Turntable of Brinkmann OASIS + 10.5 + HRS OASIS Base

Brinkmann is with the OASIS (16000 euro) sound advancing one in the high areas of rare turntables prior to the world elite.

  1. Turntable of Brinkmann OASIS + 10.5 + HRS OASIS base
  2. stereoplay technology – OASIS
  3. Data sheet

A turntable with direct drive? Something can be challenging analog fans shudder. The experiences with such drives, no shortage there until the late 80’s in the 70s, which play a role today in the DJ scene, due to its rapid acceleration and stopping times are too negative. But if the high-end veteran Helmut Brinkmann has a hand in the game and with the OASIS builds such a turntable, which costs EUR with the in-house arm, 10.5 whopping 13_500 curiosity is as a rejection. Finally, the name of Brinkmann emblazoned 34 years on very solid and perfectly processed equipment. Continue reading

HTC Touch 3 G

With his model, touch has made not only the applicable as somewhat boring PDA phones with Windows Mobile HTC again socially acceptable, but laid also the Foundation for a very successful and now widely distributed family of products.

  1. HTC Touch 3 G
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The touch HD (review coming soon) one touch Pro or the touch diamond, which admits for T-Mobile MDA Compact IV as well as the models.

Now it was time to bring the base model offered for over a year on the State of the art technology. This is the task of the touch 3 g. As the name implies, HTC equips the externally only gently modernised unit up 7.2 Mbit/s with the 3G-Funktechnik of UMTS and HSDPA. Continue reading

BlackBerry Curve 8900

While Vodafone has high hopes on the BlackBerry storm, T-Mobile, and soon also O2 with the new curve 8900 counter. These are a kind of little brother of the previous top model bold 9000.

  1. BlackBerry Curve 8900
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

In the design of the new curve is very similar to the BlackBerry bold, however its casing in all dimensions as is less than 10 percent. Possible this diet cure was content through the renunciation of UMTS – the 8900 with EDGE and GPRS.

If you download not just common large multimedia files, this is good to get over given the already somewhat leisurely working Web browser and the strong data reduction-based BlackBerry push mail. Continue reading

Samsung X 360 U9300

By the weight notebooks in the 13.3-inch format in the cut are around 200 to 400 grams higher than the small 10-inch Netbooks, but for that they bring a whole series of advantages right. As well as the Samsung X 360 U9300. We have the test

  1. Samsung X 360 U9300
  2. Data sheet

Review: The Samsung X 360 U9300 with 1,390 grams weight however shows the limits of what is technically possible. For other records of approximately 1800 Euro X 360 later more. As graphics solution, it contains the energy-saving and therefore less powerful chip set graphics GMA X 4500 Intel. Continue reading

Sony Ericsson G705

In the extensive range of Sony Ericsson mobile phones with a “G” in the name are the specialists for the mobile Internet. Since the G705 incidental to the test forms (319 euros price) no exception.

  1. Sony Ericsson G705
  2. Data sheet

However, the Web professionals in addition to the well known music camera models from the House of Sony Ericsson rather eke a shadowy existence. But that can change quickly, for the compact and restrained styled G705 seems to have it, as a look at the lush filled equipment list suggests a sly old dog behind the ears.

Here, quite a few tidbits that raise the pulse of mobile fans in the romp. But paper is patient, as is well known – and so the slider must show in the connect– full test, if he is really a wolf in sheep’s clothing and except ordinary does. Continue reading

Nokia 6600 Slide

The moderate without binding contract 269 euro expensive 6600 slide makes in his chic outfit on piece of jewelry. So comes the compact UMTS slider with a battery cover made of metal, a glossy front and a gently rounded housing.

When operating, it is therefore ergonomically perfect in the hand. However, it reveals every little touch in the form of ugly lichen fingerprints – so meticulous users must often swing the cleaning cloth.

Compensated for the consistently good workmanship: the Slidermechanik makes a stable impression and annoying creaking noise are starting with enormous pressure to elicit the phone. Only the display cover has been somewhat thin, so that unsightly color moire points quite fast the screen when touching. Continue reading

HTC Touch HD

In consumer electronics, HD stands for “High definition” – high resolution screens, ideally also have extra large failed to increase the enjoyment. This nomenclature, HTC takes bonds and presents a PDA phone with a rich display diagonal by 9.8 centimeters and the high for this size resolution of 480 x 800 pixels.

