Anker USB 3.0 4-Port Ultra-Mini Hub

Macitynet offers you a discount code, valid not for long, to buy specially priced mini Hub with 4 USB, capable of quickly recharge even an iPhone or Android phone thanks to the power supply included in this package. Only costs $16.99 euros.

If you want a mini Hub literally Pocket-ideal for those who want to bring a system to increase access to a Mac or a PC laptop and able to recharge a smartphone, you have now for a few days, the opportunity to buy it super mini “hubs of Anker to 16.99 Euros

Msso to test by Macitynet recently (click here to read the review), this device, functionally, there is little to say. This is a 4-door system, capable of increasing the opportunities for connecting the machine which you are linking. Its peculiarity lies in size and weight, very low. As we explained in the review is so small that you can almost forget it’s there, without sacrificing the quality of the final: the body is made of plastic good quality, pleasant to the touch. The cable is sturdy and the whole impression of last long even after repeated twists.

This is a USB 3.0 hub designed for mobile devices, so it is able to synchronize a mobile device and, if combined with the power supply included in the Pack, even to recharge it at full power and then at full speed. Recall that a non-powered hub is never able to recharge at maximum speed a phone or tablet. In addition the the hub becomes important to connect external hard drives which in some cases require more energy than a non-powered hub can provide.

Normally costs $23 euros, but with code areacodesexplorer will pay me foronly 16.99 Euros. If you have Amazon Prime shipping, just by Amazon, it’s free. But the discount ends Thursday.