Universities Ban Wrist Watches From Tests

Generally, the views of the Smartphone is considered deception attempt during a closed-door meeting. Because smart functions but no longer only into the phone, some colleges even before Smartwatches be afraid. The devices can display much more than just the time and ideally suited to the cheating. Since the distinction between Smartwatches and conventional watches is too complicated, many universities in favour of banning all wristwatches.

Apple Watch as a cheat watch

In the summer of 2014, the University of London was the increasing prevalence of Smartwatches to the discussion. It was not in sight, how easily the Apple Watch and other devices from conventional wristwatches were indistinguishable. Therefore, Smartwatches could be from 2015 to the problem in the exam room, it is in relation to the year of publication of the Apple Watch. Continue reading

Microsoft Lumia 435: Test Of 89 Euro Smartphones

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Lumia 435 aimed at absolute beginners, which extends the use of Facebook, whatsapp, weather, as well as the use of the device as a Navi replacement for the car. The phone offers simple menus, an acceptable display and lots of memory. The design is many users the display but probably too clunky, too small. The camera is not suitable for videos. Best price on the Internet: 49.95 euro * contra order this product at Amazon Pro of expandable memory low camera resolution satisfactory assessment of editorial users rating now evaluate the Lumia 435 is the so far most affordable Smartphone with Windows phone operating system: at the launch, Microsoft specifies a suggested retail price of 89 euros. Restriction: In Germany the device that comes in the footsteps of the set Nokia X series with Android is to get the start at first exclusively at Telekom, other retailers list it therefore currently far above the list price. Is the Smartphone to recommend? This clears the road test by our site!

First impression: much plastic

With a thickness of 1.3 centimeters and the comparatively compact 4-inch display, the Lumia 435 comes very nicely solid and chubby therefore, looks a bit like a smartphone from a bygone era. But The processing is impeccable, the easily exchangeable body is stuck. And it works with seinere sturdy plastic shell significantly more robust than smartphones in fashionable filigree appearance. The surface is pleasantly matt, at least in the bright green test model, and is therefore easy to handle. Alternatively, there is the Lumia 435 also available in bright orange or classic in white or black.

Video on the subject of

Microsoft with ever cheaper smartphones trying to gain new customers. Is the Lumia 435 already too cheap or just right for beginners? Microsoft Lumia 435: Good Smartphone at a dumping price?

Lumia 435: display better than thought

The screen is probably the most important element of a Smartphone. And in this price range often cause for frustration. Here but the newcomer compared to the previously lowest Lumia 530 presents itself (RRP: 99 euros) in improved quality: where the Lumia 530 272 candela/m2 (291-1) was very dark and underground contrast, 435 brightness go (318 CD/m2) and contrast (611:1) in order for the Lumia. The fidelity is 96.7 percent right (Lumia 530: 88 percent). The resolution achieved with 800 x 480 pixels and 233 ppi non iphone 5-level (326 ppi), but is fine for the display size. On the screen quality of the now much more expensive Lumia 630 (402 CD/m2, contrast 563:1) the new Lumia 435 does not match however. Fairness should be noted: the Lumia 630 cost 2014 still 150 euro at the show in early summer, so actually plays in a different League. The size is a matter of taste: for experienced smartphone users are now clearly too small 4 inch display diagonal, upgraders of normal keys cell phones are likely to enjoy the handy size. Striking: Microsoft banished the on screen buttons, as used for example in the Lumia 530 used. This is the full size of the screen can be used.

Lumia 435: looks like the cheapest Lumia

Slimmed down: camera

Microsoft has slimmed down most clearly at the camera: though is different than when the Lumia 630 a front-facing camera installed but the is good with VGA resolution only for Skype calls. And the main camera is significantly weaker than earlier Lumia evolt: instead of five mega pixels are only two megapixels. For snapshots during daylight hours, looking at only on the mobile phone display or small notebook displays, the quality is still tolerable. More annoying: the beginners Lumia only in VGA resolution records videos. This is too pixelated then even for Facebook. A led Flash replacement is missing.

Processor and operating

Like the Lumia 530 runs the smallest processor from Qualcomm’s Snapdragon series in the Lumia 435: the Snapdragon 200. Also, Microsoft has built here only the dual core version, instead of the usual quad-core variant. However, only a few apps in the boarding area at the same time use all four cores. And in return, the memory with 1 gigabyte is twice the size. In practice Windows phone 8.1 update (Lumia denim) works when browsing through menus quickly at app startup and scrolling on very lushly landscaped sites, however, the whole thing is sometimes rough. The benchmark program gfxbench, which is used to determine the 3D performance crashes. But this device is probably anyway not suitable for complex games. Minecraft however runs.

