Astin Trew AT 2000

Anyone who believes everything is invented, on stereo amplifiers still has not seen the Astin_Trew AT 2000. The first integrated amp of the young English company is up to the edge of fully smart equipment and unusual technique.

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Its performance Division comes from the power amplifiers-brother AT-5000 (AUDIO 8/07) and employs under other two ECC_82 tubes by Electro Harmonix, which should surprisingly not reinforce, but help in smoothing the supply voltage of the MOSFET power amplifier. Unusually also the supply of precursor: Astin_Trew for all small-signal OPs double isolated power supplies after the “Never_Connected” principle established. It is based on the fact that normal rectifier draw power from the mains supply only for a tiny period of time (the “leading period” at the top of the AC sine wave), at this moment, but also the proportion of errors – is both mains and even produced by the rectifier diodes – particularly large.

Never_Connected does not replace the regular power supply, but refined it by it fills a second from its screen-Elko – and just outside of the control period. Is loaded the first stage, a precisely synchronized FET switch makes close the second stage. So, there is a direct connection to the power supply at any time.

Professional materials

Very carefully, also the balanced inputs are optimized on interference poverty: instead of ordinary stages there specialized ICs of the manufacturer of THAT waiting for balanced signals with high common mode rejection – and thus simply cleaner – the preamp circuit to pass on to them. Thanks to the various control interfaces and a set of balanced outputs (again in XLR and CAT5 design, whereby the latter transfers also control signals) is the AT-2000 Multiroom capable by the way audiophile way. Although his double Triodes don’t step up, the amp in the listening room reminded striking of a tube: he played fine, graceful, open and with amazingly wide space, could in passages on the large, not simply to be driven KEF but also slightly soft and indecisive impact. With more efficiency, this tendency disappeared almost entirely – wonderfully harmonised, for example, with the affordable Heco Celan XT 901 of Astin_Trew.

Astin Trew AT 2000

Manufacturer Astin Trew
Price €0.00
Rating 100.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions (W x H x D) 43,0 x 11, 0 x
37.0 cm
Weight 11.5 kg
Genus (REC / GM) Integrated amplifier
Remote control available
System remote control / Adaptive /
Front panel Black / Silver / champagne / /
Front panel other FB. No
Tone controls / switched off /
Monitor switch
Recording selector switch audio
Network jacks switched / unswitched 0 / 0
Memory / storage automatic 0 /.
Sendersp. with aut. Sorting No
Input phono MM / MC /
High level RCA inputs / XLR 4 / 2
Digital inputs RCA / XLR 0 / 0
Boxes outputs A + B / switchable /
Headphone Jack
Pre-Out / main 2 /.
Recorder connections (a / from) 1
Processor input / output /
Unity gain input
Pre-Out subwoofer 1
Measured values
True sine wave power stereo 4 ohm / 8 ohm 78.0 W / 62.0 W
Music performance stereo 4 ohm / 8 ohm 123.0 W / 88.0 W
Noise line 94,0 dB(A)
Smart constructed, technically more interesting high tube hybrid, fine, spatial sound
sounds best when he has to play in a not too loud
Sound MM
Sound MC
Sound RCA 100
Sound XLR 100
Facilities Very good
Operation Very good
Processing Very good
Sound judgment High end class 100
Price / performance Very good
tested in issue: 2 / 09