Anker MacBook USB C

Macitynet tests Anker A7516011, an extremely thin HUB that adds 4 USB to your computer: here’s how it goes.

MacBook USB ports, as well as those of most laptops are always too few. Increase the number for exchanging files across multiple drives and USB devices you can connect a HUB in one of the entrances.

The accessory manufacturers know by now very well how this accessory is important for customers considering that to date there are now several dozens for sale. To make them different are usually the size and weight, parallelalmente the number of USB ports added, and any additional functionality. The newest member of the Editorial Board is among the smallest and lightest we’ve ever seen to date, which has earned the label “invisible” 11 x 3 x 1 cm saw her and just 34 grams in weight.

It’s called Anker A7516011, a decidedly sketchy for a HUB that deserved perhaps a more appropriate name and maybe reveals its extreme portability. Is not recharging devices: even by connecting the iPhone only 81% of 6 Plus the battery to one of the available USB 4 and leaving the other, our digital ammeter 0.45 marks to, not enough to charge it adequately but enough to ensure the recognition and possible synchronization and Exchange files with iTunes. The same test we performed for the iPad 2 to 42% also scruple to charge, then more demanding in terms of energy, but the ammeter has given us the same 0.45 to already seen before, confirming the fact that even this HUB, as well as all others of its kind, is not meant to ensure multiple refills.

User manual says, recalling that do not exceed the 900 mAh in total of connected devices. For example, a mouse consumes approximately 100 mAh 500 mAh, a keyboard, a digital camera usually requires 300 mAh and a hard drive of those 900 mAh powered needs to work properly. In practice you can use it to connect a mouse, keyboard and some USB, from unwire to download some files from a room, or to read data from a hard drive through a backup or just moving them out of other USB sticks.

Nothing strange considering that the only HUB that can feed more efficient devices (even someone also manages to recharge at least one iPhone) are those with external power supply, a solution definitely interesting for domestic use and for this reason cannot be compared to the USB HUB of Societypically. This in fact is really thin, to make the idea is slightly thinner than our MacBook Retina 15 ”. It is, in short, among the best solutions to add 3 additional USB (I have 4) and save space in your computer bag. It is so small that you can almost forget it’s there, without sacrificing the quality of the final: the body is made of plastic good quality, pleasant to the touch and incredibly light. The cable is sturdy, from all the impression of last long even after repeated twists.

If you are really interested, when you discover the selling price you for buying it. The ultra slim design practically do not pay because, at Amazon, has the same price as many other similar solutions, often by a few euros less: costs just 13.99 euros.