Aukey 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub Portable

Promotion continues with code Macitynet on Aukey CB-H4, powered HUB with USB outputs 7, perfect for connecting different computers devices that require power, using a single USB port. Aluminum and Apple style, only 36 euros for a few days.

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If you want an aluminium hub 7 ports, you can still buy it at 36 euros. The offer is valid on the accessory produced by Aukey, thanks to a code, you can get discount

The hub has been tested and reviewed in an article to which you refer (click here to read it) in case you want to go into that with technical and field tests. This is a purely desktop accessory, which needs an electrical outlet but in Exchange for this minor flexibility, you will have a product that allows you to connect any device, from iPhone (to sync it and reload it, even if the hub is not designed to recharge accessories) to keyboard, mouse, external hard drive, printer, scanner, powered fan and lamp for USB keyboard, and much more.

Of course you can connect devices that don’t need power, such as up to 7 USB keys at the same time to transfer files from one to another, add memory to the computer, and so on.

This device, very stylish and well built, with an ergonomic design, aluminum and very close to the style of Apple keyboards, due to the fall of the Euro has gone up in price and now costs 39.99 euros but thanks to areacodesexplorer code to insert in your cart, you can purchase it at the old price with a discount of 4 euros, paying then, for a few more days only 35.99 euro shipping included.