Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Comes a Android This December, Confirms Rockstar

GTA San Andreas comes to Android coming month, the guys at Rockstar Games have today confirmed. In December we will have one of the most successful titles that have taken place on desktop consoles of now and just a couple of generations.

After GTA III and Vice City we will see in our Android the next game in the Grand Theft Auto saga. And it will not be a simple port, but that developers have less a version with enhanced graphics, so that we can walk in Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas with dynamic shadows, rich colors, as well as characters and more complex cars.

Rockstar has not given a specific date, but it is a matter of weeks that we can enjoy this mythical game, with adapted controls. Bad thing? San Andreas only will be available in “selected devices”, both Android (including Kindle Fire), such as iOS and Windows Phone.

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