iPhone Armband for Exercise

For your Apple devices – iPhone 4, iPhone 3 G, iPhone 3GS, and iPod – you can get an armband, which you can use in almost any situation. You do not always have the possibility to put your Apple device in the pocket or pouch, especially if you are in the gym. You want to train and at the same time have your iPhone to make phone calls with friends, or even your iPod to listen to the music according to your taste. For this you should then get an armband anytime, anywhere you can bring it.

The iPhone armband for iPhone 3 G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod – Black/blue is so to speak a sporty mobile phone pocket, into which you can plug your device and undisturbed exercise. You will have always your favorite device on hand while jogging, walking, horseback riding, hiking, etc. This mobile bag – bracelet is created so that it fits all hand sizes. Very easy, you can set the patrol according to your wishes.

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Beats Pill Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Cell Phones

Beats provides not only all facets here, but also Bluetooth speakers. These include also the so-called pills. After the solo 2 wireless more products has made beats now with these boxes available. Now there is for you again a product tester for the pills, pills character delivered with the funny mounts.

The music is to the heart beats and so the company that now belongs to Apple, not only headphone but also Bluetooth speaker makes according to technology wiki. Thereby, the pill of beats can be easily pair with the Bluetooth device. For this, the Smartphone of only the beats pill must then touch and already connected. Also pills can also synchronize and link to play music in stereo. Musically, the unit will provide the crystal clear highs and deep, rich bass.

The beats pill is paired with a Bluetooth enabled device can be changed from a distance of up to ten meters tracks or adjusts the volume. The rechargeable battery provides for a term of up to seven hours. Due to its low weight of less than 300 grams, is predestined to take the pill and also fits into almost any pocket. Via USB charge output can be connected via cable devices. In addition, also telephone conversations are possible because the Bluetooth-enabled product has an internal microphone. And in addition there are character allows you embed the speakers in living rooms the pills as an accessory. There is the stand in the matching pills colors and with different facial expressions.

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Samsung Released the First Update for Galaxy S6

The manufacturer has released a first update for the Samsung Galaxy S6 available since Friday and the sister device of Galaxy S6 edge. This applies to the firmware and includes among other changes to the photo editor and more improvements to the application.

Now Samsung has brought his two new smart phone flagship S6 of the Galaxy and the Galaxy S6 edge on the market, because the company provides a first firmware update available. This includes some improvements and a few new features. The overall is the update on a size of 250 MB. For example, the fingerprint scanner work more precisely than before after the update. Also, the photo editor has been revised and equipped with a number of new features.

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ZTE as Large Mobile Phone Manufacturer

If Felix Sturm wants to get back his World Championship in the super middleweight division by Fedor Chudinov on Saturday, the 20th February 2016, ZTE is quite forward, because the company supports Felix Sturm as an official partner. ZTE uses this opportunity to enter the sport sponsorship in Germany as well. So far, ZTE succeeded as sponsor several American NBA basketball teams.

ZTE would significantly expand its brand presence in Germany in the year 2016 and attract new target groups. The company will thus be increasingly active this year in Germany in sports sponsorship. The much-anticipated battle of Felix Sturm against world champion Chudinov offers the boxing fans the exclusive opportunity to learn about the new smartphones and wearables from ZTE arena Oberhausen.

5.5 FHD ZTE V5 Pro ZTE V5 3 N939ST 4G LTE Phone Nubia UI 3.0 Snapdragon 615 Octa Core 2GB RAM 16GB ROM 3000mAh Fingerprint ID

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How to Find the Right Smartphone

CUBOT NOTE S 5.5 inch Android 5.1 3G Phablet MTK6580 Quad Core 2GB + 16GB Cameras OTG GPS Bluetooth

How do I find the right technical product for me and especially what should I review? How can I save electricity, for example, or how do I find the device size that fits right for me and my house? Once in nine different categories dealt with these issues and these grouped together corresponding Advisor with some expert tips. Today’s topic: Mobile Phones/Smartphones!


Display maintenance:

Without the most completely on display cleaning sprays, especially during regular use, you can even damage the display. A simple Microfiber cloth is sufficient here, clean and damaged not the display – also for daily application.

Glass cleaners and detergent are absolutely taboo. These include aggressive SOAP solution, which damage the display.

If the display is actually even badly soiled, then moisten the Microfiber cloth easy. But not too much water use, this could run into cracks and crevices of the devices.

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ZTE Axon Mini Review

ZTE Axon Elite International Edition Android 5.0 4G Phablet 5.5 inch Screen Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 64bit Octa Core 3GB RAM 32GB ROM 13MP + 2MP Dual Rear Cameras

With the ZTE Axon mini, ZTE extends its flagship series Axon to another premium Smartphone. Mini including the 5.2 inches (13.2 cm) is one of the salient features of the axon large force-touch display. In addition to typing and wiping, the user can make his inputs using varying pressure intensity. The device should come in the January 2016 in the trade.

The Chinese manufacturer ZTE increased its Smartphone portfolio with the new ZTE Axon mini, which is equipped in the Premium Edition with pressure-sensitive display. Thanks to this technology, the creation of so-called 3D-Passwörtern, which not only from a combination of numbers, special characters and letters, but involve also the pressure on the display, is possible. Thus the security and protection against unauthorized access increase the device considerably. In addition, force touch allows users to set different shortcuts for apps.

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Samsung Galaxy Tablet with Super AMOLED Display

2.26 Samsung Galaxy Tablet with Super AMOLED Display

  • Super AMOLED display with high contrast, sharp detail and vibrant colors
  • Thin tablet with metal frame, which is well in hand, and that makes surfstunderne for something special
  • Adaptive display which adapts itself to the surrounding light conditions

It’s loss an hour!

Stylish, powerful and thinner than ever. Galaxy Tab S2 gets the most out of your lediga moments. Thin tablet with metal frame, which is well in hand, and that makes for something special. With Super AMOLED display provides high contrast, sharp detail and vibrant colors. The screen adjusts to also to the surrounding light conditions.

Introduction to LG Stylus 2

New Stylus Capacitance Touch Pen For Apple Android Touchscreen High Precision Ultra Fine Head Special Dual Touch Handwriting Pen

LG at this year’s MWC the LG stylus 2 introduces an improved successor of the G4 stylus. The new 5.7 inches (14.5 cm) large unit offers a range of premium features at an affordable price. Also it comes with a pen, tipped with a Nano-layer is provided. This ensures more accuracy than the pen with rubber tip of the G4 stylus.

The LG stylus 2 is equipped with a set of specially developed features that enhance the user experience. Pen includes pop, that generates a popup menu when the pen is removed, and shortcuts open scanner memo and pop to pop. Also Pen Keeper is a new function of the stylus 2. To prevent the PIN from being lost by sending a popup message, once the Smartphone is moved, without that the pen is in the holder. Additionally, users can write just as beautiful and elegant typesetting with the new Calligraphy pen as with a filler. It is delivered stylus 2 with Android 6 Marshmallow in titanium, white and Brown.

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