Advance Acoustic MAP-800

Advance acoustic has acquired a reputation in just a few years of market presence, to provide maximum use of materials for the money. The truly oversized MAP-800 is a credit to this reputation.

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In the face of rapidly rising commodity prices sometime even with cheapest China manufacturing, will be no longer possible to build wheelbarrow wheel-sized toroidal transformers in a machine of this price class. Currently, but just as a monster alternator, which is supported by a lavish Elko battery with rich 30000 micro Farad per channel can be found in the MAP-800. This is a huge reservoir of energy on a dielectric strength of 80 volts, and if you look at the measurements, one also understands what it is: with an AK 75 and about 500 Watts of power at two ohms, the MAP-800 is one of the greatest amps ever.

Pointer happy

The power pointers in McIntosh look are also less than a meter because as encouragement to give gas always sound with the advance: its crisp extroverted sound adjustment seemed done more than the delicate nuances whipping rhythms and large orchestras. The Lacrimosa from Sigurd Islandsmoen Requiem (SACD and FLAC download at, which played the Linn sneaky to DS as the first part of the test playlist, seemed slowed down to play despite his rather bright character a little at the pace the advance. The advance sound with less complex music worked much better: “My Home Is Nowhere Without You” by Herman Dune (“next year in Zion”) galloped on the KEF reference 207/2 with dynamic and wonderfully large-scale in the listening room.

The MAP-800 is suitable especially for not too high-efficiency speakers. Here, the non-optimal noise and buzzing distance of the amplifier relative on the one hand, on the other hand it seemed better to represent fine nuances of dynamics in the higher-end range. Great fun about the combination with the made balanced epic M 22i (AUDIO 12/08). The advance is convenient also for mixed home cinema and hifi systems: at your fingertips is a powerful amplifier for the surround sound receiver Pre-Out connected from the integrated amplifier.

Advance acoustic MAP-800

Manufacturer Advance acoustic
Price €2000.00
Rating 95.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions (W x H x D) 44,0 x 24, 0 x
43.0 cm
Weight 30.0 kg
Genus (REC / GM) Integrated amplifier
Remote control available
System remote control / Adaptive /
Front panel Black / Silver / champagne / /
Front panel other FB. No
Tone controls / switched off /
Monitor switch
Recording selector switch audio
Network jacks switched / unswitched 0 / 0
Memory / storage automatic 0 /.
Sendersp. with aut. Sorting No
Input phono MM / MC /
High level RCA inputs / XLR 4 / 2
Digital inputs RCA / XLR 0 / 0
Boxes outputs A + B / switchable /
Headphone Jack
Pre-Out / main 1 /.
Recorder connections (a / from) 1
Processor input / output /
Unity gain input
Pre-Out subwoofer 0
Measured values
True sine wave power stereo 4 ohm / 8 ohm 340,0 W / 209,0 W
Music performance stereo 4 ohm / 8 ohm 387,0 W / 228.0 W
Noise line 86.0 dB(A)
Infinite power, this very dynamic sound on each speaker
Dynamic and naturalness somewhat limited, it may be loud
Sound MM 80
Sound MC 70
Sound RCA 95
Sound XLR 90
Facilities Very good
Operation well
Processing well
Sound judgment High class 95
Price / performance Very good
tested in issue: 2 / 09