Galaxy S7 vs Xiaomi Mi5: the Challenge According to Our Site

Are two of the most anticipated smartphones of this first half of the year, pending of course competition is going to get involved in these next few weeks. Two different approaches toXiaomi Mi 5 (Standard Edition) and Samsung Galaxy S7, related technologies but definitely more sophisticated solutions for the new top range Korean, and I speak not only of the finest materials. We’re not here to discuss that much on performance, over the limit of what one would normally expect on mobile, to make a difference were the little things: IP68 certification S7 who fears more liquids to the optimal camera back to Mi 5, despite a slim profile from just over 7 mm.


Samsung worked fine to make the shell of this S7, I speak not only for the high quality materials, the back cover glass and metal profile, blend perfectly and Assembly do not let any weak point. The thing that I was most convinced are the lines, with the metal frame that flares at the bottom and top for a stylish design and special, different from ‘ usual smartphone squared ‘. Continue reading

DroidID, How to Unlock Your Mac with a Fingerprint Scanner Device Android

With the application you can use the MacID fingerprint scanners to iPhone or iPad to unlock a Mac. Instead of entering your password every time, just pass your finger over the Touch ID.An app quite convenient that, unfortunately, does not have a counterpart for Android devices.Or rather, not had, thanks to DroidID.

This is a service consisting of two apps: a “client” for all Android devices by Lollipop onwards (naturally with fingerprint scanner!), and a “server” to install on their Mac-provided he is the latest version of OSX, El Capitan, available from a couple of days as a free update.


The Setup and configuration process is extremely simple: you download the ZIP archive for OSX from official site of DroidID (DIRECT LINK), then unzip and you copy/move the file app in the applications folder on your Mac, then you start the app from LaunchPad or directly from your applications folder. Continue reading

LG G5 Completely Disassembled

LG G5 arrived into the hands of many reviewers worldwide (more or less) and are already appeared the first reviews with some aspects not really positive that underscore some choices not happy, a build quality not perfect and not particularly good autonomy. A particular detail is nonetheless emerged from the video that we attach to follow.

Taking apart your smartphone, the same seen here | LG G5 tested with scratches, heat and twists into a new stress tests | JerryRigEverything has found that the construction of the G5 sees the use of a lot of plastic in spite than projected and read previously. G5 is undoubtedly a device top range but its lightweight hit the youtube with a box cutter, nicked the back cover. Continue reading

Meizu will reveal a new flagship on 12 April

Continue unabated rumors related to Chinese manufacturer Meizu: just yesterday we saw leaked alleged roadmap throughout the 2016, while a few minutes ago we learned that on April 6 , there will be a presentation event for M3 notes. It remains an open question of high range: Meizu still has not presented a flagship for the beginning of the year.

According to rumors reported by Android Headlines, however, something should be here soon, specifically on April 12. The company will hold a second event that should get a flagship. Which, however, is not known. Continue reading

Huawei TalkBand B3: Video Preview

In addition to the new range Huawei P9, the Chinese manufacturer could not to miss even a few accessories, and here at last bars of the Conference ended by a few minutes, was presented the new Huawei TalkBand B3, cuff completely revamped compared to previous generation models, both technically materials.

TalkBand B3 first uses a 3D display curved made of gorilla glass, encased in an aluminum shell with a 91 mAh, capable of guaranteeing 6 hours of call and 3-4 days of standby time, extremely refined and soft lines, to make it more comfortable to wear. Ideal for fitness enthusiasts, Huawei has dramatically improved the accuracy in the monitoring of physical activity, the most sensitive sensors, and the sound quality suffered in profound renewal by using a new algorithm to improve the sound quality of the 25% and reduce external noise of 80%. Continue reading

Huawei confirms the Great 2015 with the Highest Growth of the Last 7 Years

Huawei Technologies has published the tax results for the last fiscal year just ended by confirming the largest annual growth in revenues from 2008, both 4 g technologies increasingly used worldwide, both rapidly growing smartphone segment.

Huawei, one of the largest producers of telecommunication equipment in the world, has confirmed that the total revenue increased by 37% to 395 billion yuan (61.10 billion) in 2015, surpassing its initial forecast of 390 billion yuan. Continue reading

The CEO of Meizu Announces That M3 Notes Coming Soon

Although all eyes are pointed toward the next Meizu Pro 6 and MX6, it seems that Chinese society has no intention to submit rapidly its new top of the range, but is thinking even to a renewal of the midrange.

