Brazil is Deported From Australia Because of Twitter

Traveling is always good. Especially when you can actually enter the country you always wanted to know. Too bad that was not what happened to Alberto Azevedo (or Bebeto, as he is known among friends). The businessman, who also attacks DJ as hobby , tried to enter Australia, but his visa was canceled after the police found your Twitter and Facebook.

The saga of Bebeto begins on April 4, Monday this week. He embarked from Sao Paulo to Buenos Aires, where did the scale towards – then yes! – Sidney, in the beautiful land of kangaroos. What Bebeto could not wait was that the airport staff would miss your Yellow Fever vaccination proof once set foot in Australia. He could not enter the country right away and still had his iPhone confiscated.

That’s where begins the pilgrimage of the entrepreneur. First of all, the police officers asked what he does for a living in São Paulo. No problem so far, since it has a hostel in São Paulo.When asked about what he would do in Australia, he said he was on vacation. At this point enter the social networks.

Before traveling, I had arranged with a friend of Sydney try to play as DJ in some ballads. After all, this is the hobby of it. And it was precisely what his Twitter said: “I got my first party [DJ] in Sydney!”, In a message published on March 28.

In addition to this tweet, the official Australian police also found the profile Bebeto business on Twitter. Again, a message that does not sound very good, “Bebeto going to Australia tomorrow! If you’re there, join him! Le Garfs [his nickname] invaded Australia “.I did not pay.

To try to confirm that he was not trying to enter the country to earn money and play life, Bebeto asked the officers to bind a friend of his who works as a promoter party.Behold, the contact, the guy started talking party details, where it would be and even as Bebeto win for the service. The businessman says that at no time combined to get something for the party, but the Australian made ​​a point of saying he would earn $ 50 per hour.

Insisting that he did not know any of this, he asked the officers to come into your Facebook account to confirm his version of events. According to him, it was not possible to enter the social network because if the location of the access is very different from the usual, Facebook simply blocks this access.

No way to prove what he was saying, not left to Bebeto no choice but to be deported. The Australian authorities lost no time and canceled his visa. He was referred to a special shelter, where he spent the night because there were no more flights to Brazil. “I had a room to myself, and a bathroom shared with another room. The atmosphere was warm. They provided everything I needed related to personal care products,” he says.

The next day, he was taken to the airport, where he boarded back to São Paulo. A bitter end to a trip that had everything to be a lot of fun.

Bebeto says the blame for this situation is the social media. In an interview with TB, he was adamant to give his advice:

“I suggest even if people leave their private profiles and with the minimum of information open to anyone who is not your facebook friend. I never worried about privacy because always worked with film or advertising, where we did not have this concern. Now i have my own business. In other words, was not anything to anyone until the australian immigration me prove otherwise. They were looking for anything that might incriminate me.”

For those who have doubt that the businessman plays as a DJ just as a hobby, here is the his Soundcloud. Maybe he accepted some work as Freela to recover R $ 2,000 spent on a trip that did not happen.