AV Receiver Marantz SR 5003

At the Marantz SR 5003 (800 euros) were wonderfully muscular drum beats and the totally Kinky and yet finely recorded bass rumblings to wonderful back showers.

  1. AV receiver Marantz SR 5003
  2. Data sheet

Stereoplay cannot see the reason why Marantz weaker than the SR 6003 (12/08) indicates the SR 5003 per channel to 10 Watts. Neither measurements nor the schematic, which identifies only the 10_000 micro Farad Hauptelkos as those of the Chinese manufacturer koshin instead of the Japanese ELNA at the amplifier stages.

It also maintained the Cirrus codec CS 42528 for the A/D and D/A conversion. As well as the fact favourable to the off 2-go 4-project, not a control chip in the side job, but individual proper amplification ICs feed on the pre outs. Continue reading

HP EliteBook 6930 P in the Test

Hewlett Packard presents the EliteBook 6930 p. We have the test of the 14.1 inch notebook for you.

  1. HP EliteBook 6930 p in the test
  2. Data sheet

HP EliteBook 6930 p in the test: With the middle of the year, new EliteBook series HP brings the charm of something very special in the Business Segment-oriented to the user benefits. The EliteBook 6930 p has been connect around 1500 euro GB995EA variant to the test is particularly well adapted for mobile people.

That’s here is not a 0815-laptop, the experienced eye sees immediately: instead of scratch-sensitive coated or plastic surfaces, subtle brushed metal protects the visible parts of the body and display cover. The significant Bowl highlights the exclusive character of the mobile computer, the EliteBook demanding no kid gloves for the operation. Continue reading

T-Home Sine A 201

True to the motto “everyone who wants to be old nobody be old however,” the term “Senior phone” is not just promote sales. Especially as the models designed for the older audience so far mostly looked as sprung from the Healthcare catalog. However, because the trend is not only older semester control problems of miniaturization, some companies have responded and launched the device genus “Family telephone”.

  1. T-Home sine A 201
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

Their claim: Of the grandchildren to grandparents all can chat easily and comfortably. This challenge has turned the Festival network mogul T-home and put much energy into the development of sinus A 201. Continue reading

Network Player Logitech Squeezebox Boom

Who ever was allowed to get to know one of the developers of Slim_Devices, no longer surprise the.

  1. Network Player Logitech Squeezebox boom
  2. Data sheet

That the Americans in support of Logitech bring a Squeezebox others according to the on the market for example. The industrious workers are freaks in the best sense; They tinker with as much love as others solder devoted to elderly tube amps always new, fine audio toys. Continue reading

Network Player Sonos Bundle BU 150

It’s been over four years that AUDIO on the international radio exhibition visited a small, almost tiny booth. There is a new streaming concept Sonos proudly presented, called. The editors were impressed right off the bat. And are there still.

  1. Network Player Sonos Bundle BU 150
  2. Data sheet

American Hellish cooperation, namely time and again manages to surprise with improvements. The new Bundle BU 150, consisting of from the ZonePlayer 90 (individually 350 euros), the ZonePlayer 120 (with a built-in amplifier, 500 euro) and the appropriate controller (400 euros), is to distinguish externally little from the previous package BU 130 (test in AUDIO 5/08). Continue reading

Onkyo DV-BD 606

The Onkyo not only outwardly resembles the FUNAI player

  1. Onkyo DV-BD 606
  2. Data sheet

You ever at all identical – the – lid, the obvious relationship of the three player jumps forward outright. Identical triplets of the switching power supply via the electrolytic capacitors over on the drive up there to the digital Board.

Onkyo and FUNAI have used the same graphics toolkit for the operating menu and only changed the size a bit. The functionality is almost identical for all players. But there are a few small differences in the gene pool: the Onkyo plays any DivX videos no WMA, Philips, the FUNAI no CEC over HDMI (the communication channel between player and TV and AV receiver). The Ethernet port and the BD profile 2.0, to be fit for “BD-Live” is also missing all three. Who would like to download additional material to a purchased Blu ray disc from the Internet or participate in online games, should look so for another device. Still, the offer of “BD-live” features is relatively manageable. Continue reading


The base player of FUNAI offers the best price-performance ratio.

  1. FUNAI B1-M110
  2. Data sheet

The family resemblance is when all three players already visually cannot be denied. As with pure blood-noble clans, there are the prominent warts and moles in Onkyo and Philips; one must only look at the back. There sits the component output on the same spot, HDMI, digital coax, and analog stereo output are placed exactly congruent. They discovered individual variables when the number of connections – the FUNAI offers no optical digital connection, Philips shows off as a rich uncle of the family with a five-channel analog output. Continue reading

Speaker MAGNAT Quantum 1009

MAGNAT has a run: In the affordable range, the Cologne offer more box and sound than almost any other provider. Now they dare with the quantum 1009 (4000 euro the pair) the attack on the high end. With success?