Language Assistant Cortana doing

Besides the Lumia 535, the Lumia 435 is the first smartphone that it delivers in Germany with the language assistant Cortana. Which offers chats practical nightly rest periods to.

Nokia Lumia: Smartphones to suit all budgets

Larger memory

Another change is reflected in the memory: while previous entry-level models like, for example, the Lumia offer 530 or Lumia 630 only 512 megabytes, the new Lumia comes to 435 with a 1 gigabyte (GB) large memory market. Thus, Microsoft’s Smartphone newcomer is future-proof for new, more elaborate games and the upcoming Windows phone 10. Opts for more Microsoft as well as the internal memory and bought the Lumia 435 8 GB. A microsd card slot (up to 128 GB) to the extension of the internal memory is also available.

The better alternative: the Lumia 630

Who really want to have fun with his Smartphone and more intense uses Internet and apps, will be quickly tired the Lumia 435: bad camera, clumsy design and small screen. The better (and sometimes even cheaper) alternative is here the Lumia 630: crisp screen, better camera, faster pace of work and built-in fitness Tracker and still handy. Only when the price to around 70 euros, it will be interesting for those who into want to breathe in gently and without financing in the Smartphone world.


Desire 626: HTC’s New Mid-Range Smartphone

Each year the same game: there are only a few weeks before the start of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the major smartphone manufacturers with their new product introductions holding back. This is not surprising: Finally the most important mobile radio show of the year is a high priority for the company because of their media attraction. The Taiwanese manufacturer HTC which surprisingly presented its new mid-range phone desire 626 in the run-up to the fair shows anything other than silent can now however. COMPUTER screen provides the device before.

5-inch display

HTC desire 626 comes as its predecessor HTC desire 620 with a 5-inch screen with HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels). Also inside the Taiwanese group according to the information, relies on tried and tested: a 64-bit capable and 1.2 gigahertz faster type 410 Snapdragon Qualcomm processor. Nothing changes memory great even with the 1 gigabyte (GB). The internal memory, however, doubled to 16 GB and can be expanded via microsd memory card (up to 128 GB). Continue reading

Secret Tricks: So You Get Everything From Ios 8 Out!

With ios 8 Apple has fine-tuned the design and new features, the users Apple devices up to date missing had. Look more closely and discovered secrets that the daily use of iphone 6, iphone 6 plus or any other compatible device even better. Compiled the editors for you secret tips and features:

Ios 8: secret tips and features

More functionality

New quick access to contacts in the app switcher provides more overview and speeds up the operation. Did you know that the function can adjust and switch off? Show only the most recently dialed numbers or Favorites can on request. The shortcuts you want to disappear completely, there is also a solution. Learn how you do this, the overview. Continue reading

Fraud! The Business With Fake App Reviews

The apps business is in the billions. 2014 developers on Apple’s app store earned more than $ 10 billion. Through the increasing clientele a revenue stream that continues to grow in the future. Apple bills sent out in the first week of January alone by 2015 in the amount of $ 500,000,000 to the clientele. For the makers of apps, it is all the more important to remain visible. With more than 1.4 million apps in the store, of which 725.000 for ipad, also the best app goes down quickly, if it is not to see in the charts. The reviews that may give a glimpse of the quality of programmes are also an important purchase reason of many customers. Unfortunately, we find whether ios apps and Android applications but also black sheep who independently just buy positive reviews by the veracity of course regardless of. Disturbing images of Simon Pang show this scam looks like on the other end of the line. Continue reading

Xagent: Ios Malware In Circulation, Inappropriate For Panic

New malware for idevices without jailbreak: behind the name xagent hides malicious software for ios 7 and ios 8, which in the worst case, photos, contacts, and other private data from your iphone or iphone steals. Unrestricted access to all functions, it is even possible to listen to telephone conversations and completely to affected devices to monitor the software. Xagent comes over the ad-hoc distribution on the hardware and doing to the user thus needed to wreak havoc. Because only who initiates the installation manually and the download starts manually, is in danger. Continue reading

Together With Collective Or Separately Buy Sony Xperia Z3 Compact?

Whether the Z3 Compact with 4.6-inch display is really compact, every man for himself must decide. But after all it can be operated with one hand, as confirmed by the test by Our site. It shone small smartphone flagship Sony’s also with a high work rate and a good camera.

Also positive: The memory can be expanded via memory card, the device is even waterproof, and the battery lasts through quite long it is however not so easily replaceable. Bottom line the Xperia so make a good figure and is currently at # 10 of the leaderboard (State: 6.2.2015).

Xperia Z3 Compact with or without plan?

There are many indications so that is looking for a new smartphone also the Xperia Z3 compact closer to look at. But before they strike here and lie to the phone with or without tariff, you should make up a small account. Continue reading

Study: Apple Customers Are The Most Satisfied Users Of Mobile Devices

Of satisfaction with Smartphone and Tabletherstellern survey commissioned by Verivox is apparent from that that more than three quarters of Apple users among the participants to review your device as excellent or very good. Sony’s competitors with 70 percent are customer satisfaction and Samsung with 63 percent.

