Vertu Aster, Android 4.4 and Much Luxury to The Most Exclusive Pockets

It is not the first time that Android and most luxurious brands go hand in hand, not in vain we’ve seen incursions of Lumigon, Lamborghini or even Tag Heuer, brands that have already made their first steps in the most exclusive Android catalogues.

Perhaps best-known luxury Smartphone manufacturer Vertu, which to date had not put much meat on the spit of the smartphone market, but encouraged to upgrade with its new Vertu Aster that now we present.

The former subsidiary of Nokia maintains its commitment to luxury taken to its most extreme point, now launching a device that will be placed below your Signature range but that will seek to expand their potential customers, staying at prohibitive prices for very unique users. Continue reading

7 Matt Ascend Spain Version Will Not Reach Gold: Dual SIM or 3/32 GB of Nothing

Analyzing the Huawei Ascend Mate 7, we realized that a features that seemed most interesting presentation, was not. It is of the option to use the second tray of cards as a tray for microSD or nanoSIM, Depending on our needs and our taste.

Well, we could choose between the mass storage which can reach up to 128GB of expansion, or saving for a device that can result for many take that second SIM in the phone. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and The Controversial Space between The Screen and The Frame

While we here hope that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is put on sale in our country, the phablet already leads because a few days on sale in South Korea, and from that country comes first complaints on the quality and manufacture of the device.

Some buyers of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 they have been seen as in the space between the screen and the frame of the card you can get, with what many people think that it’s a failure of the first units of the terminal, but it is not completely clear that it is a failure. Continue reading

Nexus 6, a Rendering and Many Doubts Clear about Their Specifications

After many months with the rumor of the new Nexus 6 it seems and we see the light at the end of the tunnel. The final name will be Nexus 6 discarding others as it could be Nexus X, your screen will be 5.9 inches and we have the first render where can we appreciate its forms among other details, such as the new interface of Android and the clear nod to this version which can be found in the time of the device. Continue reading

The Successor of The OnePlus One Will Come between The Second and Third Quarter of 2015

We are still dancing the insufficient distribution of the OnePlus One, and there is desire of his successor, and preliminary information of the same. According to they have commented Carl and David of the brand in a round of questions on Reddit, We can expect a successor to the second or third quarter of next year.

Of course, there are no details of this device, except that it probably comes with Android, under foreseeable ‘standardization’ of this Android version between the high ranges that come out at this time. Continue reading

5000 ThL, Analysis of The Smartphone That Will Hold You More Than Two Days

Screens large and with high resolution, multicore processors to frequencies that reach 2 GHz, GPUs that offer graphics comparable to the consoles of the previous generation and a host of wireless connectivity technology make it one of the great weaknesses of these devices the autonomy of our beloved Smartphones.

Batteries are elements that have less advanced, technologically speaking in the past years and therefore the only thing we have seen is that to have more autonomy, the battery has to grow in capacity and physical size.

This is where comes ThL 5000 a 5-inch high mid-range with SoC smartphone octa – core MediaTek and a 5000 mAh battery, Yes Yes, you read well, 5,000 mAh and all within a fairly tight dimensions. Continue reading

HTC, of Ida and Journey Back to The Nexus

Little by little the rumors are stronger, and it is that HTC and Google is they would ally to get a new Nexus. Taiwanese were the first to come to this agreement with the T-Mobile G1, HTC Magic and it ended with the Nexus One, but since they have not agreed to be the manufacturers of other Nexus, and suddenly emerge with a nine-inch tablet rumors.

It is a deal that is good to any manufacturer, and is not that HTC has had the best results and this fresh air balloon sit them undoubtedly great. Another remarkable thing is bet on nine inches for the tablets, a size that has not been used too much. Continue reading

New Motorola Moto G (2014), Analysis

Motorola Moto G was one of the surprises in the 2013 smartphones sector. Yes, a phone for less than 200 euros surprised us, something seemingly difficult to assimilate since it is normal that the applause and compliments go always to top the range of each manufacturer. However, his winning horse was a terminal with a more modest profile. The idea worked well.

A year later we get a revision of the original model. A priori conservative bet but coming to cover the main deficiencies that had. A year has  passed and the surprise effect is no longer so relevant for what the question in our analysis goes by other jurisdictions is still the new Motorola Moto G one of the main references in the middle range while maintaining the same hardware and bringing few new features? We are going with our analysis to answer this question and many others. Continue reading

Xperia Z3 Nearly 10 Hours of Active Screen, The Largest Number to Date

We often complain that the advance of technology in mobile telephony is setting aside a fundamental element, battery. Manufacturers focus on bringing more and more functions, in fine and more powerful phones, and we never got to make the full day in many cases.

Sony, for its part, already had confirmed that 2K is not going with them, for penalize it autonomy. GSMArena guys have passed their test to the Xperia Z3, approaching the 10 hours of on screen, surpassing any other smartphone. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy 2 Mega, All The Information

Approximately a month ago knew the first rumors detailing us the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Mega 2, the phablet Samsung’s 6 inch to be settled at a lower price than the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 range.

It is right in the middle of his two predecessors that were 5.8 and 6.3 inches. It has been officially presented to the Asian market but taking as reference the Samsung Galaxy Mega it is quite likely that he goes on sale internationally. Continue reading

Android One, Would Who Covers The Problems of Software?

The announcement of Android this week One has many interpretations. The most common are on handsets at prices breakers, have the latest version of software (that Yes, for two years as a maximum minimum according to the program of Google), the use of smartphones in emerging countries… but also should ask questions about the product warranty.

Many can think in the background There is little difference between the Android One program and the Nexus program, but there is one very important. In program Nexus Google sold you hardware (directly or through a Distributor). Any problem they responded. But now we have a different situation. Continue reading

BLU Alive IV, Analysis

BLU is a company with headquarters in Miami, Florida, dedicated since 2009 in the manufacture of mobile phones mostly Android. In the beginning they focused more in the middle ranges and input but are recently moving in the range of more sophisticated terminals.

An example is the terminal which we will then analyze the BLU alive IV. The first thing that draws our attention in the hand is its careful design, with a thickness of 5.5 mm so it stands as one of the slimmer handsets of the world. But this terminal aimed at the medium-high range has much more to offer us as we will see in the following sections. Continue reading

Samsung Takes The Rest with The Galaxy Note 4, The Best Screen on a Smartphone, Again

Samsung continues away their Amoled displays of what they were a couple of years ago. Is no longer displays with the only benefit of Blacks more blacks and very good viewing angles, but that they are already running to become the new standard of quality in mobile phones.

We have already seen how to the S5 Galaxy, from DisplayMate claimed that he was riding the best screen on a smartphone (not only Oled). Samsung continues to improve, and is now the Galaxy Note 4 who steals the title, according to the same Verifier. Continue reading