Samsung Launches the Ultimate 256 GB Micro-SD Card

Never more space lack: Samsung 256 GB EVO + gives your mobile both lots of space and plenty of speed. The price is then.

Would you like to have your entire music collection, hours and hours of 4 k video, or the whole Wikipedia stored on your phone, you must have the well with space on your smartphone.

With Samsung’s latest EVO + micro-SD card, however, you can forget about the lack of space, Cloud storage and clean-up of files, for here you get 256 GB to have at its disposal.

It is similar to a quarter terabyte, which can accommodate up 12-hour 4 k video, 5 times Wikipedia or 33,000 music tracks. Continue reading

Guide: Spring’s Best Smartphones in the Mid-Range

Here you get our site best bet for delicious, high-quality, not smartphones fall over the budget.

Mobile manufacturers are probably not agree here, but it is now a time our site position that you can get competent topmobiler to about half of what today’s newest and finest smartphones cost.

It’s just about to act after the right models.

Our site brings together therefore here our list of the best mobile purchases you can make yourself, in price hired between two and four thousand dollars.

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Sony Xperia X-First Test [WEB]

Sony goes new ways with the introduction of Xperia X series. The first topmobil in the series is Xperia X which offers quality in a compact format.

Sony goes new ways with the introduction of Xperia X series. The first topmobil in the series is Xperia X which offers quality in a compact format.

You should have the best and most advanced from Sony, was Mobile phones from Xperia Z-series until now the smart phone for you. Continue reading

10 Things You Should Be Careful When You Shop Online [TIP]

There are many pitfalls when you shop online. But follow these tips, you are well secured.

Trading on the Internet is becoming more and more common. Most can probably recognize the scenario, in which a pressure everyday, just to have secured the gift for this coming weekend’s birthday. It can be hard to reach out and look on the store shelf and find the right gift. And here is the net often, your friend, you can quite easily and quickly find most things online, and with a few clicks you can order the desired item.

There is, however, a bit of general advice, as to good to have it behind your ear when you are trading on the Web.
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Google Introduces Smart Translation from Any App

With the new feature ‘press to translate’ into Google translate, it has never been easier to translate text from any app on Android smartphones.

Thanks to the Internet, computer and Smartphone appearance you can regardless of time, place and space to communicate with anyone 7,000 km away on the other side of the Earth. However, there are in all probability some language barriers.

Fortunately, translation engines like Google Translate gets gradually better and better, but on smartphones, it has long been a somewhat laborious affair to communicate on, for example, Danish and Estonian by switching and copy/paste between a beskedapp and Google translate app. Continue reading

Instagram Is Updated with New Icon and White Design

The classic Instagram-icon with Polaroid camera and the app is designed from scratch to fit better into the social media, it has evolved into.

Instagram has over the years been among the most popular social media. Actually went Instagram originally under the name Burbn, since it was launched in early 2011 as a check in-app 10 months later got the app name Instagram and image function, which has made it so popular.

After Facebook bought Instagram for 5.6 billion in 2012, is the app has grown exponentially year after year. Instagram distinguished himself originally by the many different filters that could be placed on the images in order to create the desired mood-for example, with retrofiltre and Vignette. Continue reading

HTC 10-Excellent Metal Mobile without Magic [TEST]

Taiwanese HTC seems to have screwed up the ambitions of HTC 10, but the magic is gone.

HTC need a hit of HTC’s One-series reputation suffered a crack, since the last year failed to excite as in the previous One-generations. It makes HTC now up with in the successor, HTC 10, as with a new name promises new times.

It seems that HTC has listened to the criticism. The camera is significantly improved, the design is further developed, but HTC maintains the virtues that characterize the brand-should it just be with a simple exception-the characteristic Boom Sound stereo speakers are now gone.

HTC 10 therefore seems to be a mobile without real vulnerabilities-something that has gotten the company to push the price well above the approximately five thousand crowns a topmobil costs. It is currently expensive topmobil of the year-so it has a lot to live up to.

