The compact, around 1800 euro 13.3-inch notebook Sony VAIO VGN-Z21MN brings the discrete graphics solution, NVIDIA GeForce 9300 M GS. We have the test.

  1. Sony VAIO VGN-Z21MN
  2. Data sheet

Sony VAIO VGN-Z21MN in the test. The notebook comes with the Nvidia GeForce 9300 M GS graphics solution. Thus, the Sony at the 3-D gaming Fujitsu played more than twice the power than about those in the same class brings Siemens LifeBook S6420 and Samsung X 360 U9300. Continue reading

Fujitsu Siemens LifeBook S6420

Added: forms on mobile phones has sometimes adopted the miniaturization trigger technical astonishment, without earning the predicate everyday use. But is less often still more with notebooks, as well as the success of Netbooks. Their small displays and meager performance data but often prevent use as a full-fledged mobile computers.

  1. Fujitsu Siemens LifeBook S6420
  2. Data sheet

Who does this with great regret and has the wherewithal, who finds a notable alternative in the 13.3-inch class. The weight this real notebooks on average are around 200 to 400 grams higher than 10-inch Netbooks, but for they just bring a whole series of advantages. Continue reading

LG KC910 Renoir

Born and died in the last, have the Koreans as a screen background pre installed an image of the Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir in the last century. Otherwise, the camera phone in the presence is anchored and might be a brother of the Samsung M8800 Pixon.

  1. LG KC910 Renoir
  2. Data sheet

The two Korean manufacturers behind the scenes are working together or look down sharply from each other. Even visually, the similarity between the two camera phone is amazing: the dimensions are nearly identical, the touchscreen at the Renoir minimally smaller.

Below you will find three buttons: two keys of the telephone, and one who calls up the menu with favorites. Here, the user can gather the functions for him. Continue reading

D/A Converter Acoustic Arts Tube DAC II SE

Accustic Arts tube DAC II SE (6890 euro) – connects to three digital inputs of the converter almost everything except a network player.

  1. D/A converter acoustic Arts tube DAC II SE
  2. Data sheet

The old and the new converter from Accustic Arts stand out more clearly from one another. The developers consciously avoided excessive calculate of artificial intermediate values (oversampling) because of potential profit losses in: noise increases to higher frequencies. The ultra fast 32-bit signal processor in the tube-DAC II SE oversampelt only eight times and used for each data word by 26 reviewers read at the same time transmit their balance sheets. The advantage: less jitter and no parasitic high frequency noise. Continue reading

Samsung M8800 Pixon

Samsung is already the second 8 Megapixler: after the series 60 smartphone Innov8 in slider design, the M8800 Pixon on the market – a mobile phone with large touch-sensitive display instead of a keyboard, is now, and there are good reasons.

  1. Samsung M8800 Pixon
  2. Data sheet

With camera phones a lot for the renunciation of keys speaks: A large viewfinder is useful when shooting, and also afterwards when looking at the footage the display can be not enough.

The other advantages the Pixon shows directly after starting the camera: photo or film, whether camera light on or off, whether single or continuous shooting – for the most important settings displays the appropriate buttons just the Samsung on the display; When other phones must you often the menus scroll through, to change something in the specifications. Continue reading

CD Drive Acoustic Arts Tube DAC II SE with Drive II

The drive converter combination of acoustic arts was worth revising. Because she has not only gained value, even she now plays in the top League of the CD player.

  1. CD drive acoustic Arts tube DAC II SE with drive II
  2. Data sheet

A glass lid guarded the disc, the first drive connecting rod-run aluminium plate covered the CD locker in the drive II. Including the last rassereine CD drive spinning (Philips CD 2 Pro) the disc. Data formats such as MP3 can’t read it – to the delight of the developers that has become big with Studio technology. Continue reading

So Satisfied Are the Customers of 1 & 1, Telekom and co.

connect in Germany, fixed line customers 2313 asked how satisfied they are with services, services, prices and your provider. 1 & 1 confirmed its top position from the previous year while Deutsche Telekom also performs very well, Vodafone and Unitymedia secure a solid good.

Since 2014, connect via the Publisher’s own specialist Institute for telecommunications conducts studies to the telecommunications market. Claim is this highest reliability and the exclusion of manipulation. Therefore the respondents know the background not and neither the customer connect polls. Also, no access to the respondents by the companies is possible through a random selection of respondents. Finally, the raw data is neutral prepares and adapted to the editorial point schema for the connect. Also the survey of not rhetorical tricks such as “Customer feedback” uses, to make believe statistical relevance. What is behind this? If 100 customers share for every 100 opinions, i.e. questions, you will at least 10000 customer opinions, broken down to several companies remains then sometimes hardly more than a handful of customers really questioned. The results of such studies are then usually alarmingly far from what show customers via Facebook, Twitter, or letter to the editor. Continue reading

Micro-SD Cards Compared

Of course, there are great smartphones with large memory. But, it is cheaper to buy a model with memory card slot and separately a micro-SD card. However, where the offer is more than confusing. Connect has tested the most popular cards and explains what to look for when purchasing.

If you buy cheap, buy twice – that is a warning to reckless bargain hunters. But smartphones be taken related to memory. At first glance, it can be useful to buy is a smart phone with oversized storage? 110 euros demanded about Apple in September 2016 for the memory from 32 to 128 gigabytes at the iPhone 7 converted to a 64 GB card 73 euro, street prices for corresponding micro SDs begin, however, already less than 20 euros. Particularly strong is the price difference for people in the weight, which often change the Smartphone. Because a memory card like makes the switch, built-in storage juicy charges again. Continue reading

Ski Apps Compared

Which ski area has the longest ski slopes? How fast was I? Winter sports apps such as Bailey and iSKI Tracker before a day of skiing or record them.

  1. Ski apps compared
  2. our site, Bailey Lite ski and ski info app
  3. iSKI Tracker, maps to snow and ski: Europe app

Ski and snowboarder sdfahrer await eagerly the first real snow, so that they can be again under the feet put boards or Board and heed the call of the slope. But where are you going this time? What are the snow conditions on the ground? Extends the selection of slopes? Continue reading

The Smartphones with the Best Reception

The reception is more than the question of whether or not it has power. The connection speed depends on as a good wireless connection, such as the quality of the language. We show the Smartphones with the best radio properties.

In the early days of GSM networks, everything was simple: either the mobile phone had power, or it had none. In between, there was only a very narrow band with particularly grayish voice quality, but the sound even if the best connection was not particularly good.

Today the situation is quite different. The contract, Smartphone, and supply conditions are met, the Smartphone with LTE contacts. In the best-case scenario that can happen with LTE advanced CAT 9 in all three of the available bands, resulting in a currently theoretical maximum speed of 375 Mbit/s in Germany.

Continue reading