Bankappen Lunar Way Can Now Be Downloaded for Android

Android app for the new Danish bank solution, Lunar Way, can now be downloaded in Play-shop, but it remains only for those who have secured a one space.

The new banking solution, which takes the competition up Lunar Way with the big, established banks, now gives all users access to the Android app in the store. This one happened about three weeks, after the company first made it possible for iPhone users to download the app for iOS.

Lunar Way for Android is still at a fairly early stage, where the app is still in version 1.0, and yet more of the cool features that appear on the website.Therefore, for good reason, the app has also been running as a fully closed beta release in Play-shop, where a small crowd of users were allowed to test Lunar Way for Android – but no longer.

Now all Android users can freely download Lunar Way in Google Play via this link, where it still operates as a closed beta release, but where all in theory, download the. Within a month’s time, the final release of the app store, informs the Play happen in Lunar Way for mobile page.

Just as when iOS app was released in the App Store, you must continue to ensure a place on the website by typing your e-mail address up on a waiting list-otherwise you may not become a customer.

Lunar Way has drawn headlines over the previous months, as it is a relatively new technology company with experienced developers in the tip and financial support from the SEED Capital that will rethink the way consumers make “banking” on-in other words, manage its bank accounts. Here is no physical branches to stand in long queue in. There is also no netbank is available on the computer. The idea is, on the contrary, that everything can be done on-the-go direct with the slick app.

One can thus say that the traditional online banking from your PC known from other banks filled with every imaginable features moved over to the smart phone in the form of an app, but there is still some way to go before Lunar Way is clear in its finished form.