B&W A7 Airplay Wireless Speaker

A7 is an ultimate wireless iPod speaker with AirPlay, easy operation, exclusive design, state-of-the-art technology and superior sound quality. Do you want the best for yourself and your iPod, you have here a total experience in world class!

Highlights B&W A7 – ultimate wireless iPod speaker with AirPlay, easy operation, superior sound quality and exclusive design

A7 is an iPod speaker for you, there are only satisfied with the best. Here you will find exclusive design and a sound quality that can cope with many traditional stereo system. Via AirPlay do you get at the same time, the very latest wireless features that will make your Apple iOS device to a superior music player.

B&W A7 Airplay Wireless Speaker

Say goodbye to cables, buttons and large installations – treat yourself to a new and effortless musical everyday with luxury sound and total wireless control from the couch. Via B&W .com’s own Setup App is the initial network setup even been so easy and intuitive that anyone can quickly get their AirPlay speaker to run perfectly. A further plus, which helps to separate the A7 from competitors.

A7 is a good bet for the market’s very best iPod speaker, and unlike the usual prestige-brand products will get you real quality for every single penny. Here you do not pay a grotesquely overpriced for name plate, and achievements speak for themselves. A7 is iPod-loudspeaker, as other manufacturers just have to send the envious glances after.

Bowers Wilkins – speaker & technique in world class

English B&W has for decades been completely in front within the speakers for both music lovers and professionals. They were among the very first to take seriously the iPod as a music player, and their legendary Zeppelin marked an entirely new level of iPod speakers. And even though competitors have been more, there is still only one original!

A7 is perfect for you who totally has given you for wireless play and therefore do not need to dock your iPod/iPhone. By omitting the dock, you get an even more simple and stylish design, and the exclusive finish of brushed aluminum emphasizes that this is a product with soaring ambitions. Into force by the even larger built-in subwoofer you will get a sound quality that surpasses the Zeppelin Air, mind you, without your speaker take up more space on the shelf. An amazing technological achievement.

A real alternative to a traditional plant

A7 is created to provide a sound quality on par with a traditional stereo system – and not the normal iPod speakers. This is also reflected in the heavy chassis, which is ultra sound built in ABS and aluminum. This ensures that the sound from the exclusive speaker units will not be stifled in rumble and resonances. You will be amazed at how loud, rich and clean A7 can play in an ordinary living room!

B&W A7 is available in black finish, compact remote control included.