  1. HTC Touch HD
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

These good 6.1 visible both the HTC’s own “TouchFlo” interface and the menus and icons of Windows Mobile – everything seems slightly rounded and crunchy as used by Windows Mobile devices.

For “Select”, “Hang up”, “Main menu” and “Back”, sensor buttons that respond precisely, and deliver a short vibration feedback see the display. Continue reading

Stereoplay Tip – out HD Do Quadro

In nearly all HiFi rooms, the Quadro playback will be better.

Even if stereoplay occasions spread among his off 2-get 5 method (last 10/06) and many readers already successfully practicing it, earned it’s now, warmed up to be. In the context of the new, high end Dolby True HD formats and DTS HD Master will appear even hotter than ever.

Now it is clear that happens HD decoding and D/A conversion in the receiver in one go. That can and should he make, by a representative of medium-priced, no man will require but that he also make a highendige gain. Continue reading

AV Receiver Yamaha RX V 863

Although, the Yamaha RX V 863 (850 euro) do magic summary which were testers, but at least sound surprised.

  1. AV receiver Yamaha RX V 863
  2. Data sheet

Just to put the finger in the wound: the larger RX brought 1900 yet the noble DSD V 1791 as a D/A converter, V had to submit to the RaX 863 simpler DACs of type of PCM 1680 and 1780.

In total 10-channel, because even the smaller Yamaha to the usual generated still a front-top offer with the AV friend can heave the acoustics on canvas height. Continue reading

AV Receiver Pioneer VSX 1018 AH

When the old surround the sturdy character associated with the sense of spatial order of the pioneer VSX was 1018 AH (800 euros) well. On Blu-ray-HD titles again rather less since the testers more shine, air and breath would have wished.

  1. AV receiver pioneer VSX 1018 AH
  2. Data sheet

Who 1018 AH calls the control menu at the VSX, first encounters points such as automatic and manual MCACC (multi channel acoustic calibration). As a result you will find setting options of a la “standing wave” or “Eq professional”, where the freak – and can Arts is to connect of a PC to the RS-232 connector – to the creation of doctoral theses with beautiful graphics – discretion. Continue reading

Heco Statement

Just in time for the 60th company anniversary head thinker Shandro access Fischer and developer Martin Groß solutions from the early years.

  1. Heco statement
  2. Data sheet

Was it but then quite common to accommodate cone chassis not in sealed enclosures, but in open back designs. This construction is used for the first time in a modern speaker what the developers promise a particularly clear and completely free of resonance Center playback. By the way can the rearm radiated noise components, because they swing opposition to the front, the dispersion Linearize. The construction of the Central chassis itself can also sit up retro HiFi fans: the membrane consists of a cardboard wool blend, called kraft paper, and passes into a coated, multiple folded fabric surround. So, while most manufacturers on space-saving neo dynamic or bulky ferrite magnetic material, Heco installed so-called AlNiCo drives, an alloy of iron, copper, aluminum, nickel and cobalt. This traditional material has the advantage that it virtually always the same behaves under all temperature conditions, which should benefit freedom of compression and dynamics. Continue reading

Onkyo TX SR 706 AV Receiver

The Onkyo TX SR 706 for 800 euros with shines for its price range of very on less audio and video processing.

  1. Onkyo TX SR 706 AV receiver
  2. Data sheet

When almost the same Surround prozessor and digital video Board in the larger TX SR 806 (12/08) earned it respect, you deserve all respect in the RX V 706.

Again, two DSPs endeavour inter alia to the THX processing including a new loudness function. And again, a high-calibre FLI 30336 by Genesis/Faroudja brings together line by line, more elaborate taking account of movements to new images. Continue reading

AV Receiver Denon AVR 2309

During CD playback, the Denon AVR was to recognize 2309 (800 euros) as a beautiful mind – with elegant, smooth MIDs and radiant and absolutely free of hardness.

  1. AV receiver Denon AVR 2309
  2. Data sheet

Three hundred euros have or don’t have, many HiFi fans are likely to weigh if it – inspired by the sound richness of the new Blu-ray formats Dolby True HD and DTS HD master – before buying a surround receiver are available. Actually I’m tired of the small, could they conclude, if Denons AVR 2309 for 800 and the AVR 2809 for 1100 euros (test 12/08) go through the equipment lists. Continue reading