Anker 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub

Anker Hub is a device that expands the USB ports of any MacBook and PC allowing you to connect multiple devices simultaneously for synchronization or file exchange. Amazon on offer at 27, 99€, but readers of Macitynet have a 20% discount.

Every day appear increasingly accessories or devices that may be connected to a USB port to Exchange data with a computer; to optimize space and reduce overall dimensions and weight, Apple has integrated only two USB ports on the Estaterealest in recent years, but very often are not enough.

Those who need to connect more than two devices to your computer often solves it by purchasing a Hub to expand the number of USB ports, but these are often large and bulky, becoming comfortable maybe at fixed locations in the home, but less useful.

Anker has devised a solution that allows us to add up to 4 USB inputs by connecting a small powered device to one of the two USB ports on MacBook, expanding the possibilities. As you can see from the pictures, the accessory is in sync with the MacBook as it traces Similarly the lines and materials: anodized aluminum, the Hub in question connects to the USB port on your MacBook through a supplied cable and can be placed wherever it suits us.

Leaning slightly to make it even more comfortable to use, the sides has two metal circles reminiscent of those used by Apple with the official Bluetooth keyboard for Mac. Through the led will check for proper connection, while the base in soft velvet will allow us to place it on any surface and prevents annoying scratches caused by rubbing.

The device measures 8.3 x 4.5 x 8 cm and weighs only 53.8 grams, allowing you to carry it comfortably to be usable even on the move; It also integrates SuperSpeed technology ensuring transfer rate up to 5 Gbps to reduce the thermal baths of sync with devices.

The manufacturer States that the device is not meant to function as a battery charger with iPad or other devices with charging requirements “non standard” and indeed by connecting an iPad charging times seem to be very long, but with the iPhone didn’t encounter any major problems. Not recommended to use with devices with high power consumption, such as high-capacity hard drives that require more than 1 A to be fed as it would not work.

The device is compatible with Mac OS X 9.1 and higher, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Linux. If you’ve installed Mac OS X Lion, requires at least version 10.8.2 in order to work properly. Included in the package, as well as the device, the user manual (English) and cable for USB connection, we also find a velcro adhesive base to stick it easily maybe to a backpack or to the custody of the MacBook (or wherever you like).

Conclusions: If you are looking for a small and portable Hub to connect multiple devices such as the iPhone (and smartphone), iPad (tablet), hard drive with USB flash drives and other devices power aside, for exchanging files, then the solution of Anker could do for you.

-Small, lightweight, portable
– Design in line with Apple devices
– No power supply required

-Not compatible with powered HD requiring more than 1 to
– Not charging ipads and high power devices

Retail price: the Hub of Anker is currently on offer at Amazon at a price of 27.99 € instead of € 35.99. But you can get an extra discount of 20%, thanks to a special code Macitynet. Just enter “Ankerhub” without the quotes and the product you pay for only 22.39 euros, shipping included.