Details of The New Vodafone Offer for Companies

This week Vodafone He announced the renewal of its range of rates for freelancers and companies with a new concept when it comes to group together and share services between the lines of the company that will help streamline communications much more flexibly, although it has not been until now when have been able to know all the details of everything that hides the new offering rates network company. Continue reading

Known The New HTC U, Is HTC Doomed to Failure?

Today we have raised soon to follow the event programmed by HTC to announce their new phones of series U and after the presentation, leaves us with a feeling of loss of hope that we’re already getting used.

Gives equal incomes continue collapsing, the Taiwanese company seems not to realize that, even if they repeat it, your strategy does not work. On paper, the HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play are not bad terminals, but suffer from very repeated errors such as lack of originality or, above all, too high prices. The umpteenth attempt to HTC to get head, we can only ask: is HTC doomed to failure? Continue reading

More Changes in The Rates of Vodafone-Discontinued

With those of today, there are now five the changing conditions to Vodafone It is applying the beginning of this year finding on the good side Meg increase in rates yuser or improvement of print sizes fees while on the bad side we have the collection of caller ID in the fixed, amendments to the old Base rates that we advance on Friday and which today joined other old Smart and network charges or the old rates for mobile Internet, In addition to changes in prepaid. Continue reading

LG Prices G3s with Vodafone and Comparison with Movistar, Orange and Yoigo

After putting on sale the new Samsung Galaxy A3, Vodafone also incorporates new this month of January to the LG G3s, the version in the middle range of the latest flagship of LG coming as a substitute for the LG mini G2.

Known mostly for being a 5″ smartphone, the LG G3s also has a processor Snapdragon 400 4-core 1.2 GHz, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal memory expandable with microSD, 4.4.2 Android, LTE of up to 150 Mbps, NFC, drums of 2.540 mAh, main Chamber of 8 megapixel camera with recording full HD video and a front-facing camera 1.2 megapixel. Continue reading

Vodafone More Expensive Fares Ancient Basis in Exchange for More MB

We continue the start of year adjustments in rates that we have already reviewed prices posed for the discontinued MoviStar, rounding upward in Euskaltel, the “agreement” to charge for calls in the fixed and now, hand ID’s Vodafone, the change of conditions in its three discontinued Base rates that complements the changes already announced both in old rates by size as in yuser rates. Continue reading

Vodafone Increases The Megs of Your Fare Most Basic Yu Card Prepaid

With a campaign far more relaxed Christmas summer campaign in terms of developments in rates, with the new year start the new season of news in which Vodafone da kick off with the improvement of their rate prepaid yuser, the most basic line of rates aimed especially at young people with calls free between yu community and more internet but fewer minutes. Continue reading

ASUS Wants to Innovate and Surprise in 2017: Optical Zoom and Project Tango for The New Zenfone

Today in Las Vegas has been given the official starting gun to one of the most important fairs of the world in the market of consumer electronics, the CES, which arrives in the 2017 open mouth of a year full of novelties among smartphones expected.

Don’t forget, you can follow all the news from the American fair in Engadget these days, and today was the first firm in shoot the Taiwanese ASUS, that it promised much and it has partly complied with two new smartphones Zenfone that, finally, does not have the recent SoC Snapdragon 835 Qualcomm but other surprises in the form of innovation. Continue reading

A Lesson Learned from The Case Vodafone and The Pirate Bay

If you are a Vodafone customer (both in its mobile and ADSL) or any of the MVNO operating on its network, possibly take already a few weeks without being able to The Pirate Bay, and is that the operator has (or had) the blocked domain. The news jumped yesterday evening and from Vodafone they soon give explanations: according to its first version, the Ministry of culture ordered the lock. Continue reading

Audio-Jack, Audio-Jack Not… Is Android Losing The Opportunity to Differentiate Itself from Apple?

We know what you are thinking after reading the headline… and the donkey from the wheat! We we thinking something like that while we met the week’s theme, the presentation of the new HTC U with the Ultra U as standard bearer, who come to break with the HTC’s previous years but do not know if are what the Taiwanese firm really needs. Continue reading

Lowi, The MVNO of Vodafone That Allows to Accumulate The Megs Not Consumed

When we thought that the market already had enough actors or that large operators already had covered all segments of the market with its different ranges of rates or brands we know a new option. And is this coming Thursday arrival will take place from Lowi, OMV of Vodafone whose team will operate independently of its host to make it other OMV as Eroski or Hits Mobile. Lowi is for Vodafone as the Orange Simyo. Continue reading

Vodafone Offers Unlimited Gigabytes in Promoting This Christmas

The bells of Christmas and summer have evolved especially since the appearance of the OMVs in a way that before its existence, it was common to see during a promotional time, tariffs were vitamin drinks with calls to the same operator, 60 x 1, or great discounts on the price per minute to all but over time, these developments were leading to new increasingly cheaper rates whose prices remained undefined as a main advantage in comparison with the previous stage. Continue reading