Premiere Test Moto X: the Best Smartphone Results

The new Motorola Moto X comes with a special feature: front and back as well as ornaments and wallpaper that can be free to taste! Between November 29 and December 11, 2014 readers invited your individual designs on Facebook during the application phase as a premiere Tester up, then to face the judgment of the readership: the ten best designers were allowed to test your individually designed Moto X and your impressions, inter alia during the live test of the 6 bis22. The best give January on our site. In addition, seven key features of the brand new smartphones via asterisk award were evaluated by readers. The meticulous reader convinced highlights such as the 5.2-inch AMOLED display with full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) and the 13-mega pixel camera? Here the results:

Tell the reader to the new Moto X

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MWC Fair: Microsoft Announces Press Conference

Until mid-January 2015 the eyes of many fans of the technology were focused on Microsoft the company 10 provided a deeper insight into the continued development of Windows on this day and lifting surprised with hololens and surface. But this not enough: Soon the Group during a press conference approaches again the public; the taking place from 2 to 5 March 2015 in Barcelona Mobile World Congress (MWC) serves as a stage. There is represented with a stand not only Microsoft, but invites journalists and market representatives to a press event a.

MWC News: the top smartphones 2017

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The Large Lumia Overview: Smartphones from Cheap to Expensive

For Android and ios, Windows phone is the third force in the Smartphone market. And has caught up with the update on Windows phone 8.1 with the competition. There is now also the app offer fine. The Windows Mobile phones thanks to built-in apps like one drive or MS Office and the synchronization settings using the PC also offer advantages to PC users running Windows 8.1 or future Windows 10. The Lumia range acquired by Microsoft is, aside from smaller providers such as Archos, the absolute top dog in the Windows phone marketplace. Alone in the Smartphone’s best computer image are currently around 20 models of Lumia. Special feature: The price range is enormous, ranging almost 500 euros (idealo-rates from 12 February 2014) currently from 69 euros. There, the question arises: who is which device best?

Windows phone 8.1: new priced under $100

With affordable smartphones, Windows phone benefits offers. It is easy to use and is already running with simple hardware liquid. There’s, other than in Android, no storage case: Windows phone 8.1 or apps on microsd cards can be stored. Around 100 euros, there are currently four Lumia models: the 4-inch smartphones Lumia 530 and Lumia 435, the Lumia 630 (4.5-inch), the 5-inch model Lumia 535 soon also the Lumia 532 added. The Lumia 530 is the very dark screen and the relatively small 4 GB memory. The Lumia 435 in turn falls through because of the weak camera and the chunky body. Continue reading

Lenovo P70: Dual-SIM Smartphone with XXL-Battery

Despite the many technical refinements, most smartphones have a flaw: the battery of many devices is weak and lets the user already after a few hours of intensive use in the lurch. With the P70, Lenovo introduces now a Smartphone with staying power: the mid-range Smartphone that has a battery proud 4,000 mah (mah) the energy storage holds according to the manufacturer up to 34 days (stand-by) long at the piece through.

A few devices to last longer through

This is the Lenovo P70 against current top models such as the Apple iphone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Sony Xperia Z3. The batteries offer only a capacity between 1,810 and 3,100 mah. Only the Huawei Ascend Mate 7 and the elephone P5000 are better equipped with its 4,100 and 5,350 mah full power saving. Continue reading

Kyocera Torque: Robust, But Not Ugly

Test conclusion: what you should know

Torque makes a very good impression and leaves a deeper: operation of the screen is fluid, clear and high contrast and like the design with well-thought-out buttons. However, the camera in the test due to a weak detail reproduction and strong color noise failed. Overall, works better than many other outdoor Smartphone Kyocera torque and is well suited for use on construction sites or in rough terrain. Per order this product on Amazon very robust liquid operation bright screen memory card slot handy against weak camera satisfactory assessment of the editorial Yes, a Samsung Galaxy S5 review now user rating or Sony Xperia Z3 is water resistant and can survive a crash sometimes, but it’s not designed for that. Who is travelling a lot outside, active on the construction site or its Smartphone just not so carefully treated, which could at the Kyocera torque favor find. It is robust, has a decent hardware equipment and an 8-megapixel camera. But it also keeps its promise the data sheet? Our site has the torque a practice test undergone. Continue reading

Plantronics Backbeat Pro: Bluetooth Headphones

Test conclusion: what you should know

For the Plantronics headset talk the good sound and a long battery life. The processing is indeed impeccable, but the plastic shows scratches after only a short time. Plantronics promises something too much for noise: noise-cancelling function suppresses noise, but not eliminate them in the mass, as it creates, for example, the Bose quiet comfort 15 long not so good sound of the Bose and with AAA batteries filled are. Anyone looking for a good sound and a long battery life, is well served with the Plantronics backbeat Pro. Best price on the Internet: 149.00 euro * per order this product at Amazon good sound long battery life delay free playback for synchronous video look with and without cable can be used against basic volume to according to estimates of the editorial well user rating now write a Plantronics, known for its Bluetooth wireless headsets, ventures into the cable jungle: the backbeat Pro links in addition to the Bluetooth connection via cable with the Smartphone. As a small bonus, it mutes active ambient noise. How well the backbeat Pro suggests, betrays the practical test. Continue reading

Touchables: NFC Stickers Against Forgetting

On the windowsill, the linen is which wilt flowers for two days in the machine and cleaned has none for a while now. If you tend a bit to forgetfulness or like a little push tasks, the technology of the start-up Touchables helps you might. Founder Alexander Ellert and Julian Pye offer an app that reminds of tasks. However, you need the appropriate NFC stickers that you distribute on the corresponding objects. Sounds complicated? Our site has tried Touchables.

