Aukey Aluminium 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub – Silver

Look for a USB Hub and a great design? A device to keep on your desk and make her look good? USB 3.0 Hub Aukey (code CB-H5) could do for you, but let’s see its features and if you actually can be a good companion.

Unboxing and first impressions

The packaging is simple and, like all products of Aukey, recycled material. Inside over to the USB Hub, we will find the instruction book and cable for the connection to our computer (the length is 1 meter, so you can attach the device easily on any desktop). The first impression is positive, because the touch you immediately notice the type of material, mainly aluminum, while the part that surrounds the USB ports is made of plastic. Also, on the front, there is a small blue led that illuminates when the hub is receiving power. Turning to the negatives, however, if we look in more detail the device we can see that many details are not accurate as for example the finishes of the doors and on the side. Surely we are faced with a gadget, with appropriate value if we consider that is provided to us 4 USB 3.0, mainly aluminium hub (Apple style), so great as to leave on the desktop running continuously (where details do not make a difference).


USB 3.0 Hub Aukey operation is simple, in fact, simply plug the cable into a USB port of your PC, and the other party directly to the device. Recognition is almost immediate and does not require drivers and when everything is connected correctly, the led will glow blue. As regards the type of connection, to have excellent results of speed, if we want to exploit the ports such as USB 3.0 (so, your best bet is to connect the hub to a door of this type. If you have one, it’s not a problem because the device works correctly even with earlier USB versions (of course the speed will be adapted). If used in USB 3.0, given the presence of bus “Super Speed”, we can reach speeds up to 4.8 Gbit/s (of course also what link must be compatible, otherwise we will reach the speed of what we are using in this case).
In Shoppingpicks, I believe the USB 3.0 Hub Aukey a good compromise for functionality and design at the same time, of course. The finishing touches are not inaccurate on a desk that thanks to this device remains in every case in order and well taken care of. Of course, he also had an external power supply would be the top even in extreme cases, but definitely in the daily usage is convenient and practical. Now I use it on my desk at home e…ne am very satisfied =)