Samsung Boasts Features Software with Its New Galaxy Note 4

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is on merit device star from Samsung, so it is logical that the Koreans want to boast with a device that, within its line of continuity, is a very good update for one of the best Android devices from 2013.

Note 4 has already reached South Korea, its official in Spain on October 17 launch, expected at a price still we do not know.

While we await by the assay background and the launch of the terminal, Samsung has wanted that Let’s get started with several videos which shows the main features the terminal software. Continue reading

Oppo N3 Already Invites to His Presentation on October 29, and Is Also Taught in Images

Among the best-known Chinese manufacturers, Oppo is perhaps one of which less has had impact in the international markets, and that while their devices become Yes officially here thanks to the Oppo for Europe official website.

Already some time ago that the Chinese have in the market to its current ship logo, Find 7, but its highest range will be renewed in the face at the end of the year, and it is that Oppo is already preparing the presentation of the new Oppo N3, which will be held on October 29.

We had already seen the new generation of the Oppo N1 in filtered images, but today, in addition to the announcement of the event, from Oppo have been leaked several images of the device, keep your feature rotating camera. Continue reading

Sony Xperia Z3 Blocks Some Proprietary Features of Sony to Open The Bootloader

Update: Sony Mobile tells us officially that unlocking the bootloader of your most important devices effectively disables some advanced features of its proprietary software to remove DRM keys. All the official information about unlocking the bootloader on the Xperia devices is available on their website for developers.This is the official release of Sony Mobile concerning: Certain pre-loaded content on your device may also be inaccessible due to the removal of DRM security keys. For high end devices running recent software versions, for instance Xperia Z3, the removal of DRM security keys may affect advanced camera functionality. For example, noise reduction algorithms might be removed, and performance when taking photos in low-light conditions might be affected. The secure user data partition may also become inaccessible, and you will not be able to get any more official upgrades if you unlock the boot loader software. Continue reading

Motorola Shamu – Aka Nexus 6 – Leave Your Mark in CPU-Z

Little by little, Motorola and Google are approaching the arrival of the future Nexus 6, a terminal that is it being developed under the name of Motorola Shamu – or at least all take it for granted – and that has been already certified to the American FCC.

East 2014 is the year in which most leaks and uncertainty there is around the new Nexus devices, because from official sources has been even claimed that Motorola will be responsible for the manufacture of the Nexus 6, if it is that finally it is named.

Thanks to some leaked screenshots of a test with CPU-Z Motorola Shamu, Today we can confirm that Google and Motorola mounted hardware highest range available today in its new Nexus, which we will spare no resource. Continue reading

Acer Liquid Jade, Analysis

The Acer Liquid Jade It is, according to Acer, more compact 5-inch terminal on the market. We have had the opportunity to try for a few days the latest mobile Acer (presented at Computex last) and check if Acer go right.

Certainly stands out by its elegant design with curved line and his good finish both of the front or rear. All this talking about a terminal that does not exceed the 230 euros price.

Acer Liquid Jade is the flagship of the line smartphone of the Taiwanese company which perseveres in making terminals more attractive. During this half a year we have been knowing different models of its series Iconia more focused on tablet and phablet, but Liquid aims to bring consumers smart devices with a size margins of 5 inch, with exceptions such as the X 1. Continue reading

HTC Desire Eye, The Information

The Desire line today long dresses with a new model that aims for photographic excellence. It is of HTC Desire Eye, a new smartphone with two cameras that are running high, and clear.

In a size that fits the already habitual fork of high-end, by over 5 inches diagonal and with more of one additive in the photographic section which makes it deserve its name. Among them, its impressive 13 megapixel front camera. Continue reading

HANNspree Phone SN50MC1, The Information

It is not a brand well known in our country, but the Taiwanese firm HANNspree continues its recess in our markets by launching basic devices seeking a hardware compensated at very attractive prices.

HANNspree so far had focused on its HANNspad tablets, but today we can announce what will be its first Android smartphone’s basic range, the HANNspree Phone SN50MC1, of which already have all the details. Continue reading

ASUS Will Launch The Padfone S in Malaysia at a Price of Scandal

More details of upcoming releases from ASUS, and it is that the Taiwanese firm is prolific in the last days, in which we have known the marketing plans of the ASUS Mini Padfone, the Zenwatch and the Fonepad 8.

The following list is the flagship of the catalogue of ASUS, Padfone S, that according to rumors it is preparing for arrival at the market, which will begin in a couple of weeks in Malaysia. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5, Analysis

The Samsung Galaxy mini S5 is Samsung great bet for the mid-range in this 2014, although we continue without understanding this type of “mini” versions that lose the sense of high-end, despite maintaining that too if the noble name of a Galaxy S.

With the Galaxy mini S5, we bring you the in-depth analysis to Xataka Android one of the smartphones called to command this year the line of devices that emphasizes the quality/price ratio, and surely that does not lack incentive to get it. Continue reading

OnePlus One Receives a New Update That Will Allow to Take Photos in RAW Format

OnePlus boys continue to seek excellence in the firmware that Cyanogen develops for its One, one of the most attractive handsets this year which has however limited its success due to its production and distribution problems.

A few weeks ago expected the solution to its problems with the multi-touch sensor, but updates on OnePlus go more slowly of what would be expected, so it was not until today when they have announced the arrival of the 38R version of Cyanogenmod 11S.

The new update will be released immediately, so you will be reaching your One imminently loaded with a good list of what’s new. Continue reading

ASUS Mini Padfone Now Reveals Almost All Their Details

He made a couple of years ASUS surprising the world championing the launch of hybrid devices, smartphones becoming tablets, tablets developing in laptops, and a whole series of devices headed in the range by the ASUS Padfone.

Today we know almost all the details of what will be the model of entrance to the above-named PadFone, the ASUS Mini Padfone, It’s coming soon to the market keeping philosophy of the smartphone as heart of a Tablet.

Mini Padfone will have again a dock Tablet where we can introduce our smartphone to give life, with a 7 inch screen and resolution 1280 x 800 pixels. In addition, ASUS will provide own dock of a front camera of 2 megapixel camera for video calls, as well as a battery that promises autonomy for a day of use. Continue reading

Kazam Thunder 2 5.0, The Information

Kazam does not have much travel in Spain. The brand, with little more than one year of life, already has a good portfolio of devices in the form of smart phones with Android. With two lines of devices, Kazam Thunder and Trooper, covered the stretch of economic phones in various sizes.

Now comes the Kazam Thunder 2 5.0, a new model between the range of innings, with five-inch screen and a few interesting specifications. Continue reading