Acer Predator 6 phablet gaming

During yesterday’s Press Conference September 2 have been a lot of news that Acer has presented, however some of the products were not shown in the shows that followed. Hanging to the lobby of the taiwanese manufacturer however, we managed to have a first contact with two exclusive devices that have inspired us with curiosity in past hours, among them the Predator 6.

The watchword of this IFA seems to be ‘ gaming ‘, on 6-inch display, this device wake sessa and hardware from top of the class: deca-core processor, 4 GB X 20 MediaTek Helio RAM, 21 Megapixel rear camera, haptic feedback and sound to the top with 4 front speaker well. Exactly like the big brother Predator 8.

Aggressive lines, aluminum body and design in line with Predator 8, this phablet (how else to call it) is still a project in the works, possibly due to the hardware platform choice that will be available soon, but not immediately. That is indeed a mockup, we couldn’t try it on and we cannot say anything about performance and the Android operating system, which will remain with the necessary customizations.

There will be time to revisit the Predator 6, we’ll keep an eye out for future development. Gaming with a capital j made landfall on Smartphones.