Android Patterns: Patterns of Design to Develop Applications for Android

To develop an application it is important to know the Android SDK as the basic rules of user interface design. Based on many of the applications that are available for Android has been created Android Patterns. Useful for designers of interaction that are entering the Android world and need to solve questions about design and behavior patterns typical that occur in Android applications.

On many occasions we have the problem of adapting an application already developed for iPhone to Android. We have to be careful when it comes to the design of those screens due to the nature of each platform. Android, for example, to have physical controls uses more invisible at first sight context menus, while on iPhone buttons on each screen are always visible.

Even if you’re not a developer or designer You may want to take a look at the different screens displayed on Android Patterns, as that explained in a descriptive manner how to use the typical menu, how to navigate the screens or the most typical gestures that we can do with our fingers in the majority of Android applications.

Each pattern has an explanatory drawing where you can see a prototype of the application with its elements and the actions that can be done about it. Information is added when that kind of pattern of interaction and the advantages and disadvantages that should be used. Various real-life examples of known applications are included for ending explanation.

Certainly an impressive website that will help us to Learn even more about how make good apps that it simplified the navigation users using design patterns to which they are already accustomed.