HooToo Hub Usb-C

Much More Than A Usb Hub

Have you ever wondered how important these days, having a small unit on hand able to support different operations? Think of the power bank, which by simple external batteries for Smartphones have evolved into small media centres, access point and hub for sharing files among multiple devices simultaneously.

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How to Use HooToo USB Hubs

The back of the body is slightly rubberized, an intelligent thought to ensure the device can adhere to any surface without scratching–or scratched. Despite the excellent achievement, from my point of view the HUB Shuttle suffers from two major drawbacks. First of all, the packaging with no bag for storing the HUB securely; considering the target audience can benefit from the device, the absence of a travel pouch is almost inexplicable. Continue reading

Twidroyd, an Android to Manage Your Tweets

There are customers of Twitter on Android for all tastes. Xataka Android have already spoken of a few. Namely: the official client, Web, Tweetdeck and Seesmic… The truth is that both in quantity and quality we can complain.

Today talk of Twidroyd a customer who last week became a makeshift protagonist to be blocked by Twitter. However the issue transcended not too and a few days later the application already worked perfectly. Let’s see What we offers. Continue reading

The Hub for MacBook

This morning I was answering some comments arrived at night on my review of the MacBook, and I looked up the banner of a USB HUB-c. I clicked to learn more and I found that it was a KickStarter project started on 5 May. The objective was to 35 thousand dollars, but they have already reached 325 thousand and will come much higher given that the campaign will end next June 15. The Hub + by Nanda is actually a very promising project, which integrates in a single device with many doors and features. Not least was created with great care in design and ordering you can choose the color of the aluminum to match perfectly with our MacBook.

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It Extends Your Desktop to Your Device with IDisplay

Recently just appear in the Android Market this strange app that has been some time in the Apple App Store. IDisplay is and its function is none other than extending the desktop our computer to our device screen.

The first thing that comes to mind is that it will be useless, obviously, due to the size of their screens on our smartphones. However, the tablets it is another singing, with a good dock can be quite usable as alternative screen for when we are traveling, or also use in our own home to, as suggested by the author, place our Messaging applications or social networks. In addition to extending the desktop, we can duplicate it to see in both displays exactly the same. Continue reading