The Best Smartphones up to 200 Euro

Today, with a manageable budget, you get a Smartphone with contemporary technology and display with HD resolution or high-speed Internet via LTE. We present the ten best Smartphones that cost less than 200 euro.

  1. The best smartphones up to 200 euro
  2. Smartphones up to 200 euro: the winner

Who wants to spend no more than 200 euro for its next Smartphone, currently has a wide range of devices to choose from: alone among the top ten in this price class display sizes can be found from 4.7 to 5.5 inches, the phones weigh from 135 to 153 grams. Continue reading

The Smartphones with the Best Performance for the Price

Much Smartphone for the money? Then, these models are the right choice. We present you the best price performance connect Smartphone leaderboard.

To buy a good Smartphone was never as easy as it is today, because with few exceptions, all producers control the construction of mobile phones now inside out. The actual art, however, is to offer good and high-quality smartphone at a particularly attractive price – because the mobile world is Samsung and co., which just pull the equivalent of the next rent out of pocket the user not just from the partly sinfully expensive top models from Apple. Continue reading

Tablets up to 250 Euros: the Ten Best in the Overview

Are if you a Tablet up to 250 euro. With this budget, you get good Android or Windows Tablet with either 8 or 10 inch large display. We present the ten best tablets in this price class.

250 euro for the new tablet in my Pocket is a wide range of models available. With this budget, you get no upper class tablet, but a reasonable device that can be versatile to use. You have the choice between compact tablets with 8-inch display or large 10-inch tablets. The devices in our top 10 come from seven different manufacturers, including Samsung, Amazon, or Lenovo. Android Tablet set the tone. Continue reading

The Best Newcomer in the Smartphone Market

The Smartphone market dominated by Apple, Samsung, and pursuers like Huawei. There are still many other exciting manufacturers. Introducing newcomers, are worth a look.

In the premium segment which is duo polarizing Apple / Samsung for years in the saddle, most smartphones beyond 500 euro, which will be sold in Germany, are from one of these companies. Because nothing should change in any time soon. Though features much more dynamism and excitement in the mid-range and entry-level range. Here we see a race for years down, when it comes to the price. The Smartphones are getting better and cheaper at the same time, what hard is true above all established brands such as Sony and HTC. Continue reading

The Mobile Phone Networks in Austria Compared

All three Austrian providers have improved compared with the previous year–and this already high level. Who makes the race in Austria?

Since the connect network test takes into account also the Alpine countries, the Austrian network operators deliver an annual head-to-head at the highest level. Compared with the candidates from the other countries in the DACH region, the Austrian provider are stable in the top flight. No network operator from the Alpine Republic has cut off ever worse than “Good”. Continue reading

The Best Cell Phone Network to Make Calls in Germany

Quality and reliability of voice connections included in the overall result with 40 percent. Which operator offers the best mobile phone network here?

Voice plays only a minor role in the communication behaviour of some users. But the classic telephony is not outdated yet. Otherwise the three German network operators had not so much effort put into introducing VoLTE – calls with data packages on LTE-based.

In the test drives (drive tests) carried out by P3 and the measurements taken on foot (walking tests) quality and performance of the telephony played an important role still: in the two cars which drove through 17 large and many smaller German towns, six Samsung smartphones were installed for this purpose. You constantly pitched voice connections to their counterparts in the other vehicle. To simulate everyday smartphone usage, mobile phones at the same time transferred data during telephony testing in the background. Continue reading

The Mobile Networks of Switzerland in Comparison

So far, Swisscom was subscribed in the Switzerland despite very strong competitors in the first place. But there is a change at the top at the Confederates.

The Swiss providers provide in the connect network test always surprises. Traditionally the bar in the land of the Confederates is anyway already extremely high – it was that all three network operators achieved the grade “very good” in the past few years not uncommon. Now we have adapted the requirements again upward – and yet the year’s winner manages to climb in the landscaped 1000 points grid just above the mark of 950 points and thus for the first time in the history of the network tests in Germany, Austria and Switzerland the word mark “outstanding” to win. Continue reading

Who Has the Best Cell Phone Network?

23 year we have already conducted communications our mobile wireless network test with our network test partner P3. With highest expenditure was determined according to objective and customer-oriented test procedure which network operators in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland are the best.

The results of our annual mobile wireless network test the connect in proven cooperation performs communications with the Aachen power test specialists P3, are expected by the network operators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with high voltage. And probably there’s never been so sharp disputes and discussions in advance with individual candidates on issues like the Smartphone models used for the measurements, on the composition of the test tracks or the weight of voice and data results. Where ultimately all on a concern traced the arguments of the party were: individual candidates tried to gain benefits, where they meant to be particularly strongly and thus their competitors an advantage there. Continue reading

Four Standing Speakers up to 2,000 Euro Compared

2,000 euro for the stand speakers is cheap – create well-known brands with current technology? And who has the best recipe in the vote? We test four models of B & W, Dynaudio, EPOS and Canton.

  1. Four standing speakers up to 2,000 euro compared
  2. B & W 683 S2
  3. Dynaudio emit M30
  4. Canton Chrono 519
  5. EPIC K3

The general complaint of many hi-fi enthusiasts, that high quality equipment are becoming increasingly expensive, is all too understandable. But fortunately, there are many who offer also an affordable line for less well-heeled fans even among the confessing high end manufacturers. Manufacturers such as Canton (GLE) and B & W (DM300) they have reached even in the course of the history of HiFi to cult fame. Continue reading

The Best Cell Phone Network for Data and Internet in Germany

With 60 percent of data results included in rating of the cellular network test 2017. Which provider delivers the best performance?

  1. The best cell phone network for data and Internet in Germany
  2. Cellular network test 2017: Data transmission in car and train

The King discipline in the connect-network test is the data communication. Not only have the results here obtained 60 percent share in the overall standings. The test course to covers of the candidates includes a large number of practical applications: as the Smartphones regularly retrieve the most popular according to the recognized Alexa ranking live Web pages, also the “Kepler site” called, static “ETSI reference page”. We check the speed and reliability of data transfers with downloads of 3 MB and uploads by 1-megabyte test files, as well as with measurements, what amount of data transfers moves in ten seconds over the net. Continue reading

Music Streaming in Comparison

It sounds too tempting: 40 million music tracks, and all are just a few clicks away. But music streaming are suitable for HiFi discerning ears? stereoplay has exactly belongs and the well-known providers compared.

  1. Music streaming in comparison
  2. Music streaming: Qobuz and tidal
  3. Music streaming: Spotify and Deezer

“Are you still buying or stream you already?” This is a matter of principle, with which every music lover should currently may even employ. Since music is not more necessarily dependent on a phonogram, their marketing is changing. Established channels, which are above all the CD, us certainly still get some time, but with new possibilities, new business models emerge. First download portals providing fresh wind in the music business, now back streaming services in the focus of attention. But what, exactly, is streaming? Continue reading

Top 5: the Best Music Smartphones

A life without music is inconceivable for many. So it is good, that are always with Smartphones and now true musical genius. Learn which models offer the most here.

The music playback today represents one of the most frequently used features of a Smartphone without a doubt. No real surprise in this age of audiobooks and the numerous streams – services, such as Spotify, Deezer, or even Apple music. Music is always available. So it is only logical that many manufacturers pay special attention to the music of their models. Continue reading