Only with Android and NFC

To use Touchables, you need an Android Smartphone with NFC interface in any case. The Google play store indicates before downloading the Touchables app, whether your device is compatible. Also matching NFC sticker is required to use the app. Currently it sells start up three for 12 euros, later to 17 euros cost. The stickers are present, the whole thing worked as follows: happy place about the decal is planning on your plant. Then hold your Smartphone with installed Touchables app about the stickers. The app automatically detects what is at stake and adds to the sticker of your reminder list. Then set a time frame. The plant needs water every week then set six days. After this period, you receive the message that your flower is thirsty. When you have finished pouring, hold your smartphone over the sticker on the plant and Touchables resets the time until the next reminder again on six days. Continue reading

Our Site Fire TV: App Now Available for iphone and ipad

When our site introduced its streaming box fire TV in 2014, many fire and flame were even Apple fans. Set otherwise known due to better integration in the Apple universe rather on the Apple TV. The test of fire TV showed that our site’s box has some advantages: A greater app selection, voice control and play Android games on TV has convinced many Apple disciples. Stick the fire TV, as well as the not yet available in Germany fire TV are not without reason a sales hit. Owners of Android smartphones already since November 2014 control during their fire TV app, ios users were so far out. Now is the app is now available for iphone and ipad available.

Download: download Our site Fire TV remote Control for itunes
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Nokia Lumia 830 In The Test: Secret Top Model With Good Camera

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Lumia 830 is cheap as a mid-range Smartphone, approaches in the test but in many points at the top of the class: photos are almost as good as at the top model 930, even significantly better battery life and memory expandable. There is also a high-quality design. After the update, the photo app is clearly improved. (According to the test procedure until October 2014 the test Note 2.03 was) Best price on the Internet: at 219,95 EUR * this product at Amazon order Pro good camera in daylight decent battery life handy battery and casing replaceable memory expandable up to 128 GB contra long storage service photos moderate UMTS signal not waterproof test note of the editorial 2.53 satisfying user rating (out of 1 reviews) the Lumia 830 is the leaner and cheaper variant of the flagship Lumia 930. Since its market launch end of 2014 a lot has happened: the price is clearly gepurzelt, launches currently from around 260 euros (12.2). And with the recent update of Lumia camera the camera is finally snapshot-capable. Continue reading

Language Assistant: Microsoft Is Working On Cortana Support For Office Apps

Currently, Microsoft’s language assistant Cortana is still a niche existence under Windows phone 8.1. But that should change soon. As the verge reported, citing unnamed sources, Cortana is also in the Mobile Office apps used. Work with Assistant tests the company already a corresponding app for Windows phone 8.1. Later, Cortana to according to the report, also in the Office apps on ios and Android entry hold.

Tips and Tricks to Cortana

Tapping yet? Karl Klammer 2.0

In the back then also Word documents, powerpoint presentations settled with Cortana or open emails in Outlook using voice command, dictate or to edit. In an Italian Windows blog screenshots have already surfaced, which should show first features. Continue reading

Mobile: The Lowest Fares For Three Types Of Users

The nationwide best mobile phone tariff Vodafone currently supplies: get an allnet Flatrate for EUR 13.20 per month and pay only 9 cents per SMS. Remains an Internet flat rate, from 500 MB consumption, the speed will be throttled then. While you are on the road in the E-plus network. Our site and the independent consumer portal Verivox to you in the text range more tariffs for all types of use.

Mobile phone tariffs for spenders

Also there are interesting rates for little users: from 13.20 euro phone with the top offer as much as you want in all mobile phone networks in Germany. Read in the text line, which offer may be of interest. Continue reading

Honor T1: Test of the Cheap Android Tablets

Test conclusion: what you should know

Fürs cheap honor T1 needs not to be ashamed manufacturer Huawei. It is although not the fastest and has not the best screen, but anyone looking for a cheap 8-inch tablet, receives a well processed device with acceptable speed, decent image quality and long battery life. Best price on the Internet: 123,63 euro * this product at Amazon order Pro decent image quality long battery life memory expandable counter moderate pace of work obsolete operating system (Android 4.3) very long loading time test note of the editorial staff of 2.35 good users rating now rate despite ordinary devices like the mediapad M1, Huawei is doing badly in the Tablet market: the worldwide market share is less than one percent. Therefore the company (140,000 employees worldwide) will start a price offensive: the low-cost brand of honor (honour) to turn the tide and get the breakthrough. The ultra cheap honor T1 in the trade comes to the launch of the product line: convinces the Android tablet? Continue reading

Fitbit Charge: Fitness Bracelet For Beginners In The Practice Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

With a price of 129,99 EUR (EIA) itself well-equipped fit bit batch sporty entry-level is too expensive. Like the jawbone up move, there are other devices around 50 euros to buy. Ambitious hobby athletes get for 20 euros extra charge the Fitbit batch HR with integrated heart rate monitor. Who already intense sports drives and can forego, never mind the charge false. After all, the device offers a comfortable bracelet and a good battery life. Per long battery life of OLED screen easy bracelet contra satisfying high price assessment of the editorial office before one year had Fitbit with the Fitbit force the best Fitnesstracker in the program. However, the company had to resume a short time from the market the small device. The reason: The materials used in the bracelet triggered allergic reactions in some modes. In November 2014, the company with the charge brought a new bracelet with similar specifications for newcomers on the market. Continue reading