Android Apps and Play Great Coming to Chrome Device

Google invites developers to bring their Android apps in Chrome OS universe.

Google’s latest operating system, Chrome OS, is currently reserved for affordable laptops. The operating system is not as well established as Windows and OS X, but that may change soon, for it will soon have some new selling points: over a million new apps from the Android world.

It has been rumored many times before, that Google will bring the Android store app directory to chrome’s rescue, but until now, there has been nothing from official sources. 

During the ongoing Google i/o developer messe, there is finally new. At one of the sessions discussing Google now openly about bringing the Androids Play store for Chrome OS:
“We announce today that we are bringing the world’s best mobile Android apps along with the world’s best browser, Chrome,” reads it in the invitation to the session, where developers are invited to take part in development and learn how apps are adapted in the best possible way for both platforms.

Chrome and Android reminder ever closer together

Another rumor Association, namely the Association of Chrome OS and Android, is therefore closer to becoming a reality.

Google’s integration of Android for mobile web apps in the form of the recently announced ‘ Instant ‘ also shows that Google apps reminder their core services Chrome and Android ever-closer together.