Beats Pill Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Cell Phones

Beats provides not only all facets here, but also Bluetooth speakers. These include also the so-called pills. After the solo 2 wireless more products has made beats now with these boxes available. Now there is for you again a product tester for the pills, pills character delivered with the funny mounts.

The music is to the heart beats and so the company that now belongs to Apple, not only headphone but also Bluetooth speaker makes according to technology wiki. Thereby, the pill of beats can be easily pair with the Bluetooth device. For this, the Smartphone of only the beats pill must then touch and already connected. Also pills can also synchronize and link to play music in stereo. Musically, the unit will provide the crystal clear highs and deep, rich bass.

The beats pill is paired with a Bluetooth enabled device can be changed from a distance of up to ten meters tracks or adjusts the volume. The rechargeable battery provides for a term of up to seven hours. Due to its low weight of less than 300 grams, is predestined to take the pill and also fits into almost any pocket. Via USB charge output can be connected via cable devices. In addition, also telephone conversations are possible because the Bluetooth-enabled product has an internal microphone. And in addition there are character allows you embed the speakers in living rooms the pills as an accessory. There is the stand in the matching pills colors and with different facial expressions.

Now we are looking for two product testers who each extensively and your heart test character in the colors black or red for us one of these famous pills of beats including pills from expert in cooperation with beats. Following questions may provide assistance: how is the sound on the go or at home? How does the technology work? The speakerphone and many more are to recommend. The winners write a report with photos, maybe with a small video and tell us about the best all these experiences. Ever more detailed the better. Of course, you may keep the pills with the characters after the testing and the delivery of the report. Your test report is published here on the blog. Please enter your desired color.

To participate in the competition and one of two product testers to be, you must answer the following question as a comment:

What reminds you of the pills character and why?

Wide mouth frog or the guy there from television, anyone can win with a small explanation at technology wiki. Closing date for entries is Monday, the 04th may 2015.

Terms and conditions for competitions

  • 1 all persons 18 years and older with a residence in Germany, except employees and members of the companies participating in the competition are eligible to participate.
  • 2 for a successful participation in the competition must specify a valid E-Mail address, can inform the winners.
  • 3 prize claims are not transferable to other (natural or legal) person.
  • 4 a cash payout of profits is not possible.
  • 5 the illustrations of prices are illustrative and can deviate from the actual profits or be replaced by other, generally prices.
  • 6 the product test is a prerequisite for the distribution of profit. The winner is committed in the period of 2 weeks after receipt of the product, to send a test report expert.
  • 7 expert takes over, as far as permitted by law, no liability for mistakes, typos, as well as possible the use of profits damages, unless such damages are intent and/or gross negligence by expert attributed.
  • 8 should be for reasons not in the sphere of influence of expert, the prize game are not (postal failure, fault of cooperation partners, etc.), or damaged pitting the winner, so expert does not assume liability.
  • 9 expert reserves also the right, to end games prematurely without giving any reasons or to extend.
  • 10 legal recourse is excluded.