HP Smart Phones Profile

Brand name: HP





Brand Facts:

  • HP (Hewlett-Packard) is a global leading brand providing consumer electronic products like computers, hardware, software and services for home and offices.
  • They are committed to create innovative and advanced electronic products with high quality and affordable price to meet the requirements of customers.


Main Categories:

Laptops, tablets, desktops, printers, ink & toner, monitors, accessories, networks, servers, software, storage, services, solutions

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Lava Mobiles Smart Phones Profile

Brand name: Lava Mobiles





Brand Facts:

  • Lava Mobiles is an Indian electronic brand specializing in designing and manufacturing mobile products including smart phones, tablets, phones and other accessories.
  • They follow the principle of “Create Possibilities”, striving to create more innovative and advanced products to meet the requirements and satisfactions of customers.


Main Categories:

Smart phones, feature phones, accessories
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Fujitsu Smart Phones and Accessories

Brand name: Fujitsu





Brand Facts:

  • Fujitsu is a global leading brand specializing in designing and providing technology equipments and services like computing products, electronic devices and so on.
  • They are devoted to create innovative and advanced technology and devices, aiming to contribute to build a safe and secure network environment and promote the future of society and business.


Main Categories:

Computing products, software, network, electronic devices, other products



Time and place: 1935, Japan

Original name: Fuji Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing

Early products: electronic products



Chairman: Michiyoshi Mazuka

President: Masami Yamamoto


Headquarter Location:
Shiodome City Center, Minato, Tokyo, Japan


Worldwide Locations:

Japan, worldwide


New Arrivals




Price Range:

Smart phones: USD166.88-USD476.68


Official Website:



Retailer Website



Nokia Smart Phones | 1865, Finland






Brand facts:

  • Nokia is a world leading brand specializing in manufacturing networks, information technology and telecommunications devices like phones, tablets and so on.
  • They focus on the needs of people to connect with others and share information, striving to create innovative and cutting-edge mobile devices to bring people convenience, enjoyment and higher quality life.


Main Categories:

Phones and tablets, accessories, apps

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