Apple iWatch

Brings out Apple soon iWatch one? Competitor Samsung brought out the Galaxy gear on the market, because it is time that Californians with his own watch follow suit.

The Apple iWatch is already intense speculation about. So there are rumors about the display of the Apple already iWatch, supposed to be made of num­bered glass or bendable plastic. The South Korean newspaper “The Chosun Ilbo” reported that Apple was about to test different designs with flexible OLED displays, which should be between 1.3 and 1.5 inches tall. Allegedly, Apple have also already a prototype with curved screen. In December 2012, relied on informants the Chinese blogger TGbus and reported that Apple is working on an own Smartwatch together with Intel Corporation. She have a 1.5-inch OLED display and could be connected to mobile devices via Bluetooth. Also inside were leaked, that Apple commissioned to produce of its own clock had already forgiven. A patent application, which had been published in February 2013, getting plans for solar-powered devices with flexible screen. As operating system iOS is aimed.

That something is iWatch at the rumors of eineApple, you can see the number of employees that Apple has hired for the project. The news channel “Bloomberg” and the “financial times” reported that Apple had properly increased its staff for the iWatch and set over one hundred developers and designers for the iWatch. According to a report of the “New York Times” a first version of the Apple iWatch should be been tested already in February 2013. IWatch hold a market analysts an Apple for the coming year to be realistic. The production order for the Apple it awarded iWatch already at the Taiwanese company quanta and Inventec, iWatch shared the production of Apple with a ratio of 60:40, as the newspaper “the guardian” reported. Rumors of the price Apple iWatch also already make the rounds: the market research firm Gartner, Apple could cost iWatch between 149 and $199.