Bloomberg Source: YouTube Will Make Cable TV

Streaming-giant YouTube is planning to jump out as cable TV supplier from next year.

YouTube is in talks with the largest u.s. content providers, prior to the launch of YouTube Unplugged, a cable-TV package for the American audience. It confirms the sources close to the negotiations for the US Bloomberg.

It is reported that the plan is to provide a selection of television channels over the Internet, and that YouTube already has the technical side provisioned. The service is therefore ready to go in the air, as soon as the agreements with content providers fall into place again in 2017.

It is not the first time that news of Google TV packages comes to the surface. As early as 2012, it was reported that the search giant, has investigated the market for TV-packages, but in recent months have put the turbo on the development.

Bespoke TV packages

YouTube Unplugged will consist of a main package will consist of content from at least four of the leading u.s. networks NBC, Fox, Universal, Viacom, Comcast and CBS.

This will then be expanded with smaller, more focused packages in the field of sports, comedy, news and channels in other niche areas.

In the country of origin United States, offer YouTube streaming service, YouTube Red, which gives reklamifri YouTube and access to a small package of YouTube-exclusive content.

Most recently, YouTube also expanded the Repertoire, by offering new features such as live streaming of 360-degree video and among support for 3D sound.