Overview: the best smartphones

100 mobile phones Apple, HTC, Samsung, LG & co. Continue reading

Practical Test: What Brings The New Lumia Camera App?

The tests to the photo quality Pureview series Nokia smartphones take regularly good grades. But in practice the Lumia camera caused so far mostly frustration: the camera app was too slow. Just top models such as the Lumia 930 needed for start, throwing and store what. This conclusion is to be now: after the latest firmware update to Lumia denim 1520, 830 and 930 installs itself on the three top Lumias Lumia Lumia’s new camera app. What really makes the app? Our site has made the practice test.

Lumia camera: quick starter with problems

Already when you first start it is striking that something has happened. The camera app is faster than the previous version around a second and less time is also when you save. And immediately notice a change: there’s no video button more. Video recordings automatically start when pressing and holding the camera button longer than about a second. Hook: Who takes the fingers while shooting not fast enough from the button launches a video easy to accidentally. Tip: This can be avoided if one throws the photo via a touchscreen. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S4: Buy Together With Tariff Or Separately?

Five-inch full-HD display, power CPU, massive features: The Samsung Galaxy S4 is no longer the newest, but still one of the most popular smartphones and rightfully so. The screen is super sharp, the pace of work is high and the battery replaceable.

Galaxy S4 with or without plan?

Another reason for the popularity of the Galaxy S4: because it’s no more Samsung’s current Smartphone flagship, you must spend not too much money. Many mobile phone provider know that, which is why they put together attractive bundles of tariff and hardware. But before they strike here blind and lie to the S4 with or without tariff, you should make up a small account. Continue reading

Flight Delayed Or Failed? With Our Site You Get On Your Right

Stranded in Dubai? Sleepless in Seattle? Airports are generally not for its cosy atmosphere. Even more annoying, if you had to spend more time than was actually necessary. With refund.me you use your time at the airport gained wise: check here whether compensation is available to you via the app or browser and legally claim it in a few steps. Because: the flight is not cancelled, it complains is quite openly.

15 percent Commission but only if successful

Volume is refund.me the service always on latest state of the jurisprudence and the suits in 98 percent of cases successfully. The money was refunded without any hassles usually within one hundred days from. The operators of refund.me Commission withheld at least 15 percent. Start and destination airport outside of Germany or refund.me must legally collect the money, the Commission rises to up to 30 percent. You only accrues when the complaint was also successful. There are free in the play store and the app store the app. Continue reading

Practical Test: 5-Inch Smartphone BQ Aquaris X 5 with Cyanogenmod

Test conclusion: what you should know

The BQ Aquaris X 5 sets on the Android version cyanogenmod, which allows more deeply detailed settings. The metal frame and the non-slip back are an eye-catcher. During daylight hours, it shoots good photos, weakens it at pace. Best price on the Internet: 164.90 euro * per order this product at Amazon chic aluminium free OS cyanogenmod two big updates guarantees against low display resolution satisfying some slow work speed test note of Editor 2.64 user rating now evaluate have also the nose fully that you not just can delete forced apps on your Smartphone, (such as Samsung’s S-Planner calendar)? And tired of apps that without asking your contacts to access or back where you are right now? As already the developers of now the by successor replaced Oneplus one opts for the Spanish brand BQ the cyanogenmod Android offshoot. Your Smartphone can be largely tame. The BQ Aquaris X 5 is already the second smartphone from the smithy, which breeds from their smartphones in Spain which then hatch in China from the egg to become the high fliers also in Germany. The BQ Aquaris M4. 5 achieved already decent results in the test, but had a moderate camera on board. Continue reading

Medion P9514 S8311: Sharp 3G-Tablet in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

In the test, the P9514 made no major weaknesses. The full HD display provides a decent image quality and the eight core processor ensures a high pace of work. Also the P9514 thanks to 3 G, infrared transmitter and FM radio very versatile for 199 euros is therefore a good offer the S8311. Best price on the Internet: 149.00 euro * per order this product at Amazon sharp display high pace of work memory upgradeable UMTS, infrared or FM contra unnatural color reproduction comparatively high weight test note of 2.26 editorial good users rating (out of 2 reviews) is now available Medion 4.4 offers a handy tablet in the 8-inch format with Android. And what for one thing: the P9514 S8311 has a full HD screen, 3 G for mobile surfing, an FM radio and an infrared transmitter for use as a remote control. The same model was already late 2014 when Aldi Süd. The price is now €20 higher, but still relatively cheap: Medion gets only 199 euro for the P9514 S8311. What’s the catch? Continue reading