Yahoo Mail is Inaccessible to Some Users

The Yahoo Mail followed the trend of PSN and became inaccessible to many users during the afternoon. The staff of the service confirmed that there was a problem, but shied away from explaining what was going on or how many people were affected by the problem. “We appreciate your patience,” wrote Yahoo on Twitter. Anyway, stay calm, because things are already normalized. Unlike PSN it is evident.

Yahoo! Buzz Will be Discontinued This Thursday

A little reminder for those who have not seen (me, for example) the official statement earlier this month: the Yahoo! Buzz, Yahoo service that tried to compete in the ocean aggregator sites social news like Digg and Reddit will be closed. They failed to garner enough traffic and the service will therefore discontinued. From the day 21 no one else will be able to access the site. So if you hold relics of the internet for some reason runs there to take some photos screenshots for posterity.


Hotmail Becomes Less Useless with Disposable Accounts

What is it? An innovative feature has just been implemented in the e-mail service that no one expected? Well, my dear readers. This time it was not Google who went ahead. In a master balcony, Microsoft decided to activate a feature that lets Hotmail about 150% more useful than it is today, when 90% of its users (an estimate completely unofficial withdrawal of fresh air) only create an address service to use the Windows Live Messenger (even if it is not necessary). Continue reading

Nike is the Favorite of Brazilians on Facebook

The blog Dig Social Media pointed a service rather, that lets you know which are the pages most likes on Facebook from around the world. The differential Facebakers is view the statistics by country, instead of having a more global positioning of the whole thing (which is what usually happens). Want to know what is the preferred company of Brazilians who are on Facebook? I’ll tell you: it’s Nike.

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Adobe “HTML5 Spend as Much or More Battery Flash”

Last week the site ArsTechnica released its review of the MacBook Air with information somewhat bombastic, at least for Adobe: Flash sites when opening the battery life fell within 2 hours. Other sites have made ​​similar tests and reached similar results, sometimes identical, to the ArsTechnica. Today Adobe CTO decided that would be a good time to rebut criticism.
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Mozilla Proposes Standard for Open Web Apps

If we have an organization that actually think the future of the web is the Mozilla Foundation. In addition to developing one of the most used by the geek community browsers, the guys Mozilla spend time and money trying to fix some problems that we have or we may have in the future. The web apps distribution, for example… currently is a mess, but on Tuesday they came up with a proposal that can change everything.

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W3C Asks: Do Not Implement HTML5 Yet

Much is said about the HTML5, the new HTML version that should come to solve all the standard problems for video display, audio, among other things. The technology has won support from several large companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Google, which have implemented certain aspects in their respective browsers. But the W3C, the organization responsible for the HTML5 standard, said today: hold your horses, the standard is not yet ready! Continue reading