Best USB-C Hub for Macbook

We discussed several times of limitations in terms of connectivity the latest MacBook Pro, due to the presence of 4 Sun Thunderbolt 3 (down to 2 in the model without Touch Bar). Many users interested in purchasing

your notebook had already seen swamped with various adapters, dongles and cables to connect the same tools who first used it without too much difficulty. But someone has thought of designing and building a unique, small hub complete with everything that can satisfy any need. This device, which is now a Kick Starter project, called Hyper Drive and its peculiarity is that it uses 2 Thunederbolt 3 doors simultaneously to connect to MacBook Pro, offering a band of 50 GB/s to be deployed on various ports. These cover pretty much everything you could want from a modern computer: we have a HDMI port (which unfortunately does not seem to be in version 2.0, 4 k at 30 Hz, rather than vehicular flow at 60 Hz), a Thunderbolt from 40 GB/s and 3 100W of Power Delivery, a USB-C from 5 GB/s, an SD slot and a fuse of UHS-1 microSD Finally, 2 USB ports 3.1 Jan 1.

If we’re going to look for a defect, we can find it in the lack of USB connections in version 3.1 Gen 2 (from 10 GB/s) and in the absence of a Gigabit Ethernet port. Otherwise this Hyper Drive really seems definitive dongle: Compact, fast, full of doors, compatible with the new MacBook Pro 13 “15” version. The Kick Starter campaign is financed from and the first deliveries will take place between February and March of 2017. Unfortunately all the pieces at a discount for early bird are already sold out, but you can bring home one with an investment in the project of at least $69. The market price should be $99.