Aukey SuperSpeed 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub

Electronic trinkets, gadgets and utilities, for those who like to enhance the user experience with their computer. In this article we see a USB 3.0 hub produced by Aukey, very active company in the mobile and accessories.

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Hub, 4 ports Aukey CB-H5

Packaging materials and reports

Front interface of my chassis is always available to devices connected permanently, as the pad Xbox One of SCUF and Bluetooth Logitech G933stick. You can imagine the tedium of having to disconnect a device to make way for a pendrive or smartphone, with a constant pull-and-put daily.

To remove this annoying catch the USB hub reviewed by Healthinclude, small units with no ports USB that extend the native interface of the chassis. The market now offers a large number of models of different sizes and number of doors, allowing us to fish from the e-shop the “bag” that suits the Bill. The most suitable for my purpose is the 3.0 SuperSpeed ports-H5 to CB Aukey 4 you see in the picture.

This model is aesthetically pleasing and Apple style, very compact and lightweight, with 4 USB 3.0 ports. The outside of the casing is made of aluminium, while inwardly there is a hard plastic body. A colour design that I chose is combined with a desk light-hued, rewarding the elegance and sobriety – in fact even looks good next to mp3 FiiO on the dock. The front also features an LED that indicates the power status.

Beyond the invoice of the device, the most important feature for me is the mode of connection to computer: the CB-H5 has no integrated USB cable, which is usually short and stiff, so you can connect your USB cable male to male that we like. Considering the idea of having to get to the back of the chassis, can I connect the hub to your computer using a USB cable to my chosen by 1.5 metres, without running the risk of jeopardising the entire device if the cord is damaged.
In any case, Aukey also envisaged a cable supplied by about half a metre, obviously 3.0.