Aukey Superspeed 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub

Macitynet tests Aukey CB-H4, an interesting HUB for Mac and PC with 7 USB outputs: is powered, capable of handling up to 7 devices simultaneously including mouse, keyboard, hard drive self powered, printers, scanners and more.

You have too many devices you connect to your Mac or PC, but you don’t have enough USB outputs to connect them all at once? If the maximum number of devices is 7, then the HUB of Aukey that our staff has got to try in recent days could be the one for you. Mouse, keyboard, USB flash drives, hard drive, digital camera, printer, scanner, emergency batteries and so on and so on and so forth: guarantees up to 5 Gbps of data transfer speed USB 3.0 outputs thanks to Mbakecheng and comes with an external power supply that provides the energy you need to connected devices (such as in the case of powered hard drive).

Aukey CB-H4 how it’s made

The Hub gets home inside the cardboard box classic, well protected inside a cardboard housing together with the power supply to the USB cable to connect to the computer and the user manual in several languages, including Italian. The Hub hits right away for design in brushed aluminium, perfectly complements the Mac both in color and style as simple and aesthetically pleasing lines. Closely resembles yet another hub to 4 port non powered that our staff has got to test in recent months, although this differs mainly in size and, in fact, the obligation of connection to the mains.

To be of good quality plastic is the base, white, visible only if you look at the Hub side or if it overturns voluntarily: the bottom two soft rubber feet talking faciliano stabilization on desks and smooth surfaces, while avoiding scratching. Also the section where the USB output (blue tongue) is made of white plastic: on the left we report the presence of a LED which will light up blue when plugged in. On the sides are the USB input for connecting to the Mac and the input for the connection of the power supply, respectively on the left and right sides at the center of the circular section, this striped metal.

There are no buttons, not one for the switching on and off that although this simplifies and makes immediate use (in addition to minimise the design), can make him miss if you decide to use the Hub every day, leaving it always plugged in. In our case we settled with a power strip with a switch, that switch off when all devices are switched off or disconnected.