Benz Micro Glider SL Pickup

The Benz Glider cartridge most popular MC systems include at all. Small, but significant changes have been made in the latest version SL.

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The new glider SL has gotten a slightly shorter needle carrier (Benz-typically from boron) and a significantly slimmer diamonds over its proven predecessor: the John S cut combines “sharp” edges (rounding: to 5_µm) with huge vertical radii (order 100_µm); the contact surface for the vinyl is considered along the Groove so very briefly, adapts but vertical almost perfectly to the profile of the flank. The stylus is recognizable only under a microscope, the changes to the generator, however, with the naked eye: significantly more compact, closer to the fulcrum-wound coils to reduce the inertial mass, a stronger magnet compensate their losses in efficiency. With success: The bottom line the new glider supplies as before a fairly lush for MC conditions Ausgangsspannung.Das glider is the ACE superior because it acts more neutrality out and with each plate again on his side has the surprise effect. It’s a fabulously versatile, calm gambling system that you should necessarily enjoy a precise adjustment – especially the VTF of. The John Diamond is namely not absolutely vertical in the Groove, suffer the figure and the cleanliness at sibilance. Because the transition is defined between right and not right but so clear, can be relatively easy to master this adjustment. And then the glider is tonally exactly the opposite of the stereotype of the bright MC system: a completely unobtrusive and reliable musician.

Benz micro glider S L

Manufacturer Benz micro
Price €900.00
Rating 95.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Cartridge type MC low output
Accessories cartridge Screws, screwdriver, carbon fiber brush, measuring Protocol
Measured values
Output voltage 8 cm / s 0.93 mV
System impedance 10.2 ohm / 10, 5µH
Depth scanning ability 315 80 µm
Recommended tracking force 20 mN
High-frequency distortion 0.31%
Deep resonance in the 13-g-arm 8.0 Hz
System weight 6.8 g
Tonearm weight class medium
Cartridge type MC low output
Accessories cartridge Screws, screwdriver, carbon fiber brush, measuring Protocol
Full dynamics, sound elegant, unobtrusive and yet precise.
Something just age critical
Processing outstanding
Sound judgment well over 95
tested in issue: 09 / 2