the user to recognize the difference in definition between Full HD Panel and 2 k. Conversely, the second certainly adversely affects device battery, greatly reducing their autonomy. Yu therefore considers that a full HD resolution is more than enough, while the Full HD would represent the best and highest quality. Continue reading

LG Announces the Official Arrival in Italy of LG K8 4 g; It Starts from € 179.90

Through a press release that you find at the end of article, LG has officially announced the arrival in Italy of LG K8 4 g, the first smartphone of LG’s new family K to be launched on the market with Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

LG K8 4 g, according to the manufacturer, is a smartphone designed for a young audience and attentive to detail, thanks to the presence of a 2.5 D displays with slightly curved edges and a back cover which proposes a special texture that makes it stylish and comfortable the new LG smartphone. Continue reading

LG Italy Post New Videos Dedicated to the G5 and Its Modules and Has Jason Statham

LG has released full spot in collaboration with Jason Statham, where in about 60 seconds of intense action scenes, the lead actor of the series Transporter masquerades as different characters, alternating at the same time various usage scenarios of LG’s new G5, through the exchange of modules LG & Friends and some functions related to double back camera.

One spot really creative, accomplished with great skill, to highlight LG G5 and its versatile modular design. For the more curious, were found to follow the behind the scenes video on how the movie was made, with clones of the same Statham, appearing and disappearing behind the camera. Continue reading

Beme Arrives on Android, the App by Casey Neistat to Share Video without Revision

Beme is a new application that most likely social sharing lovers will try, especially for the name behind the project, one of the famous youtuber Casey Neistat.

Hard to say whether sounding in the midst of so many alternatives, Beme can manage to build a good following, however differs from other applications to the approach to sharing videos.

Beme allows you to record movies and video-messages without any review or publish confirmation from the user. Structured as a social online to live moment by moment, confirming that the video recording mode, which is carried out taking into our Terminal against your chest, forcing us to keep the focus on what we are doing and not to fix our smartphones. Here is the video presentation by Casey Neistat. Continue reading

New Confirmations for the Two Variants of OnePlus 3 and First Details on Price

Just a few days ago, thanks to the tables of the main benchmark, we discovered that 3 OnePlus could come in several variants, differentiated by the amount of internal memory and RAM used.

Today they get further confirmation of this scenario with new details emerged from a Chinese source, which among other things, it also provides a first indication of the price of OnePlus 3.We talk about 1999 Yuan, about 270 Euros, powered by Snapdragon 820, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. Do not specify the price of the second variant, with 64 gigs of internal memory and well 6 GB of RAM, although OnePlus has always accustomed to price differences not too pronounced. Continue reading

Whatsapp, the Incoming Video Calling on iOS and Android: Images

The acquisition of Whatsapp from the Colossus of social, Facebook, brought important changes in recent months, such as the abolition of the cost of an annual subscription to the service, and the recent introduction of end-to-end encryption in messages.

Now the focus is all focused on features vociferate but are not yet available, with special focus on the introduction of video-calls. After the first screenshot leak appeared last December, everyone expected an imminent arrival of feature during the first quarter of 2016, but as history has shown, anything you saw until yesterday.

And behold, the first images of the beta version of Whatsapp on iOS, where is well “video-call” icon at the top right on the chat screen, I propose to follow.

While the current beta version available for iOS devices is the site, the video calling feature is planned for a possible publication in these days, with build To test the beta version of WhatsApp with video function-call, you must have a jailbroken iPhone with Cydia installed.

It seems then that iOS will be the first platform to enjoy them, followed most likely to tire even from Android, although there is currently about. Expect new details in the coming days, stay tuned.

LG makes a Glass Front Panel with Integrated Fingerprint Sensor

The fingerprint sensor is one of the features that, year after year, is becoming increasingly essential within a new smartphone. It is not just an element that allows quick access to your device without having to type in codes but also one of the most practical systems with which to login to sites, authorize payments from mobile, access the home banking apps and much more.

LG, through its LG Innotek, created a new front panel that allows you to solve one of the major problems concerning the placement of this kind of sensor in a smartphone, or find a placement that make accessible its use and at the same time not interfere excessively with the design of the final product. To do this, LG Innotek has developed a sensor that can beplaced directly on the front panel of the smartphone, placing it inside a Bay often just 0.3 mm made in the back of the glass surface. Continue reading

Tome of the Sun, a New MMORPG Hack & Slash for iOS and Android

Well, it happened again: the book of the sun broke, and now Web of shadows has free access to the Kingdom of the Sun to perform all kinds of atrocities. Luckily there is an entire army of Heroes ready to defend peace with sword fight!

Tome of the Sun is a MMORPG with game mechanics hack & slash released recently on two main store mobile by NetEase. The idea is that typical of the titles in this genre: choose your own hero, chop up some cattivacci, gain experience and become stronger, and so forth in search of the ultimate challenge. To assist us in battle we will also have many different creatures controlled by computer, upgradeable of course in turn. Continue reading