AV Receiver Marantz SR 5003

At the Marantz SR 5003 (800 euros) were wonderfully muscular drum beats and the totally Kinky and yet finely recorded bass rumblings to wonderful back showers.

  1. AV receiver Marantz SR 5003
  2. Data sheet

Stereoplay cannot see the reason why Marantz weaker than the SR 6003 (12/08) indicates the SR 5003 per channel to 10 Watts. Neither measurements nor the schematic, which identifies only the 10_000 micro Farad Hauptelkos as those of the Chinese manufacturer koshin instead of the Japanese ELNA at the amplifier stages.

It also maintained the Cirrus codec CS 42528 for the A/D and D/A conversion. As well as the fact favourable to the off 2-go 4-project, not a control chip in the side job, but individual proper amplification ICs feed on the pre outs.

SR 5003 converts analog video remains with 12 instead of the usual class 10 bit dynamics. It finds the same i chip the de-interlaced and scaled. And so there’s reason to cry, missing the second HDMI output, the more fancier on-screen display and the USB front connector of the SR 6003 at best for the fans.

Not so bad, this Koshins, praised the tester when the SR 5003 again took up CD basses with special devotion. Except that this time not even so abysmal, came for but more contoured and more durable. And if the SR 5003 topless again a little covered was, as the voice of Kari Bremnes still touched the listeners: less breath than with a lot of breast substance.

In Dolby Digital and DTS surround, the SR 5003 used a certain Schlichheit in the heights. To compensate for the idea even if rabid Loudspeakers remained always stable and monolithic. The rooms were always and generously extended.

How had the more expensive brother, the cheaper felt fully in his element but only for HD titles. Unabashedly he included himself with the Yamaha to him “the hand that feeds” by nine inch nails (Dolby True HD sampler) even to duping.

V 863 not much encouraged at the RX, led in the Marantz wonderfully muscular drum beats and the totally Kinky and yet finely recorded bass rumblings but beautiful back showers. And even more intense, pleasurable, if played with the Mono blocks TEM 3200 by Thorens (1/06).

In “Appalachean spring” (San Francisco Symphony) on the same disk, the tide turned: well played the Yamaha with and without Thorens of transparent, elegant, genteel. If you like hearty is better served by the Marantz.

Marantz SR-5003

Manufacturer Marantz
Price €650.00
Rating 48.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Surround formats
Headphone surround
HDCD playback
Virtual surround
Decoder for HD formats
Genus (REC / GM / input.)
Remote control
On-screen menu
Lip sync
Lip sync description
Equalizer manual
Power amplifiers, number
Video standards converter
Video adjustment
Description video adjustment
Switched network jacks
Autom. Calibration
AV connectors
Digital inputs RCA / front
Optical digital inputs / front
Digital inputs HDMI / HDMI Front Version summer
Digital output HDMI
Digital RCA outputs
Optical digital outputs
USB ports front / rear
i-pod connection
Networking description
Multi channel input
Recording outputs audio
Headphone Jack
Preamp output
Laboratory data
True sine wave power stereo 8 Ohms
True sine wave power stereo 4 Ohms
Music power stereo 8 Ohms
Music performance stereo 4 Ohms
RMS power 5-channel 8 Ohms
RMS power 5-Channel 4 ohm
Music performance 5-Channel 4 ohm
Music performance 5-channel 8 Ohms
RMS power 5-Channel 4 ohm
Music performance 7-Channel 4 ohm
Music performance 7-channel 8 Ohms
HiFi output power 4 ohm
effective pulse power front 4 ohm
effective pulse power 4 ohm Center
effective pulse power 4 ohm surround
maximum output voltage Z1
maximum output voltage Z2
maximum output voltage Z3
Number of appropriate channels
Surround RMS power 8 ohm stp
Surround RMS power 4 ohm stp
Surround RMS power 8 ohm stp
Surround RMS power 4 ohm stp
Noise line
Multi channel input noise
Noise phono MM
Noise phono standard system
Noise phono MC
Digital noise
Front noise ProLogic
Noise ProLogic Center
Power consumption standby / operating
Network connection
Short conclusion The Marantz bundle of joy joined the tester not only because of the neat exterior in the heart, but also because he – can down for chubby round sounds – especially hearty.
Sound Top-class
Sound points stereo
(maximum 70 points)
Surround sound points
(maximum 70 points)
Sound points HD
(maximum 70 points
Measured values
(maximum 10 points)
(max. 15 points)
(maximum 10 points)
Overall rating (70 points) Top 48
Price / performance outstanding
tested in issue: 1 / 09