The question then is, scores HTC 10 mon a perfect 10/10? Continue reading

Microsoft’s Edge Will Soon Have 10 Extensions for Windows Mobile

On smartphones with Windows Mobile will be Microsoft’s Edge 10-browser soon equipped with the ability to add extensions like on the PC version.

While Microsoft is in the process of testing the support for extensions to the year-old Edge browser for computers, it has been unclear when extensions to Edge browser on smartphones with Windows Mobile 10 would see the light of day.

Extensions have been an absolutely essential part of Web browsers on computers, and while, for example, Opera and Firefox browsers have long supported extensions specifically created for smartphones, is a different situation for not only Edge, but also Google Chrome. Continue reading

The Popular App ES File Explorer Spreads Adware

After an update is spreading the free Android app ES File Explorer automatically adware-i.e. advertising-on lock screen on Samsung Galaxy among other S7.

Android app ES File Explorer (also known as ES File Explorer) is popular-very popular. In fact, the downloaded somewhere between 100-500 million.times in Play-shop, so it is not entirely unlikely that you have either heard of it or even have it installed on your smartphone.

If you belong to the latter, you should perhaps reconsider whether ES File Explorer is worth having installed. It shows it as, after the website Android Police have investigated the matter further, to the developers behind this app have put so-called adware into it. It will say that the spreads advertisements on your phone against your will. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Now Get Android 6.0 Marshmallow

European and Danish owners of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can now upgrade the software to the latest version, Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

If you are still using the over one and a half year old Samsung Galaxy Note 4-phablet, do you have in all likelihood the European variant with model number N910F and it is good news.

Right now Google’s latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow rolls-software for addition to this variant of the Galaxy Note 4 in the form of a 1.3 GB large over-the-air upgrade. It writes GSMArena.

According to the telecommunications company there may be slight variations in relation to how long you need to wait until a notification pops up that it is ready for download. Alternatively, you can even check regularly by going into the Settings ‘ On device ‘Software Update‘ Update. Continue reading

New Pictures of OnePlus 3 Pops up

On yesterday’s first images of OnePlus 3 is a new handful of images appeared, which confirms and demonstrates the new design emerged from several angles.

Yesterday showed what is believed to be the first pictures of OnePlus 3 up, but the drastic design changes, combined with the poor quality of the pictures let it be doubtful whether it was the real thing.
Now you no longer need doubt, for a new round of pictures have just been revealed by Phone Arena, which has received them from an anonymous source. Here you can see the exact same smartphone with a somewhat different design, which does not at first glance resembles neither OnePlus One or OnePlus 2. Continue reading

Spotify Enjoys Apple Musics Took on the Market

You would think that the opposite would be the case, but Spotify is actually grown faster, after Apple introduced its streaming service Apple Music.

Spotify has long been predominant in the market with the ability to stream free music to listen to commercials every now and then, but all of a sudden would also have a slice of Apple Cake with last year’s launch of the Apple Music, where only taken against paying customers.

While Spotify have rounded the 100 million users, is only 30 million. of them paying customers, who contribute with DKK 99 per month. Here, Apple has Music already managed to get total 13 million. paying customers to Apple Music at a little under a year. Continue reading

These Are the First Pictures of OnePlus 3?

They allegedly first six photos of OnePlus 3 have come forward. Gone is the Sands tone-back, and instead be seen a backside strongly inspired by Samsung and HTC.

Most major manufacturers have all presented this spring’s top models, but the small, Chinese producer, OnePlus, lets even wait for themselves. Medsftigeren, Carl Pei, however, already have announced thatOnePlus 3 will be unveiled in the 2nd quarter, which means either this or next month.

As always, there has been a ton of rumors, but only now shows the first images up. perhaps It is, as is often seen on the Chinese social media Weibo that the images have been uploaded-first in a spread and then in another. Continue reading