To reveal us are the statements made by Huang Zhang, CEO of Meizu, who confirmed explicitly that the next Meizu M3 Notes will be launched very soon. In addition to position the new mid range over a period of time particularly close, Zhang was also let go and gave some extra detail, suggesting that the SoC used could be the new Helio P10. Continue reading

Huawei Does Not Advertise the P9 Lite But the Market Is Imminent

The Chinese company Huawei has just completed the long-awaited event held at Battersea Evolution in London where they were announced the new smartphone P9 and D9 Plus.According to rumors, would miss the call a third variant of the device – the P9 Lite – as shown by the Russian hi-tech site could soon be sold on international markets.

The Lite version of P9 is the subject of an interesting “hands-on” which emerge the main distinguishing features of the new device. It is in fact a smartphone equipped with 5.2-inchdisplay with Full HD resolution and density of 423ppi, 2 or 3 GB of RAM (depending on model), 16 GB of internal memory expandable up to 128 GB, 3000mAhbattery further,fingerprint sensor and photo industry “standard” (hence the name “Lite”) composed of a front sensor from 8 Megapixels and a single sensor 13 megapixel rear camera with LED flash. Continue reading

Samsung Focuses on Games with Galaxy S7

One of the features of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge that we showed in this week about gaming. Samsung has worked with partners and developers being able to integrate not only an excellent hardware but also software unique features that allow you to express the best smartphone’s graphics capabilities.

The combination of technology and gaming is increasingly crucial for consumers seeking gaming experiences on the border with the reality in which to feel part of the adventure and live it at 360°. Gaming-related applications are today the most popular and downloaded all over the world: they are about 500 million *people who routinely log on to gaming content. Represents a widespread cultural phenomenon, especially among Millennials ** (75% vs men 25% women) highlighting consumer habits and consequently the preferences of younger generations. Continue reading

LG X Cam X Screen Arriving on the International Markets, Including Europe

LG Electronics has officially announced the beginning of the distribution in international markets of smartphone LG X cam and X screen belonging to the new X series. The first to receive the devices will be the South Korea, followed by the Europe, Latin America and the rest of Asia.

The two devices bring high profile specifications in an intermediate zone, ensuring high performance at an affordable price. Continue reading

Huawei formally P9 and D9 Plus

It was made to wait for a little more than others, but here finally unveiled the long-awaited Huawei P9 and its variant premium P9 Plus, new top range that now come into direct competition with other star players of the category. Almost all confirmed the specific views and discussed in recent weeks, besides the river of leaks has been impressive and there was no intention to keep absolute secrecy, indeed, we could say the opposite.


Under the shell just 6.95 mm thick aluminium delivers the powerful chip HiSilicon Kirin 955, an octa-core configuration in big-LITTLE boasting 4 4 performance Cortex-Cortex-A53 and A72 to 2.5 GHz, 3/4 GB of RAM that will not have anything to envy to Qualcomm solutions and Exynos. Confirm the size with 5.2-inch display and full HD resolution (1920 x 1080), brightness of 500 nits 423 ppi density, Huawei has always pointed out to not be interested in a leap beyond 1080 p on this diagonal, and a win could be autonomy. Continue reading

Alive X6S and X6S Plus Presented Officially in China with Snapdragon 652 and 4 GB of RAM

Presented in December to represent the new mid-range manufacturer of China Alive, apparently x 6 X 6 Plus have had very short life. A few hours, the House has in fact raised two almost identical versions of the same terminals, changing the processor MediaTek 6752 with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 and the letter S in the name.

Here, then, are the “new” Live X6S and Alive X6S Plus, identical from the point of view of design and materials: metal done through a particular process socca, 4 GB RAM, incredibly thin thickness, fingerprint sensor on the rear and Android 5.1 Lollipop as a distribution system. Continue reading

Samsung View Cover LED Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

With new S7 Galaxy and Galaxy S7 edge, Samsung has also launched a new range of accessories among which we find the LED Cover View, a case with flip that also integrates a small panel with white LEDs, a grid of 16×7, able to provide you with some information.

The cover is made of artificial leather, quite soft to the touch. Three color variants: in addition to these in black and gold is also a blank. The dimensions are 55 x 73.5 x 13.7 mm 142.4 grams in weight. The phone will fit in a transparent plastic shell that protects both the edges that the sides leaving the top, bottom and the volume and power/lock. Continue reading