BlackBerry Priv, ‘Privacy’, Now on Video from The Hand of John Chen

BlackBerry has decided to go everywhere with their BlackBerry Priv, the terminal that announced this week perhaps after seeing that thing of the rumors had left them hands. Formerly known as Venice, it will be the first Android phone from the Canadian company and an important milestone in its history.

A few hours ago in addition, CNBC has released a video with the BlackBerry Priv in operation, document that we leave later and which shows the terminal running the system, Android ‘Lollipop’. Among the owners mentioned by the rapporteur, John Chen, Priv is related to ‘privacy’, a term that Blackberry aims to promote to make all software that for years have been developing.

Chen also takes advantage of the interview with CNBC to provide some data. For example the sliding keyboard (‘slider’) is also capacitive, so that it can function as a mouse on the system to allow you to interact with some apps. He mentions, for example, a browser in which through the keyboard you can ‘scroll’.

Rumors about features will still have to be confirmed, because Chen is not much wet. 5.5 inch screen, ensures, in which we see that the edges are curved, but little else. QHD display, Android ‘Lollipop’ and eager to get this phone on the market. Evil, that will be a high end product whose cost is expected to be lifted, and if you are interested in it will surely have to wait until 2016, although we hope to meet all their details over the coming months.