AV Receiver Yamaha RX V 863

Although, the Yamaha RX V 863 (850 euro) do magic summary which were testers, but at least sound surprised.

  1. AV receiver Yamaha RX V 863
  2. Data sheet

Just to put the finger in the wound: the larger RX brought 1900 yet the noble DSD V 1791 as a D/A converter, V had to submit to the RaX 863 simpler DACs of type of PCM 1680 and 1780.

In total 10-channel, because even the smaller Yamaha to the usual generated still a front-top offer with the AV friend can heave the acoustics on canvas height.

In comparison to the brother of 1100 euro power supply Hauptelkos were cancelled also smaller (with 12_000 instead of 15_000 Microfarads).

Finally, also video fans are sighing: it remained while the same scalar component (1010 ABBOT), but de-interlacing Yamaha at the RX has entrusted V 863 now not i-chip, but an ADV of 7800.

The RX V 863 so do magic, the testers up to be surprised then at least tonally. CD he worked but relatively cool, but also particularly peppy, airy, and perspective. Since only the SR 5003 of Marantz proved – depending on taste – with its warm, cuddly game alternative.

During DTS Surround sound, the Yamaha sounds tended to fade as that of the Marantz faster. At Al di Meolas Dolby Digital DVD the RX caught up but prompt again V 863 with finer, More spacially Percussions glimmer – in this sense with HD sound once again to get to.

When someone would finally cut to the right light, the Yamaha gave the rooms exactly with the voltage, which is in the air – and most beautiful sparkling piano runs and the seeligsten votes.

In the case of preout plus Thorens embalmed’s such as strings of the San Francisco Symphony in already highendiger way to Kollophonium!

Yamaha RX-V 863

Manufacturer Yamaha
Price €800.00
Rating 48.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions 44.0 x 17.0 x 40.0 cm
Weight 12.0 kg
Surround formats
Headphone surround No
HDCD playback HDCD
Virtual surround
Decoder for HD formats
Genus (REC / GM / input.) Receiver
Remote control Remote control
On-screen menu transparent
Lip sync No
Lip sync description
Equalizer manual No
Power amplifiers, number 7
Bands 0
Channels 0
Video standards converter Composite video < > SV < > 3 K > HDMI
Video adjustment
Description video adjustment
Switched network jacks 2
Autom. Calibration with Equalization
AV connectors
Digital inputs RCA / front 2 / 0
Optical digital inputs / front 3 /.
Digital inputs HDMI / HDMI Front Version summer 3 /.
Digital output HDMI 1
Digital RCA outputs 0
Optical digital outputs 1
USB ports front / rear 0 / 0
i-pod connection
Networking description
Multi channel input
Recording outputs audio 1
Headphone Jack Headphone Jack
Preamp output
Laboratory data
True sine wave power stereo 8 Ohms 128.0 W
True sine wave power stereo 4 Ohms T181.0 W
Music power stereo 8 Ohms 147,0 W
Music performance stereo 4 Ohms 204,0 W
RMS power 5-channel 8 Ohms 62.0 W
RMS power 5-Channel 4 ohm 106.0 W
Music performance 5-Channel 4 ohm 120.0 W
Music performance 5-channel 8 Ohms 100.0 W
RMS power 5-Channel 4 ohm 106.0 W
Music performance 7-Channel 4 ohm 90.0 W
Music performance 7-channel 8 Ohms 83.0 W
HiFi output power 4 ohm
effective pulse power front 4 ohm
effective pulse power 4 ohm Center
effective pulse power 4 ohm surround
maximum output voltage Z1 29.5 V
maximum output voltage Z2 27.4 V
maximum output voltage Z3 24.5 V
Number of appropriate channels 5
Surround RMS power 8 ohm stp 44 W
Surround RMS power 4 ohm stp 79 W
Surround RMS power 8 ohm stp 83 W
Surround RMS power 4 ohm stp 90 W
Noise line 103.0 dB
Multi channel input noise
Noise phono MM 78.0 dB
Noise phono standard system 76.0 dB
Noise phono MC
Digital noise 102.0 dB
Front noise ProLogic 89.0 dB
Noise ProLogic Center 89.0 dB
Power consumption standby / operating 0.1 / 58 W
Network connection
Short conclusion As also the great Multikanaler of the House of Yamaha has tuned the RX V 863 down to a relatively open, wide perspective CD and not bass-heavy, but particularly fine HD sound.
Sound Top-class
Sound points stereo
(maximum 70 points)
Surround sound points
(maximum 70 points)
Sound points HD
(maximum 70 points
Measured values
(maximum 10 points)
(max. 15 points)
(maximum 10 points)
Overall rating (70 points) Top 48
Price / performance outstanding
tested in issue: 1 / 09