Audio-Jack, Audio-Jack Not… Is Android Losing The Opportunity to Differentiate Itself from Apple?

We know what you are thinking after reading the headline… and the donkey from the wheat! We we thinking something like that while we met the week’s theme, the presentation of the new HTC U with the Ultra U as standard bearer, who come to break with the HTC’s previous years but do not know if are what the Taiwanese firm really needs. Continue reading

Lowi, The MVNO of Vodafone That Allows to Accumulate The Megs Not Consumed

When we thought that the market already had enough actors or that large operators already had covered all segments of the market with its different ranges of rates or brands we know a new option. And is this coming Thursday arrival will take place from Lowi, OMV of Vodafone whose team will operate independently of its host to make it other OMV as Eroski or Hits Mobile. Lowi is for Vodafone as the Orange Simyo. Continue reading

Vodafone Offers Unlimited Gigabytes in Promoting This Christmas

The bells of Christmas and summer have evolved especially since the appearance of the OMVs in a way that before its existence, it was common to see during a promotional time, tariffs were vitamin drinks with calls to the same operator, 60 x 1, or great discounts on the price per minute to all but over time, these developments were leading to new increasingly cheaper rates whose prices remained undefined as a main advantage in comparison with the previous stage. Continue reading

What We Expect from Android in 2017

This 2016 which we are about to dismiss will be remembered for the change in strategy of Google with its new Pixel and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosives, two facts marked as the best and worst of this year Android.

2017 presents itself as a very interesting year for the entire ecosystem of Android, manufacturers, where there may be significant changes throughout the year for both the operating system to change the market strategy. Continue reading

Mobile Folding and Flexible: The Technological Evolution That Is Still Putting Off, Now for 2018

The flexible screens are giving that talk from… from… the truth is that a few years ago, and today We are still awaiting his promised arrival in the form of mobile flexible and foldable. The truth is that it is a complex task. Although it is possible to fold screens, a mobile device has more components, and make all kink is the real challenge. Continue reading

Vodafone Multiplied by 10 The Megas Included in Their Old Rates by Size

Far from the typical improvement of rates that operators had us accustomed to their Christmas campaign that it seems that this year we won’t see bearing in mind the dates in which we find ourselves, Vodafone He has wanted to make for increase the gigabytes for free at least in the old rates by size, in a similar way to how recently made Orange. Continue reading

The Prices of The Smartphones Are Going to Be Raising… Will Be The Samsung Next?

Have yet to 2017 – little is already – but even if we are still not close to the hypothetical presentation of the future flagship of Samsung, expected for the month of April, we have already seen and read countless leaks above the Samsung Galaxy S8.

We use that name basically because we don’t have another, and it is that currently there is no official information about you, will surely be, the most important smartphone for Samsung in the past five years. Either way, the last of the rumours is here and will not like, has launched an analyst from Goldman Sachs that we don’t believe too, but this expert has assured that specialized media the Galaxy S8 will increase its price with respect to the S7. Continue reading

New Bonds Prepaid Vodafone to Navigate from Computer or Tablet

The datacards or exclusive lines to navigate (not to mention) that are used to provide internet access in mobility to tablets and computers have remarkably fallen into disuse as evidenced by the CNMC data since smartphones allowed to share the Internet connection by tethering, but operators have not given up and have continued updating of rates such as in the case of Vodafone in December it has improved them. Continue reading