Benz Micro ACE L 2 Pickup

The new ACE created despite its moderate price like the expensive brother meticulous Swiss handcrafted is closely related to the Benz Glider and modernized in a similar manner.

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His magnetic valve effect slightly tinier front sticks to the cantilever a line contact Diamond (5 times 40__µm) instead of the more noble John stone Must be not always of disadvantage, because the not-so-positive contact area is less sensitive to slight imbalances, offers but still excellent tracking ability. So it’s no wonder that the ACE has been for years of one of the most popular pickup in its price class: Here manufacture processing, cool look and high practicality to a truly delicious range that there is furthermore in three versions together: the quiet and here tested model L red inside, the medium-loud M in clear plastic and the Royal Blue high-output model H. Who has a reasonably low-noise preamplifier, should access to the L, which sounds the most cleanest and liveliest.

Where you can get subjective vitality in different ways: they reach the ACE by a treble emphasis (which is metrologically perfectly cuddling the system) nor abundant THD (here are the laboratory with first-class values all-clear). Rather, the ACE faithfully in voltage, which dictated him the groove translated. Vitality means this drift over a huge dynamic range allow, without irritating the sensitive in this regard ear with incipient limiting, dynamics. The glider is superior to the ACE, because it has greater neutrality out and with each plate again surprise on his side.

Benz micro ACE L 2

Manufacturer Benz micro
Price €560.00
Rating 90.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Cartridge type MC low output
Accessories cartridge Stainless steel screws, carbon fiber brush
Measured values
Output voltage 8 cm / s 0.91 mV
System impedance 10.3 ohm / 9.7 µH
Depth scanning ability 315 100 µm
Recommended tracking force 20 mN
High-frequency distortion 0.18%
Deep resonance in the 13-g-arm 7.3 Hz
System weight 8.9 g
Tonearm weight class medium
Cartridge type MC low output
Accessories cartridge Stainless steel screws, carbon fiber brush
Crisp dynamics, very clean scanning, good-natured adjustment
No needle protection
Processing outstanding
Sound judgment very good 90
tested in issue: 09 / 2