Aukey Superspeed 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub

Mini 4 port USB Hub in aluminium SuperSpeed Aukey companion to expand USB inputs on Mac and iMac, thanks to silver Apple style lines and coloring. Costa 21.99 euros and can be purchased at Amazon Italy, free shipping.

Macitynet tests the Mini Hub 4 ports USB 3.0 SuperSpeed to of Aukey, where in addition to excellent construction and functionality, the most obvious feature lies in the materials aluminium and silver in color, which makes it an excellent companion for any Mac. Works, of course, even on Windows, but the lines called Apple style and in support of an iMac or Macbook any Aukey hub really does her figure. Stylish and well built costa 21.99 Euros on Writingles, shipping costs included.

Inside the retail box, in addition to the Mini Hub 4 port USB SuperSpeed Aukey aluminium, even to a white USB cable for correct connection between device to PC. You don’t need nothing else, since it is an accessory plug and play, ready to use, no need to install drivers or whatnot. After connecting the USB, the blue LED will indicate the correct operation of the hub. Aesthetically the 4 ports USB hub Aukey presents shapes that recall the Apple ones slavishly, at least at the top, just under the USB input, where a big circle invokes the Apple keyboard battery compartment provided on the iMac. Overall, the hub Aukey adopts a minimalist style, and the use of aluminium, makes it the ideal companion for Macbook and Mac in General.

Purpose of this accessory, as can be imagined, is to expand USB inputs on your PC or Mac, as well as to facilitate connection of external devices: the hub located on the desk is easily accessible, so that in order to connect any external terminal, such as Smartphones or cameras, you won’t have to resort to awkward USB Sockets, for example on iMac are positioned on the back of the case. The HUB of Aukey received CE and FCC certification and is safe in its daily use, making it suitable to the rigorous standards required by the laws of many States, including Italy.

The data transfer rate from the attached devices is really satisfactory, up to 5Gbps. Aukey hub is suitable for operation with Flash drives, external Hard drives, mobile phones, tablets, powered photographic machines, card readers, MP3, MP4, mouses, keyboards, wireless network card and many other USB devices. In any event, even if the hub recharging smartphones and tablets, the hub is not recommended for this purpose, since charging times lengthen considerably.

The Mini Hub 4 ports USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Aukey to aluminum is an accessory that Apple users will appreciate, given that marries the same aesthetic lines, materials and colouring, iMac and Macbook. It is, however, Nice on any desktop, at least for those who appreciate the silver coloring. As for the feature is valid for everyone who even when only several USB ports, they need to access it easily, as they can serve as an extension in case your PC USB inputs mountains in hard-to-reach locations.