  1. Speaker MAGNAT quantum 1009
  2. Data sheet

Woe, when they released: four man team to the magnate/Heco Development Manager Shandro includes fishermen. You populate one of the largest German HiFi development laboratories, with Klippel-analysis technology equipped, and develop almost monthly cycle test winner – how they impressively proves rank & name list of stereoplay . But for the project quantum 1009 is surprisingly let plenty of time: over two years. Continue reading

Philips BDP-7200

Philips shows off as a rich uncle of the family with a five-channel analog output.

  1. Philips BDP-7200
  2. Data sheet

The family resemblance is when all three players already visually cannot be denied. They discovered individual variables when the number of connections – the FUNAI offers no optical digital connection, Philips shows off as a rich uncle of the family with a five-channel analog output. Continue reading

Turntable from Roksan Xerxes 20 +

Turntables are only after two decades of legal age. Also the Roksan Xerxes 20 + is now one of the adults.

  1. Turntable from Roksan Xerxes 20 +
  2. Data sheet

Starting from a correct idea, a good turntable must grow and mature. There is no model that would have perfectly sees the light of day right off the bat. Also the Xerxes was not presented as he in 1985. With its elegant system of decoupling – and damping levels that allow each other are only exactly defined movements, Roksan founder Touraj Moghaddam was aimed at the former place deer Linn LP_12. The great Xerxes actually exceeded the LP_12 in some disciplines of sound and was in the late 80’s, one of the well-known players from the realm of the right-hand drive. To the chagrin of his fans, he was also a reliable source of highly original defects in the first few years. Continue reading

Sony SCD-XA 5400ES

The Sony SCD-XA_5400_ES emits its DSD signals via HDMI.

  1. Sony SCD-XA 5400ES
  2. Data sheet

Although the Japanese multimedia company of SACD had publicly turned his back not too long ago, a genuine player – a Blu-ray disc is the 5400er will insert it here. Two-channel of the Sony player can spend either analog its high-resolution SACD data via RCA or XLR – then he sounds tired in bass and tone, paints the Middle wonderfully gentle and full of expression. Only in the heights, he is not more so precisely and diligently; Top players such as the Marantz SA_8003 get something more Hall, more space and more sound stage. The Marantz by SACD shows his class even more impressive. Sony counters although with amazingly beautiful bass deposits and orgiastic centers, but then comes at higher altitudes out of breath. Continue reading

Pioneer SC-LX 71

The list of equipment of the mini Sapundani LX_71 can be seen.

  1. Pioneer SC-LX 71
  2. Data sheet

Pioneer uses the possibility of stroke control via HDMI with the new “mini Sapundani” like the SC-LX_71 and SC-LX_81; so titled because they the large over amp SC LX_90, nicknamed Susano (AUDIO 9/08), not only outwardly resemble.

The black, shiny, remembered body, the divided interior with precursors-deck and the lower deck with ICEpower switching power amplifiers fitted and that “air Studios monitor” logo on the front – with the reference to the fine-tuning and certification by the London air Studios – is amazingly similar to the concept of the LX_90. The in-house MCACC a measuring program allows not only an automatic adjustment of Acoustics to the architectural conditions; There’s also an extensive equipment to the hunting of standing waves and phase error of speakers. The SC LX_71 takes gladly used music from the local network to its Ethernet port and plays everything, what is not explicitly protected by DRM; also including lossless FLAC files. With access to the Internet, the music offer extended the PIO neer in addition to tens of thousands Web radio stations, which in the vTuner database are stored or even about “Neural Music Direct” Surround sound stream. iPod owners can insert their postage via data cable and USB receiver – and remotely control the music treasures stored not only convenient, but also still elegant Guide to the iPod’s own D/A converters past. Continue reading

Sony STR-DA 5400ES

The AV receiver is SACD signals via HDMI and can even optimize them.

  1. Sony STR-DA 5400ES
  2. Data sheet

The Sony SACD player offers even multichannel output – only via HDMI. Because the audio data but we are only second class passengers, the SCD-XA_5400_ES offers a special transport insurance: H. _A. _T. _S. (high quality digital audio transmission sys-tem). Originally designed for the iLink interface, Sony has expanded now use on HDMI – but only in conjunction with the matching AV receiver, the STR DA_5400_ES. Continue reading