Cyanogen Will Allow Deny Permissions to Applications

In the post that we’ve talked about issues of security and malware in Android always I have recommending that you check permissions calling applications before installing. You never know if the developer has introduced some malicious option take advantage of the.

However the community always is ahead on security issues. Already in his day showed his quickness to get a patch to remove the malware that was published in the Android Market now Cyanogen, the eponymous ROM developers have announced on their website development to introduced the option of revoke specific permissions applications. Continue reading

Google Improves The Platform for Developers with Extended Statistics

Last night the Android team launched a number of improvements in the Android Developer Dashboard, the application that developers use to publish and maintain their applications. New features, invisible to end users, are very useful for developers, since they give you extended statistical information the downloads of your application.

Each application in the Dashboard will now have a link to the “statistics”, where the developer can check one large number of new and expanded data. Among them you can see statistics of discharge with the possibility to adjust the period of time that is displayed, you can also see from which Terminal model your application is installed, installed it versions of Android, or that countries and languages are the most downloaded and use the application. Continue reading

Tapjacking, Security Problem on Android

Inform us Engadget that has been discovered a vulnerability in Android that allows skipping the application permissions and perform unauthorized actions using a technique called Tapjacking. I.e., an application without permissions to do anything could send sms or access your personal data.

The idea is quite ingenious. It’s developing an application which, although it opaque to the user’s eyes, is transparent for keystrokes on-screen. If the application launches other applications that are underneath it, the user will be playing things on screen that does not see, and It could perform unwanted actions. The video explains it very well. Continue reading

Kinect Comes to Android Thanks to The Community

One of the benefits of the Android ecosystem is the freedom of your environment. No company or organization that mark where it begins and where just Android. Each one is free to develop within this environment, with the advantages and disadvantages that this entails.

When Microsoft launched Kinect, back in November of 2010, suddenly a lot of developers were encouraged to adapt the device drivers to start to develop home code and exploit its possibilities. Continue reading

Google Seeks Developers for Android

Android has a good base of developers, that there is no doubt. The best proof of this is the large number of applications that exist in the Market, some of them really useful and very well designed. However Google wants to go one step further.

This has begun to move to hire developers who work directly for the company. The goal is to create all kinds of applications: from exclusive high quality games that allows them to position themselves to tools and utilities based on geolocation. Continue reading

The Fragmentation of Android, That Fallacy

One of the arguments put forward by advocates of iOS to Android rant is the fragmentation, that problem bringing crazy developers and in the Apple platform does not exist. Is it really an issue fragmentation? Is it the weak point of Android? Is it best iOS precisely because they have no fragmentation?

Referred to as fragmentation to the presence of simultaneously on the market of a variety of versions of the operating system, as well as of varying sizes and screen resolutions in which the system executes. Continue reading

The SDK of Android 3.0 Preview Now Available

Google just to provide developers the SDK of Android 3.0 Preview. A preview of some of the new features that will bring the final version of Android 3.0 (Honeycomb).

The main novelty of Android 3.0 is that he adapts the interface for tablets, but for now there are no mobile interface, so surely Google has dubbed as Android 3.0 Preview until you break the SDK with both interfaces.

With this version of the SDK, it is expected that many applications start to adapt their interfaces to larger screens and thus arrive on time for the premiere of the first tablet with Android 3.0, which will be released during the first quarter. Continue reading

The Next Motorola Could Use The ZUK ZUI Coating, According to His VP

So far Motorola phones / Moto came loaded with a layer of customization very close to Stock Android, But if we listen to the alleged words of his Vice President Alex Chen Yu in the Weibo social network, this may be about to change.

The message would be limited to say that new motorbike terminals they would include the ZUK ZUI customization layer, without going into details of what they would be these terminals, only stops range, all would be whether it would apply retroactively to the Motorola already existing. To add even more mystery to the topic, publication in Weibo already gone, although we are left with many screenshots as a witness. Continue reading

LineageOS Supports Other 15 Devices and Adds More Options to The Quick Settings

Since the demise of CyanogenMod, LineageOS has been working non-stop to support as many Smartphones, task that still today, to start to differentiate into your ROM of origin. In gear the development team continues to move, and is that is added support for 15 devices to the list.

While most of those devices are smartphones, not need any other tablet that can make use of LineageOS, and between phones, can see components of different generations. But not only added terminals, but in own ROM also some improvements have been made. Continue reading

14.1 LineageOS Is Updated to Android 7.1.2 and Adds Support for Other Four Smartphones

If there is something that has been earned the custom ROM LineageOS is to be known as worthy successor of CyanogeMod. Is true that had already warned home that collected the baton, but a server was a bit skeptical here. Luckily for the development community, this ROM is perfectly at the height of its predecessor.

While they continue to work on increasing his already on its considerable group of devices that support, now also getting hands to work on more upgrade your ROM to be placed at the height of the latest version of Android. Since a few days ago the phones and tablets that will be updated with the ‘nightlies’ will see that the operating system version is 7.1.2. Continue reading

Android Patterns: Patterns of Design to Develop Applications for Android

To develop an application it is important to know the Android SDK as the basic rules of user interface design. Based on many of the applications that are available for Android has been created Android Patterns. Useful for designers of interaction that are entering the Android world and need to solve questions about design and behavior patterns typical that occur in Android applications.

On many occasions we have the problem of adapting an application already developed for iPhone to Android. We have to be careful when it comes to the design of those screens due to the nature of each platform. Android, for example, to have physical controls uses more invisible at first sight context menus, while on iPhone buttons on each screen are always visible. Continue reading

Paranoid Android Is Preparing Its Return Again

Paranoid Android is one of the most legendary Android ROM, Although in recent times it cannot be said that they have been too active. The last thing we knew of them was that they were preparing an update of Nougat for its ROM last year and since then… nothing.

Now his team He is preparing a new twist to the activity, as they have to know with an image teaser in her profile of Google +. The image does not say much, except leave glimpse the redesigned foot Control characteristic of this ROM, whose resemblance to Android or temporary logo is simply circumstantial. Continue reading

LineageOS Reaches One Million Users with The OnePlus One Head

LineageOS is one of the cooked ROM that has lately grown Thanks to come directly from CyanogenMod, which has taken great part of the code and has been doing some small additions. At the moment this ROM team is up to increase the compatibility with the maximum possible number of devices before you go your own way.

The proof of this is that LineageOS It has recently reached 1 million active users, a fairly large amount if we take into account that it was not until nearly ended last year when it was announced that it would take the place of CyanogenMod. In the ranking of devices see as leading to the OnePlus One with an advantage of more than 25,000 users on the second puessto. Continue reading