4 Tips for Installing CCTV

A CCTV system is very important to increase the security of the property, monitoring the surroundings and access to the place. But if the installation is not done with care and professionalism, it leaves the appearance of the environment ugly and with a bad appearance. 

With small investments, the finishing of your installation will be perfect, which not only improves the look, but also protects the cables and appliances, increasing the service life and drastically reducing maintenance costs. Here are four tips for installing CCTV (For other CCTV acronyms, check AbbreviationFinder).

– After checking where the cameras and the recorder will be, use pipes to pass the cables through the property. Remember that it can not be near electrical cables, because it causes noise in the image.

– Use a cable organizer, such as the Max Eletron Max Plug Hybrid , for the camera connector. In addition to improving the finish, it protects the connector from weathering and oxidation.

4 Tips for Installing CCTV

– The PVT organizer reduces the space required to connect the cables to the camera. Instead of connecting each camera in isolation (with its own balun), you will organize each monitoring point

with convenience and security.

– Finally, leave the recorder in a specially designed CCTV rack designed to protect the equipment.